Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ok. This maybe one of the best birthdays ever. I really had fun.

20 things I did today:
  1. woke up very early in the morning.
  2. went to mass with father.
  3. replied to text messages.
  4. replied to facebook messages.
  5. replied to twitter messages.
  6. ate a lot.
  7. went to the grocery with Mommy Coco, Kuya Mark, Sining and Jairus.
  8. played with the kids.
  9. went to Kuya Mark's house.
  10. ate more.
  11. went to UP with the boys, Gladys, Ate Coco and the kids.
  12. bought cake.
  13. blew her cake.
  14. took pictures.
  15. laughed with family.
  16. replied to the super sabaw facebook note of my barkada haha! Vigan trip planning for the win.
  17. made Sining girl a facebook account.
  18. made this blog.
  19. prayed and thanked God for another year.
  20. slept.
Yehey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Thanks a lot to the people who remembered and saw in Facebook and gave a second to write a birthday message in my wall :) I love youuu everyone and I really appreciated everything.
So this is how 20 feels like, parang 13 lang pala. LOL. :))

Oh and btw.. While we were eating lunch, my mom kept on insisting that I should get a boyfriend. Uhh, medyo nakakainis but oh well. Haha!
Kk poez, thank youuuu again. :) Parang ang walang kwenta ng post na toh haha!


Keiyt said...

Tepai!!! Belated happy birthday. Na-late ako magopen ng planner ko to write something then I saw your name! Kaso gamit lahat ng computer that time so mga 12 na ako nakabati sayo sa plurk. LOL :))

Oh well, 20! Ate na naman kita! =)) Yay for having a blast yesterday. :)

istepanyak said...

Keiyt. Thank you. Okay lang noh. It's the thought that counts. haha! =)) I replied at your plurk na haha!

Oo nga, iintayin kong magbirthday ka para magka-age na ulit tayo! haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday! :) Goodluck and Enjoy :D

istepanyak said...

Thank you Marla :)

Gracie said...

Mabuti naman at nag-enjoy ka nung birthday mo.
Age is just a number. Believe me, minsan naiisip ko lang na 16 lang ako. LOL

istepanyak said...

Yehey, so pwede kong isipin na forever akong 18 ;)

Paola ♥ said...

Hi tepai! [it rhymes!]
SUPER BELATED happy birthday! ^_^ ngayon lang kasi nag blog hop. Hope it isn't too late! :D

hmm...really? I can't wait to be 20 tuloy. I'm currently 18 yo now, and yeah, I feel like I'm still a 14 year old. :D pabata pala ng pabata ang nararamdaman mo habang tumatanda ano? haha. teka masyado na yata mahaba.. haha! Godbless palagi! :)

istepanyak said...

Haha. Oo nga, ngayon ko lang napansin na hi rhymes with tepai. HAHAHA!
THANKS YOUUU. okay lang, it's never too late ;)

Nako, enjoy. Yun lang masasabi ko sayo!! Haha. Oo, pabata nang pabata ang feeling. Yan ang tama! hahaha!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday tepai! God bless you!

istepanyak said...

Thank youuu!! God bless you too ;)