Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you 2009

Family lurve. YYEHEY! Even thought we’ve been through a lot this years, our family stayed strong throughout the year. Aww. SOBRANG CHEESY! Haha!
Ok. Highlights of the year:
  1. Mother went back from Ireland.
  2. Sining’s 2nd birthday.
  3. Laguna Trip’s I love and missed because of those ballroom finals.
  4. KUYA TJ & ATE JOY’s wedding ♥
  5. Ondoy
  6. Sunday Fun days at Katipunan.
  7. Birthdays
  8. Kuya TJ & Ate Joy’s house blessing
  9. Baguio trip that I won’t forget. :|
  10. Christmas with the whole gang.
  11. Family dinners/lunch na kumpleto kami.
  12. Baby James! :)) :)) :))
This year was full of emotions. I felt sad that Kuya TJ got married but very happy at the same time. I just feel like the house is so empty without Kuya Mark and Kuya TJ. Sanay kasi akong maingay sa bahay pero ngayon … minsan na lang mangyari. But the feeling goes away when they visit us here and stay here for the rest of the day. You can’t really take that feeling of happiness and joy away. I love them to bits. ♥
but please, Kuya Justine.. don’t get married yet. Hahahaha! :))

M&M loves. High school was still the best years of my life because of all the fun experiences and much easier loads but what made it the best-est is because of these girls I looooove the most. I love these girls to bits even I rarely see them(except for Patricia and Tereysa haha!)
Hmm, highlights of the year:
  1. Marianne’s 19th birthday.
  2. Ter’s 19th sleepover birthday.
  3. PE Uniform Slumber Party.
  4. Rockband days at Blue Skies.
  5. Nina’s 18th boozeday.
  6. Rhea’s 19th birthday
  7. Movie dates.
  8. Marianne & TJ’s 2nd year anniversary.
  9. The ang-hirap-humanap-ng-taxi-kaya-magjeep-na-lang-tayo-tapos-umabot-na-tayo-sa-Q.Ave-para-sa-wala day! :)) :)) :))
  10. Jeysi’s SURPRISE birthday.
  11. Visit UP people day.
  12. Ondoy volunteer days.
  13. The not so surprise happy birthday Patricia day.
  14. Christmas partyyyyyy!
and mooore. I can’t remember the rest. haha! Basta, they are the best barkada eveeer and I can’t imagine myself being elsewhere. NAKSSSS! haha! I hope to see more of you next year. Please let us go out soooon!

Arnneyow people. I bonded more with old and met new friends this year. Had a new block, I still miss being classmates with my TR block but I like C2.
K. Highlights of the year:
  1. Bonding moments with Kristhul and Marlow.
  2. Swimming at Marlow’s.
  3. Birthdays and Debuts this year.
  4. Ballroom days I won’t forget. (Midterms, Finals and M-W, 1-2pm, 1st sem)
  5. NSTP :(
  6. Hello to a new crush this sem.
  7. Sec walllllkkkkk.
  8. Marlow’s debut.
Yehey. TR, thank you for the wonderful year and the bonding we had this year. The sec walk, flaming wings and other moments we shared. You make going to school easier and fun. Thank you for the morning people I’m with every morning(kaya nga morning people e haha!) Marlows, thanks for the stalking days. haha! alam naaa. :)) K, imma shut up. Baka may masabi akong bawal. hahaha!
To all the friends I met this year, thank youu. To my ballroom friends, WE SURVIVED. haha! never again. I enjoyed ballroom classes because of youu kahit na galit lagi sa atin si Adora. haha! C2 block, thankk youu for making me feel welcome. your block is cool! :) to the stressing days and to my groupmates in all the subjects, thank yow! :D

DBs. Yes, I’ve been a bad girl this year. More inuman sessions=more fun! haha! Lots of revelations and actioooon happened this year. I won’t forget the sessions at Patlo’s house. Ay grabe, that is where it all started. :)) Highlights: Basta. I won’t mention everything. Just thank you for making my 2009 a whole lot of fun from Gran Matador to Bacardi to Cuervo to GSM blue to The Bar! HAHAHA! :)) I will always treasure the dramas and the laughtrips we had this year. I am hoping for more fun next year! Woot woot! WASTED nights.

GK & YFC. I’ve been inactive in YFC and been active in GK this year. I dunno but I can’t feel that fire of service I felt way way before. YAK. Haha! Basta, it’s something different. YFC did changed a lot ever since the split and so did I. I’ve been a very bad girl this year haha! :)) but still I love my YFC family and this year’s ILC(Cebu) is the first ILC I missed since I joined YFC. aww. Anyways, GK occupied some of my YFC time and I just felt inspired by the talks and events I went to this year.
  1. Bayanihan Builds
  2. Youth camp
  3. My surprise birthday party at Abi’s (aww)
  4. GK talks
  5. Visit at GK sites.
  6. Comeback Sectorcon
  7. I-met-Iza-Calzado day.
  8. Kaya natin ‘to concert
YFC friends, thank youu for the times I spent with you. Youth camp this year was the bomb, I miss being a facilitator and yes, I miss the feeling of serving and worshiping but again, it’s not the same :( Oh well, more fun and less drama. To the new friends I made because of the camp, thank youuu kahit na tinadtad niyo ng gm’s ang cellphone naming lahat HAHAHA!
GK loves, I learned a lot this year because of you and I can say that I became more exposed to what GK has to offer. Too bad I missed this year’s Bayani challenge. I promise, I WILL GO TO PALAWAN NEXT YEARRR!
--from tumblr.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is one of my favorite season. I just love a lot of things during Christmas. I will post my top 10 reasons later that I posted in my tumblr. So last Sunday, we had a dinner at our house with my married brothers and their wives. After dinner, we talked about what we'll do on Noche Buena and what food to cook/bring. We all decided to have an all Filipino food Noche Buena because Tita Amor from Canada will be donating Lechon for us. YEY! :)) Eh before dinner, Ate Coco and I was joking about having costumes for Noche Buena.. so since we are having Pinoy food, we will be dressed in our best Filipiniana! WAHAHAHAHA =)) =)) =))

Anyways, I am just excited for Christmas and Christmas break. School's been really tiring these past few days. I can't wait for Christmas parties and FOOOD.

Papa and Kuya TJ was fixing our Christmas lights last Thursday and we helped.. well, kind of. If your my friend in Facebook, you probably saw the pictures I uploaded entitled 'Thursday Jump Day'. If not, well as the title says, we just took jump shots while they are fixing the lights. HAHA! :)) But I helped!! Haha :)

Anyways again, here's my list:

What I love about the Christmas season

10. Receiving gifts and money and giving gifs.

9. The cold weather

8. Seeing beautiful christmas lights everywhere.

7. Simbang gabi with the puto bumbong and bibingka.

6. Christmas parties and foooood! :)


4. Watching christmas movies (LOVE ACTUALLY♥ )

3. Hearing christmas songs/carols.

2. Fireworks. .

1. Christmas break :)