Monday, September 28, 2009

Bagyong Ondong left a great mark in all of us, Manilenos. we were attacked unguarded and was left with wounds, physically and emotionally. We all did not expect that this would happen and boy, was I surprised too.

I had NSTP in the morning so I have to go to school. =/ The rain was pouring but I thought it was just the ordinary storm rain but after class, the afternoon classes were suspended and it was SO UnFAIR. LOL. I went outside Schmitt and the rain was still pouring HARD. There were
small puddles of water in front of us and I was wearing Chucks. THE FEELING WAS YUCKY. :( Maja and Iwas trying to get to Xavier but we were welcomed by the super river in Edsa walk. OMg, there really was a river. I don't want to pass there so I went around and Maja and I parted ways. I was all alone and I just sat on a bench in RMT because I can't cross to GK office because the streets were flooded and heavy traffic filled Ateneo. I stayed in RMt for like an hour and a half and Kuya Mark & Kuya Ed can't move because of the traffic so I finally gave up and went on an adventure to GK office Haha.

So we were stranded. I walked around the GK office barefooted because of my super wet shoes :( Good thing the ISO caf is still open so we have something to eat for lunch. The traffic was so heavy and news was Katipunan was flooded because of the rain. We decided to stay there for a while then when we decided to leave, we were stuck in traffic for 20 mins already and we were still in front of ASoG. So Kuya Mark decided to walk to Ahead to pick up my cousin, JR and Ate Coco also walked from Mcdo to ASog. We were reunited and they told me that the flood in Katip was SUPER. The Miriam creek overflowed. So again, we were stuck in the GK office for a few more hours. We are all ready to stay there for the night but when Kuya Mark called at home, he learned that the flood in Katip and Commonwealth subsided so we can now go home.

We went home at NAKIPAGSIKSIKAN KAMI SA MGA BUS GALING EDSA SA BALARA. It was so weird seeing buses in there. Oh well, we got home safe but there's no electricity. :( Candlit dinner kami. We saw Kuya TJ's new house, it was flooded :( Since nasa dead end kami ng street, all the water and the leaves went to our drainage and since it was small and the leaves clog the drainage, the water rose up. Kuya Justine saw it so they made big holes on the wall.

The holes in our wall. :)

It was sad seeing Kuya TJ's new house destroyed by the storm but I thought about all those people still stranded in their roofs and is dying from the hunger and the very cold weather. I can't sleep last Saturday because of all the thoughts that is running in my head. I wanted to help them but all I can do that time is pray. :( I texted all my friends who lives in Northview 2, Sierra Monte, San Mateo and Marikina but some of them are not replying so I was more worried.

So I helped out in Ateneo yesterday. It was inspiring to see people help people out. I wanted to go to the GK villages to bring relief goods but Kuya Mark did not allow me :( So I stayed in ADMU Cervini Dorm and just help packed goods and eat :))

Bagyong Ondoy already left the country but the traumatic experiences for our fellow Filipinos will forever stay in our heads. Yes, it will stay in our long term memories haha. I am just happy to see everyone trying to lend out their helping hand. It was very inspiring and I just hope that more people can see this Filipino's way of loving their neighbors :)