Saturday, November 29, 2014

A happily ever after

I can't help but feel nostalgic about what happened yesterday. My friend for 13 years just got married to the love of his life and up until now, I can't believe that that just happened. When you have seen a person grow and move from one relationship to another, it will be so hard to accept the fact that this major milestone happened in her life. 
Mr. and Mrs. De Lara... Whuuut.
But I am genuinely happy for her and seeing her walk down the aisle was the reason for the bucket of tears that fell from my eyes yesterday. I am a sucker for weddings and seeing someone close to you get married is something something. 

Their cherry blossom themed wedding was wonderful and we all had a blast.
I want to take the tree home
The wedding started at 2pm and I still haven't had lunch so yes, my stomach was grumbling the whole time. The wedding went well, except the part where the ring got lost for a minute (lol.) After the wedding at Mt. Carmel, we headed to Oasis for the reception. Since the couple were still having their photo ops and retouch, we had our own photo shoot.

Mature (looking) friends

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ma'am, sir. Parasailing, helmet diving.

I'm not a big fan of Boracay because I always prefer a quiet stroll on the beach rather than the drink-until-we-get-wasted-on-the-beach scene. But it's nice to go back there once in a while and I'm glad we went there in November, less people. So last weekend, I visited this beautiful island with Mariz, the Boracay virgin. Char! Our flight was at 5:10 in the morning so I haven't slept yet because I drank with my friends the night before. We booked at Frendz resort days before and availed of their airport transfers so it was very convenient for us. We arrived Frendz resort at 7:00am and planned on getting some sleep first before going to Mt. Luho but unfortunately, check in time was at 2pm. We didn't have any choice but to go around and do pasalubong shopping (I felt like a walking zombie roaming d'mall while Mariz was buying pasalubong.) We decided to have lunch at around 10am at Smoke then just rest on Frendz' beach beds.

We slept at their beach beds until 1:00pm (SUPER HOT) then headed to Frendz. Good thing the room was fixed earlier. Frendz has an okay room for budget travelers. It's also a place where you can meet new friends (hindi frendz), mostly foreigners. So our original plan was to rest for a while then head to the beach to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, we overslept! I woke up and it's 7pm already. I guess I was that tired. So our first day was really not well spent haha. We just had dinner at D' Talipapa (best seafood in the island) then decided to see the sunrise at Mt. Luho the next day.

Unforunately (AGAIN!), we overslept and wasn't able to go to Mt. Luho for the sunrise viewing. Harhar! We just had a quick breakfast then hired a tricycle to take us to Mt. Luho viewing deck. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. It was my first time to see the whole island and the vast ocean of Boracay. Seeing views like that always give me a sense of awe and amazement. I just can't believe how beautiful this country is.

We went to Puka beach after for a quick photo op. Waves there were pretty crazy and I can't believe that some kids can swim with that kind of waves.