Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay, I'm gonna rant about my first few days of classes. I kinda missed going to school but not so much. haha! :)) I missed my TR blockmates. I missed my C2 blockmates too. Okay, I'm just gonna tell stuff about some interesting stuff that happened during my first week of classes. Everyday, I ride with the morning people (Kuya TJ, Ate Joy, Kuya Mark, Kuya Jim and Gladys) so that I won't commute and sayang sa gas kung magpapahatid pa ako, so I'd rather be early for school. Good thing I'm with Kuya Mark. Anyways, prepare yourself for my rants.

First Day: I have Sci10 at 9:30 and Foreign Lang at 12:30. I was in school at 6:30 because our car's coding so we have to leave early. UHH. Talk about excited?? NOT! ;)
Sci10, I'm classmates with Jeki, Anais, Patlo and some C2 people. My prof's kinda boring and imagine having a class with 76 classmates.Yes, it's a really big class and good luck on my concentration.
Foreing Lang, I find this very interesting. I would really love to learn Italian and Sir Yap asked us, "Why did you choose Italian as your FLC?" I answered, "I want to go to Italy someday" haha! I will! ;)
So usually, the first meetings are all about syllabi and rules. SO hello early dismissal.

Second Day: I have Histo, Econ, PSY103 and PSY104. Yes, my TTh days are hell! First class at 9:00 and Last class at 3:00 so I'm kinda at school the whole day.
Histo, OMg.. Manaois is the best. He's now my favorite teacher! He's so funny. ;) Get him as Histo prof and I bet you won't regret it. Promise.
Eco, kung anong kinasaya ng HI18 class ko.. Eco is the opposite. I don't really like big classes because I can't concentrate. Oh well. I can't say much because I day dreamt most of the time he was talking :))
PSY103, Bel classes are not fun at all. =/ That building is SO FAR. Hassle sa muscle mhen. Anyways, I'm with my C2 blockmates and I'm classmates with Kim G and Gloria! Aww, it's my first time having a Holy batchmate classmate. I missed that. My prof's was okay. Neutral about her but Henna told me they love Ma'am Liwag. We'll see about that.
PSY104, rules pa rin. It's my first class where she asked us to introduce ourselves. Haha! We introduced ourselves and filled out this line: I've never ____. Drinking game? haha! Interesting. I think I'll like her. Early dismissal, yehey!
I went to the PE dept after to fix my PE fee refund and they told me I don't need to load rev coz I did not enlist for any PE classes. ARGH the registrar.

Third Day: OMg, Sci10 was super boring. =/ And I'm not really a morning person so waddup? UGH. Oh well, I survived lol. I was with Marlo during my break. After eating at the caf, we went to Sec walk and saw Kring. After a few minutes of sitting, my EX CRUSH (Oo, hindi ko na talaga siya crush) passed by and went back and went back. Haha! Labo! So he passed by us 3 times and on the 3rd time, he sat on the benches on our front left(haha, LABO!!! :)) ). So I had a great view lol. Too bad I don't crush him anymore. LOL.
Ooh, Italian class was so interesting. He discussed some of the rules he did not mention before. After he's finished, he told us that he'll speak Italian for the next minutes.. and he did. NOSEBLEED mhen! haha. But amazingly, I understood some of the words and I learned some Italian words. Yey! I know how to ask What's your name, Where do you live and all the other shiznit. LOL. I dunno how to spell those words so yea! haha :)) Basta, I think this will be very interesting.

Fourth Day: I was so so so tired after this day. I dunno why lol. Maybe because I have 4 1 and a half hour classes. All the four subjects started discussing so I was so tired. Especially in Eco.. I was SO BORED. I swear. =/ Dev Psych was kinda boring too... uhh. I am now starting to hate TTh. =/
Except for Histo, yey! History=His Story. Wala raw kwenta mga babae. LOL.
Anyways, nothing really special happened today so I'll stop here. Haha. Happy Birthday Isay! :)

I think this sem will be very interesting and tiring. Good luck to all of us.
So, how was your first week? :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I woke extra early today, I don't know why. Maybe because I was thinking of Paranormal Activity the whole time and knowing I'm alone in my room, I got scared! LOL. Or maybe I was just hungry lol. Anyways, I was watching Nat Geo while eating breakfast and Naked Science was showing. It was all about the glaciers and how it molded North America. During the latter part of the episode, global warming's cause and effect was discussed. What is happening in our world today (the floods, extreme heat and stuff) is really bound to happen someday but we, humans, are making this happen faster.

The cutting of trees, the use of fossil fuels and other things that emits more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not help at all. Before, carbon dioxide is needed to warm the earth and help the animals but now, too much CO2 are there that extreme heat in different parts of the world are being experienced. Before sembreak, some of my blockmates and I are talking about global warming and stuff because of the extreme heat that day. We talked about mutation and stuff.. like what we would be like after a zillion years, would we mutate and have solar panels in our heads? It's really funny yet it can be true. A friend shared that the last time she went to Canada, she can wear her spaghetti strap top. Hello, THAT'S CANADA. That's like on top of the world, near the North pole and stuff.

The glaciers in the Greenland and Antartica are melting already. In Greenland itself, if the huge ice caps keeps on melting, it can make the sea level rise up to 23 feet or something (not so sure). And I heard in Nat Geo that some parts of Florida, North Carolina and New York can be underwater if the melting continues. It's just sad because I still want to travel the world and see beautiful places. It's not really beautiful underwater, right? LOL.

I still want my children to see the beauty of the world. I want them to experience normal hot days and cold nights. I want them to have a great future.

I bet most of us don't want the future generation to see these. So let us recycle, segregate, avoid using unfriendly stuff to the environment, plant or whatever simple things you can do. Let us all lessen the effect of another Ondoy or Pepeng. Let us just be aware and be involved.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Why do you have to do such thing? Are you not contented and hello, why now? I really love you and all but I hate what you did/doing to her. I thought you were different and better than the other guys out there. I idolized you but I guess you made me believed more in my theory about guys and cheating. Yes, you still love her so much but because of what happened, my trust in you is not like before. I really hope it's over like what you said. I don't want her to get hurt again. Thank ;)

Because of what happened, I got more scared of committing into a relationship. :|