Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love actually and its effect on me

Love Actually, Adele and The Script has one thing in common... it brings back everything I have been trying to keep. This issue about being single, love and heartbreaks. I had a share of each of these things and it just makes everything so hard.

I tripped, stumbled down and fell off the ground. I went crazy, gaga, stupid. I shouldn't have but I did. I promise not to make the same mistake again but every time it happens, I forget everything I promised. It has been a cycle, a cycle I really want to break. A cycle I want to get out of. I'm tired and hurt, at the same time. I'm lost.

I just want one thing... TO BE LOVED, what more could I ask for? I want life to become much easier with someone that would be beside me on every stupid mistake I'll do and who would love me for all the trips and falls I'll make. I just don't want to give up on love, even if I'm feeling that love has given up on me.

I still want to wait, to fight, to believe that love is actually all around...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the sameperson.

I don't know why I am affected by this but I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH ALLOWING DIVORCE. I don't care if we are the only country in the whole universe who doesn't allow divorce but this has a reason behind it and I firmly believe that this is enough to keep it that way.

Maybe I was too inspired by my Theology 131 professor, Fr. Dacanay or something but I think that marriage is a very sacred and serious commitment to each other that no one can destroy it. FUCK YEH. But seriously, people get married because they want to spend the rest of their life with this other person and if divorce is possible, then people can just marry a person and not be serious because he/she knows that he can be divorced anyways if it didn't work out. I believe that the rationale of marriage can be ruined if divorce is okay here in the country.

I hate failed relationships okay. DO NOT GET MARRIED IF YOU'RE NOT 100% SURE WITH A PERSON. I know people who stay married until the day they die and I know that others can do this too. It's a matter of building the right relationship to this other person and letting each other grow in the relationship. SPIRITUAL GROWTH babyyy!

So yeh. To hell with those who wants divorce. I'm sorry but I just hate it when I hear it on the news and what other means would I vent out but here in my blog LOL.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

On education

I was early for work the other day and had a chance to chat with the janitress of the HR department. At first, it was the usual talk about how long is she working there and where am I studying questions but afterwards, it went to a talk about education.

After talking to her, it made me realized how lucky I am to be studying in a very good school since Grade school. I don't have to worry about money or going to school because my parents pay my tuition fee and I have a ride to school. But there are people, like her who doesn't even get to finish high school. She became a working student just for her future but unfortunately, her sister took away that dream of hers to study. Her sister forced her parents to let her study instead of her and Ate Ly, being the elder sister, agreed. Unfortunately, her sister did not finish school because she just quit. Ate Ly was devastated about it because she could have finished high school already.

This story of hers just became a slap in my face. I take things for granted sometimes. Like my education and my house and my clothes and all that. I feel so thankful right now that I don't have to worry about my education like some people do.

It's such a sad fact about education here in the Philippines. Only a few graduate and some doesn't even deserve it. I just felt pity for Ate Ly because I saw in her eyes the dream of graduating(even just high school). This made me want to help more. Nothing can replace education that's why I don't understand why my brother doesn't see that.

I just wish I could be super rich to help out people like her. Someday, I will. I will find out a way to help out more.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Week blog post

Will rant about my birthday week in 3... 2.... 1....... :)

APRIL 25. Just turned twenty freakin' one years old. :| DEYM, it sounds so old huhu. Anyway, it was my first day of work in CDO too and it was stressful. Did a lot of tasks already but it was okay. What really sucks is that I have to work during my birthday which is a first because having a birthday during the summer vacation should be fun and not stressful LOL. But still, I enjoyed it.

I was supposed to meet up with Mariz at Trinoma but she can't leave work early so I just went home and celebrated my day with my oh so big and crazy family :) I also treated myself with Cafe Breton crepes!

Together with Sining love, I blew my birthday candle. AND YES, I AM 12 YEARS OLD. :) YEHEY. I'll be a teenager next year! haha!

And I just have to share this photo of Sining love. They did some photoshoot while waiting for me to arrive. Haha! She's so arte...

Sining also gave me a gift. Since it was Easter yesterday, she gave me an Easter egg! haha! She was shouting "Happy Easter" while I was opening my gift haha! IT was so cute! The wrapper was also cute (the one on the right). And Gladys gave me a letter :)

Thanks for all those who greeted me through text, twitter and yeah, facebook.

