Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes I am. So it was Ate Kate and Kuya Darwin's wedding last Sunday at Batangas. We left Manila last Saturday then stayed at San Pablo for the night. We arranged the flowers for the wedding, it was fun. We have a future in flower arranging.. Well, Ate Coco has, I'm not sure if I have. hahaha! :)) Then woke up really early the next day for the Batangas trip. The trip was fun. ;)

It was my first time to attend a beach wedding so I was really really really excited and I was not disappointed when I got there. Although it was VERY HOT(MOLTO CALDO) so I can't really swim. The wedding started at around 5pm and boy was I sad and happy at the same time. I can't believe Ate Kate's already married. Oh how time really flies so fast. Haay. And if you want to know if I cried, I DID. :( I told you I am a sucker for weddings. Haha!

While Ate Kate was marching to the aisle, I was about to cry then Ate Shine(her maid of honor) talked to me so I did not really burst out into tears but when Papa Pred(Ate Kate's dad) spoke and told Kuya Darwin, "Please take care of my daughter" while crying, tears kept falling down my cheeks and everytime I remember that moment I can't help but cry. (like now! hahaha) It was the first time I saw/heard Papa Pred cry so it was really touching. Awwwww. Unica hija pa naman si Ate Kate.

Sining holding their family polaroid fail picture haha! :)

Anyways, it was not the normal wedding ceremony. There was no mass. Hmm, it was alright at inabutan na kami ng gabi haha! So I was really hungry after the wedding. The program was held first before dinner so yes, I was really really hungry haha! And we drank the toast before really toasting because we were all thirsty too! :)) Ow and I didn't know that Kuya Darwin was pure Chinese so the wedding was full of Chinese people who are speaking Chinese. NOSEBLEED! haha.

So party people after. SINING WENT WILD. haha! Parang lasing. And the rest was history. Haha. I'm too lazy to rant about it but I super had fun with my brothers, cousins and in laws. ;) It was a very fun night that I will surely remember forever in my mind and in my heart.
Let these pictures do the story. ;)

May the two of you be happy for the rest of your lives together. I still can't believe that you two are married. LOL. Name your child Chun for a girl or Bruce/Jet for a boy! hahaha! :)) Cool yun! CHUN LEE, BRUCE LEE and JET LEE! =)) K, enjoy yer stay in Palawan (Yihee) LOVE YOU BOTH.