Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year end post

I couldn't say much about 2013 without sounding hurt, sad and bitter but 2013 was really full of disappointments, heartaches and people leaving. It was such a hard year for me because of the breakup, the moving out thing, my mother leaving for Canada and work related issues. Despite all those, I remained strong. But of course, I could have not done it without family and friends who were there to back me up. I just have to thank them all personally and give them the tightest hug I can just to say thank you. 2013 has really taught me a lot.

I wouldn't remember 2013 as full of heartaches but I would remember that year as the year that I was strong enough to face everything.

So cheers to 2014, the year that I will continue to become the best version of myself :)


Jessica said...

Im sure 2014 will be better :) Cheers!

Steph Cruz said...

Thank you so much, dear :)