APRIL 26. Another day at work. More texts. I was left home alone with Ate Joy and some house helpers because I have OJT. They all went to Bulacan for a birthday party. Started to reply to all the messages in Facebook and Twitter, it was very tiring. :| BUT REALLY THANKS TO EVERYONE. My brother just treated me for dinner and I went to the grocery with them.

APRIL 27. Still another day of work. It was also the Bayani Challenge Reunion at Third's house. UBER FUN to see them all again. It was a happy night. :) Updates, chikahan and videoke! These people are love! Especially my Stupid Love girls. It's like Bantayan all over again because of the videoke and the drinks! :)

I was so scared to drink because my borther was there and they don't know that I am drinking so yes, I still drank with him around... just hiding the beer when he's looking. OH YES, I'M A GREAT PRETENDER.... OOOHHH OOH! HAHAHAHA! Went home at around 2 am.

APRIL 28. No hangover but super puyat! Woke up at 5am. 3 hours of sleep, fuck yeah. I was super groggy while working haha. And I nearly fell asleep while typing some job descriptions haha! It was so funny, I was pinching myself just to stay awake!

I met with Mariz at Trinoma after work. Some chikahans again. Dinner. Too bad Japots wasn't able to come. BOO.

APRIL 29. It was the 'surprise' birthday party for me. Haha! But it's not a surprise anymore because my super great brother told me hahaha! It was so funny. I was super tired from work then ta dah, they were at home and we just ate and laughed all night. I literally laughed all night because Andrew is on sabaw made and he just made sabaw jokes all night. AS IN ALL NIGHT. It was an awesome night, with a few friends and kwentuhans. Thanks for the letters and gifts too.

APRIL 30. My birthday celebration with my high school friends at Laguna. Woke up really early. *yawn* but it was all worth it. We stayed at Ayala Greenfields Estates in Calamba. Just swam all morning and afternoon. Actually jacuzzi in the morning since it was super cold then swam in the afternoon. What sucks is that it was my 1st day and dysmenorrhea attacked me while swimming :|

The view was beautiful, the place was great and the company was awesome. Too bad some friends wasn't able to come because of the PRC thingy and Patice's excuse, whatever it is LOL.

MAY 1. Labor day build at GK Bulaklakan. Just chikahan moment with Gery. It was fun to build again after the Bayani Challenge. It was also great to see GK Bulaklakan because last time I went there, it was kind of still empty. It was nice to see lots of colorful houses already with residents. Then Trinoma afterwards. Thank you for the free dessert c/o Tita Maricar :)

So that was my birthday week. It was great but but but... whatever. Again, thank you to all those who made my birthday week special and happy and to those/you who didn't greet me, I hate you hahaha! I'm kidding.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am happier than ever. Bantayan Island's Bayani Challenge did me some good. It was the best weeks ever and it really helped me get better, if you know what I'm saying. I just feel so inspired and motivated right now to really help eradicate poverty here in the Philippines. It is possible if you just believe.
Gawad Kalinga has taught me how to love. Not a love for a specific someone but a whole bigger kind of love. A love for the country I have been living for 20 years. Also, a love for an island I wouldn't forget :)
Here's to 2024. A new life and to a new crush <:

Someday the meaning of poverty will only be found in dictionaries and not in the lives of the Filipinos.

Another thing, Bantayan Island is now my favorite beach destinations. I love beaches that are not overrated, like Boracay. I love Boracay but in Bantayan, it's just very peaceful and the moment I step into its sand, I know that it will be my new favorite place. When I was there, it was the first time I saw 6 shooting stars in one night. That's the nice thing about provinces, it's darker so you can see and appreciate the beauty of the stars more :) I will definitely go back to this place :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanna go to THE SCRIPT'S concert :(

I was about to create a blog using The Script lyrics about my oh so complicated life but then I realized that I should stop this. It’s not worth it. You are not worth it. Thus, this will be a blog about the future. This is the start of something new.
I will enjoy my life.
I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight.
It will be better. All I need are friends, family, tumblr and a few tequila. J
You’re just a phase and I am getting over it. We are friends, not that good anymore, but we are and that is what we will ever be. Sorry for assuming, it’s my friends fault. That is why I will also not blame you for the hurt. It was me, I just wished you cared.
This week will be a week of moving on then Cebu will be a week of fun and nation building. I will be doing this for myself and not for you. Be present in my life or not, it does not matter. I am me. You are you. Two different beings. Love is the only thing that can make two people as one and love hasn’t worked for us.
I am happy. I will be happy. With or without you.

