Monday, October 26, 2009

I feel like I am neglecting my blogspot because of tumblr. LOL. I am sorry! haha. Anyways, I don't really know what I will be blogging about so ill just rant about random stuffs.

SEMBREAK. It started last last week when I decided not to take the optional long test 4 in Stat. :)) But I still went to school last Monday & Tuesday to finish out Stat survey project which is 50% of our final grade in Stat Lab. TSS. Oooh and the PE finals last last Saturday was fun. I will definitely miss my PE classmates. Our class got really close.. well, kinda. Compared to my other PE classes. Maybe because we were all together during those not-so-fun-PE-classes days where Ma'am is not in a good mood LOL. The bonding we shared was priceless.. Too bad I did not go with them after the finals because I went with Patlo and friends to drink. WENG WENG LOVE <3 .="" br="">
I also got my grades already! and OMg, I was really shocked with some of my grades. Imagine I got a B+ in SA even though I have 7 cuts already and I can't really understand all the lessons he taught us. HAHA! This is the advantage of a no finals sem.. getting a 3.35 QPI ;) I was really so happy.

Hmm, what else.. Uhh, the OH-SO-TIRING partying last Saturday was FUN! I enjoyed my friends' company even though we paid for 300bucks for entrance but we should not have paid because Jane told us that we were in the guest list all along.. She just told us the wrong promoter's name. =/ VERY GOOD. But it was okay. It was a fun night ;)
We went partying to celebrate our freedom from the school stress and Athena's status from single to in a relationship but unfortunately, she wasn't there. Garve, I feel so left out already. All of them are 'in a relationship' and well, uhh. I am still single LOL. Oh well, I am not really in a hurry but I feel all alone when we are going out and they are bringing their lovers. LOL. Oh well.. SOMEDAY ;)

Is this long enough to make up for the lie low-ing? HAHA.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello blogger friends. I think I have been abandoning my blog for 2 months already. So I'm gonna update this now. Haha. A lot has been happening to me these past few weeks and the internet was just fixed yesterday. Again, i'll just enumerate stuffs that has been happening to my life since I am bored and I am on a semi-sembreak mode already :) Game. I'll fix the events by
dates. :))

1. AUGUST 28- Marianne&TJ's 2 years anniversary

Super late. SORRY Marianne. Flood all over ADMU, walang trike and I can't walk coz of the flood. Anyways, it was fun. Best part: FREE FOOD. YEHEY. Sana magtagal pa kayong dalawa. I love you both and M&M :) Played in Shakey's Fun Zone after. Basketball fail.

2. AUGUST 29- PE Midterms

Super failure. I was home alone the whole day. :( Taxi to ADMU, dressed up with Shek at the Univ Dorm, walked to Starbucks, waited for Nicki. Yehey. HASSLE tong PE na toh =/ Umabot kami hanggang 2nd round lang ng Samba and Chacha :) I love my PE classmates. WOHOOO. Nicki and her partner won! CONGRATS.
Btw, i FAILED PE =)) =)) together with more than half of the class! :)) :)) Mam Adora showed us our class standings last Wednesday, I got 37 out of 100 =)) So we are all going to the Finals party on Saturday worth P350!!!! =/ Oh well, i hope it will be fun :)

3. SEPTEMBER 11- Kuya Tj's House Blessing

Yehey to Kuya TJ's new house! I love it. It's so nice and simple. House blessing's at 4. Dinner with family then Movie night for us girls and inuman night for them boys :) It was also a photoshoot moment for us girls with Sining! :))

4. SEPTEMBER 12- North B Comeback
It feels good going back to YFC events. Although I don't know a lot of people anymore :( No more familiar faces from the different clusters. I miss those times :( Oh well, it's still nice that I am with my F2 family. I love being with them.

5. SEPTEMBER 13- Cheerdance Compet

OMeffinG. CONGRATS ADMU. I so love youuu Babble. Ang galing galing niyo. You left me speechless and in awe after they announce the winners. 2nd place is great.. 1st losers haha. Anyways, I went with Gladys & Kristhul. Scalper moment. Funny haha. :)) Oh well, congrats too UP & FEU.

6. SEPTEMBER 25- RIB concert

Ang HAWT niyong lahat. I went with Kristhul. Marlow gave us her reserved seats. I was beside Smile and Cheska too. :) Parang I want to dance again for fun. haha. SORRY for the fail video. It's on my multiply. The Skecher's piece was SUPER WOW! :)

------ ONDOY -------

7. SEPTEMBER 29- Surprise for Jeysi

We surprised Jessie at Trinoma. It was so funny, para kaming paparazzi. Being with M&M is so so so fun. I love them to bits, I swear. I was so so tired this day because I came from GK Sitio Ruby for volunteer work. It was super biglaan that's why I am not prepared. I don't have any money so I have to ask Ter for money haha. POOR. After Jeysi and Owgie left, Patice and Rhea had their haircut. Yey.

8. SEPTEMBER 30- Volunteer, In My Life

We were suppose to volunteer for SHS but unfortunately, overmanned everywhere. So we just dropped the old clothes then went to surprise Rhea since she can't go out that day. We ate lunch there then went to Trinoma. Yehey! We were supposed to watch 2 movies but the time slot's did not fit our schedule. NAKS :)) So we just watched In my life :)) Na sobrang tawang tawa ako. Si Ter kasi :)) :)) The day could have been better if I have no dysmenorrhea. :(

OMgosh. After 20 years, ADMU won back to back again. :) I cried after the game, I was just so happy that time and sad that I can't watch live. This was my sick week =| Oh well, at least our flat screen's back. haha. Basta, I am so happy about this win but nothing beats 2002 pa rin. :)) That was Rabbeh, Nonoy and JAI's last game :( I will miss them..:( It was a good game, congrats to UE too. You did great.. especially Espiritu, i still hate you for the alley-oop you did on the 2nd game =/ HAHA.

After GK Expo, I went to ADMU. I looked for Marianne and boy, there were a lot of drunk and old people :)) It was fun, at least there's no MUD compared to last year's bonfire. Thanks Marianne for the wonderful experience and to TJ for being the best 3rd wheel ever! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :))

Okay. AYUN. Ow and 2 of my BEST-EST week happened on the past few months too. :) I don't want to elaborate but it was HAPPY HAPPY :) Ooh, I should really find a new crush already. I SWEAR.

What my planner looks like during my HAPPY weeks.