Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cebu-Bohol trip 2013

[Delayed post] 

I've been really busy with a lot of work and random issues so I haven't updated this for a long long time. Anyway, I'll be talking about my Cebu-Bohol trip last August with the fam bam :) It was a celebration for Jam's 3rd birthday. 

This was my 3rd time going to Bohol and I still enjoyed it :) I guess it really depends on the people you are with. We visited the tarsier sanctuary first and met Mr. Tarsier man himself :)

Then we had lunch at Loboc River, our favorite part of the trip. Although the food wasn't really great, the view was perfect. I will always love this part of Bohol, very peaceful and scenic. I will always recommend Loboc River cruise to anyone going here :)

Of course, we wouldn't leave Bohol without visiting the famous Chocolate Hills. The kids were all tired though and they were sleeping all the way up. Good thing they woke up to see the chocolate hills. 

We stayed at Linaw Beach Resort and we all loved it. The kids hit the pool after checking in, always their favorite hobby. I highly recommend this resort to those who would want to have good room, great food and awesome view :) 

We visited churches the next day :) Our favorite would be Dauis church, we even stayed there for some hot chocolates (and it was yummy!)

My model niece, Sining
Then we dropped by the Bohol bee farm next :)

They have this restaurant with an amazing view. I would love to try to check in here next time I go to Bohol :)

 My favorite part of the trip would be mornings at the beach :) I've been wanting to just be at the beach and read books while enjoying the sun. Waves calm me down and my mornings were all spent like this :)

After 3 days at Bohol, we left and went to Cebu. Just had dinner the first night with Ate Trina's family then drinks with GK Cebu people. 

City tour happened the next day where we visited Magellan's cross, Sto. Nino Church and St. Pedro Calungsod Church. I've been to the first two but the Pedro Calungsod church was a first and I loved it. The architecture was very minimal and this was the reason I liked it :)

But the best part of our Cebu visit was eating lechon. This was something we all have been waiting for. Since the first day we arrived at the airport, we have been craving for lechon so for the last days of our vacation, we just attacked the poor little piggy's meat.

Plus the kids enjoyed it too :) Definitely the best part of our trip!!