Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unexpectedly Awesome Trip

I worry too much about the future and I hate it when all my plans fail. I have been very anxious about this Cebu trip for 2014 since last year. Some plans got cancelled and all the excitement faded. I was having second thoughts on pushing through this 10-day trip to Cebu with my brother and sister-in-law but since this year, I am going for spontaneous, I hop on that plane and flew to Cebu.

It was one of the best decisions I had this year (HAHA!). I did not expect it to be that amazing :) It was all about new found friends, food, alcohol and adventures! Cebu truly has amazing and cheap food. Of course, I wouldn't leave Cebu without eating lechon and I swear, I had too much lechon (Approximately 8 lechon meals). Besides lechon, my new favorite food would be the ribs from Surfin' Ribs (better than Casa Verde's and cheaper!). I had more meals but I wasn't able to take pictures.

This trip, I guess, also made me more alcoholic. We partied, drank until the sun rises, move from one inuman place to the other etc. Everyday, I would cap the night off with a bottle or two. When I got home from Cebu, I extended my alcoholic days with a catch up gimik night with a friend :) 

My sister-in-law is Cebuana and we stayed in her relative's house. Her cousin took care of driving us around and bringing us to the best restaurants in Cebu. I also met Milo, Ate Trina's nephew and we became friends. He would always call me "Friends" and he is the most hyper kid I know as of today. He speaks Bisaya and I can't understand anything he's saying but he would still play with me, such a sweetheart :)

Since we don't really have an itinerary and our main purpose for this trip was Sinulog, we looked for other things to do in Cebu. So Kuya Justine and I went kart racing! It was a first for me and it was awesooome :) 


Ate Trina's cousin told us stories about Sinulog and we got super excited. I was planning on just wearing my tank top, shorts and slippers but he warned us not to wear slippers so I bought cheap shoes. We went to Ayala Center's Metro Gaisano Dept. store to look for shoes and I was frustrated because I can't look for cheap shoes that has my size. I was about to give up when I had a light bulb moment and look for shoes at the kid's shoes and voila...

Super reliable boy's sneakers :)
Sinulog can be summed up into a few words:  UNLIMITED BEER/ALCOHOL, PRT PRRRTT PRRT!, BEER SHOWERS, DRUNK PEOPLE, CRAZY AND AMAZING STREET PARTY! I started drinking at around 11 in the morning and ended at 10 pm! Cebuanos really know how to partyyy! It was more awesome because of fun and wild friends around. This is my first Sinulog experience but this will not be the last!

The day after Sinulog, we visited Sto. Nino Basilica. You can still see the damaged left by the earthquake last year.

 We had more side trips that I could not elaborate anymore. We ended this trip with Ate Trina's cousin's wedding. It was lovely and extravagant (but would have been better, in my opinion).

It was truly an amazing trip that I wouldn't forget :) I will forever love Cebu and Cebuanos. It was a trip that I got to know the other side of Cebuanos and this is the better version. Awesome awesome people with a one of a kind custom. 

Thank you Cebu for making this trip unexpectedly awesome!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year end post

I couldn't say much about 2013 without sounding hurt, sad and bitter but 2013 was really full of disappointments, heartaches and people leaving. It was such a hard year for me because of the breakup, the moving out thing, my mother leaving for Canada and work related issues. Despite all those, I remained strong. But of course, I could have not done it without family and friends who were there to back me up. I just have to thank them all personally and give them the tightest hug I can just to say thank you. 2013 has really taught me a lot.

I wouldn't remember 2013 as full of heartaches but I would remember that year as the year that I was strong enough to face everything.

So cheers to 2014, the year that I will continue to become the best version of myself :)