Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cry baby

Super LOSER ako when it comes to movies with death in it or something really devastating/tragic(usually romantic movies).

For example:
I cried over Windstruck, If Only, A walk to remember, Raising Helen etc. And would you believe, TARZAN. lol. That's how LOSER i am. Okay, so i wrote this blog because I am watching One Tree hill Season 6, Episode 3. I don't wanna spoil anything for the sake of those who will watch it. So yea, to those who know.. it's really sad. I started crying so hard(with sipon and hagulgol talaga) when they visited *toot's* family. I know the feeling of losing someone you love and I felt sad for the little brother. Waaaa. He's so cute(with Jamie) but you really can see how sad he is. Aww. The mom was.. yea, strong, faithful and all. Aww talaga.

"I didn't know *toot*. I guess now i never will." :(
"Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore? If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react?"
"THERE'S NOTHING ROMANTIC ABOUT DEATH. Grief is like the ocean, it's deep and dark and bigger than all of us and pain is like a thief in the night, it's quiet, persistent, unfair."

So I really hate death. It tops my fear list.(#2 is It's losing someone FOREVER. It's also the time when you'll think about your what ifs and I hate it. Regrets sucks. HAHA. I know that death will bring your loved ones to Papa Jesus(hehe.) and his/her presence is still there but it's different when you can be with the person physically. Oh well, enough! HAHA, I'm still crying but i think i cried more when Keith died. I LOVE KEITH! :( hehe.

Ooh, sakto ang entry ko sa All Saint's and All Soul's Day :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

New layout

I'm getting tired of my old layout so I changed it. I find it really simple and cute. LOVE it. So, it's been a long time since I last fixed my template. Hehe. I am not yet sleepy because I slept from 5PM-10PM. :) I just arrived from the Metrocon and I had fun because of the bonding we had and the talks I heard. I am currently having this confused feeling because of confusing reasons so the metrocon kind of helped me to cry it out and share it with friends. It was the first time I cried HARD in a YFC conference. I am too lazy to rant about everything that happened in the Metrocon so just view my multiply for pics and you do the story. LOL.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

GK Expo

I had fun yesterday. I woke up at around 9AM then i saw my dad leaving already. HAHA. So i called Ate Coco and asked her if she's going the the Expo. She said yes and that she is leaving by 10:30 so i took a bath and checked my multiply for a while then Kuya Denden picked me up. We had a lot of stopovers before going to The Fort. We ate at Ate Coco's house at Mandaluyong then we went straight to The Fort after.

We arrived the Fort. It's super HOT. Madaming tao. HAHA. We went backstage because Kuya Mark's there but he was not there so we waited for him. Sining was walking with an umbrella and she's really hilarious. Then we saw Kuya Justine who, for the record, was in the venue since 4AM. :)) I went with him coz he tempted me. LOL. He told me Chris Tiu will be riding our car. LOL. We went around and around and around because he was doing some errands and I went with him. =)) I was really tired after giving the bandanas to Kuya Mark so we decided to go to Go Nuts since it was the nearest place where we could get water. lol. ... but we passed by the pick-up and saw that the DLSU people are already setting up the float so we did not go to Go nuts. :( We arrived the assembly point and there are a LOT of people. Anyways, we waited there for like an hour.

Unfotunately, Chris Tiu was not there because he was with Manny Pacquiao so only Jobe Nkemakolam arrived and some Lady Eagles. I knew Chris Tiu being there was too good to be true. LOL. Anyways, the march started and it lasted for like 20 minutes only. HAHA =))

After that, we went to Market! Market! to buy some stuffs. We bought soap, facial wash, wipes and other things so that we can wash up coz we really feel sticky. As in. :)) We washed up in Serendra's CR. It was funny because Sining really took a bath and one lady went to her and asked Ate mean, "Hindi ba malamig? Nakoo." HAHA. Ate Coco immediately took Sining and dressed her up. It was funny. People are really looking at us. haha. We at Pancake House after then went home.

Ooh, she will be a La sallian? =)

It was really different because i did not see YFC people except Kuya Bem, Kuya Peter and his baby :)) Lady too and Ate Camille(she really looks different.). It's sad that the YFC community is becoming different from the community i grew up with. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun night indeed

October 4, 2008- Katie's debut

HAPPY DEBUT KATRINA MONTIERRO. It was really a fun night for me. Weekend before finals. HAHA. So, i did enjoyed myself before hell week and all. I had chance to meet my UST blockmates again after a long long long time. I really missed them so much that I.. finally asked my dad to let me sleep over at Mina's tita's house. That is how i love them. :) So after Katie's debut, my UST blockmates decided to leave so i said goodbye to Joe and Katie. We rode at Rap's car.

We passed by nineteen20 because Rap visited his friends then we went straight to Metrowalk. Walang kwenta. Ultimate Tambay mode. :) Arayt? haha :)) but i still had fun. Laughtrips.

We stayed there until 4(or basta past 3am) then we went straight to Proj 6. We slept there but Yrish, Mina and I did not sleep. HAHA.

Kami ang nagbantay sa bahay! haha :)) We ate siomai because i was really hungry. Pagkatapos magising ng lahat ng tao, ako naman ang natulog before the Mcdo person arrives! haha =)) Pero super sandali lang. Haha. :)) Pancakes for breakfast. YUMYUM. We went home after eating breakfast.

A lot of revelation happened. Ehem. I missed them kaya wala na tuloy akong alam. haha.
Mina and Jericho, Kurt and isa pa na hindi ko kilala :))
Sheena and Michael(uhm, luma na toh.) Sheena and Jigs :))
Marvsz and Rap (ay, this is my favorite. Todo dulas si Marvsz. haha :)) )

I hate feeling this feeling. It's not REAL yet i feel happy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miss blogging

I really miss you BLOG! haha. =)) It's been 10 years. lol. Grabe, super tagal ko nang hindi nag-blog at nilalangaw na ang aking :) SUPER DAMI na ang nangyari sa akin since i last blogged. haha. Laughtrips, foodtrips, stress at iba pang memories. I wanna talk about something pero wala akong maisip. HAHA. Dapat ay nag-aaral ako ngayon but NO, andito ako sa tapat ng computer. HAHAHA. Nagsasagot ako ng logarithm exercises sa net at ako ay nag-give up na! HAHA. I hate MATH! Babagsak na ba ako mamaya? haha =)) Oh well, kakain na ako. LOL.