Oh from this moment on.
I'm changing the way I feel yeah.
From this moment on.
It's time to get a real.

-Long gone and moved on (The Script)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Cheating

I can’t even. What even. Even even. Even Steven. FUCK.
I don’t understand cheating. It’s such a lame act. Cheaters are assholes. Cheaters are jerks. Cheaters are people who make other people lose interest in love. They take away the ability of other people to trust. They make people afraid. It’s such a selfish act.
Why can’t some people stay with one person? Or better yet, why can’t they just say it’s over? SRSLY, you wouldn’t cheat on her if you really love her. Don’t give her lame excuses. If it’s all about sex, then you’re a perverted maniac who can’t settle for one. But if it’s love, then you’re a complete asshole for cheating.
Boyfriend cheating on girlfriend is less painful than husbands cheating on their wives. DUDE, SRSLY. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? You said a vow to love ONE PERSON, for better or for worse… Till death do you part. And the kids…………
It hurts to be left alone, feeling betrayed and confused. It’s hard to move one, love again and be happy.
Just say it’s over when it’s over. It’s less painful.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The violence in this country is just too much. Various tragedy has happened this January and I just can't take it anymore. I just have to rant about it.

1. The car napping incident where the victims were burned. SRSLY, WHY CAN SOME PEOPLE DO SUCH A THING? Burning a person. Car napping is okay (Well, it's not because our old Starex was car napped when I was 10 but car napping is way better than killing a person right?) but taking the life of an innocent person is way way beyond a normal person's ability. I can't even see an animal getting killed, what more a person? The sadder thing here is my friend knows the family of the person who was killed and she told me that the kids of Evangelista was really devastated. They are too young for that :(

2. The Bombing in the Bus incident. I think terrorists are the only person who can do this because a normal person plan and implement such an attack. Whatever the reason behind this bombing, I still can't take it. Why involve innocent people? My friends or family could have been there (Thank God they are not) but what about the family and friends of the people who died. I can't even imagine the pain those people are feeling now. :(

3. The journalist killed in Palawan. This really struck me hard because this was the father of someone I know. I bonded with Mika Ortega, his oldest daughter during the Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge in Bicol last summer of 2007 and she was a really nice person. I bet her whole family is nice and influential that's why it's so sad that this tragedy have to happen to these nice family. When I saw Mika in TV Patrol being interviewed, I immediately went to her Facebook page to confirm if it's really her and sadly, all I saw in her wall was Condolence posts from her friends. It's just really disheartening that this has to happen to them.

I seriously don't know why does these things have to happen. Why can't everyone just get along? AND WHY ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO CAN LIVE WITH KILLING PEOPLE EXIST? All these things just makes me sad and it makes me sadder when I think about the family and friends of those people who got killed.

I really hope justice will be served to the people responsible for all these killings. I really really hope.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye Christmas break

I am blogging now just because I CHANGED MY LAYOUT lol. And since it will be super ugly if I just post one sentence in this blog post, I'm gonna rant about some things that is really irrelevant. So if you don't really have the time... you should have stopped after the first sentence. :)

I love Christmas season. It's the best holiday ever. It's a time for me to have an excuse to say things lol. Anyway, Christmas season is about to end and it sucks. It made me realized that I need to go back to my life and put on a game face for all the school works I have to finish before Wednesday. It sucks.

Also, my aunt's family is here. My aunt and her daughter arrived yesterday while her two sons were here already before they arrived. They are kinda having a little reunion haha. So, I am here at Ate Coco's house and no one's at home. They went shopping and I can't go with them because of those fcking schoolworks. GAWD.

So it's 20 fcuking 11 already. It's supposed to be my graduation year. FCUK THAT. All my friends are graduating this year... which makes me feel sad but oh well, I like school (the hanging out with friends and leaving the house part. Not the classroom part). But I think it will be really weird when all my friends are working already and I'm still studying but that would be fun too. They can treat me and I have the excuse to say that 'you guys are earning money already.' Haha!

What else? Oh this post is totally random and I don't even know what else to talk about. I'm just happy that I had the time to change my layout. After a year or so.