Monday, January 26, 2015

Impromptu Boracay Trip

DISCLAIMER: Photo heavy entry

My cousin from Canada arrived the country last Jan. 14 without any plans and itinerary. She just knows that she's going to Ilocos with her aunties then wants to go to Boracay for the rest of her trip. Since her mother doesn't want her to go alone, I accompanied her to Boracay. 

I just went to Boracay last November so I just suggested to her the things I did last time. 

We drank beers, 

watched the sunset,

Cotton candy clouds
joined the pubcrawl,

met new friends,

read books at the beach,

para sailed,

went helmet diving, took selfies,

ate by the beach, drank yummy shakes, 

witnessed the sunset again and

visited Mt. Luho viewpoint.

As an evening person, I never get to see sunrises. I rarely wake up early to see the sunrise; but when I do, I make sure it's worth it. I just wished it wasn't that cloudy but even with clouds everywhere, I was still in awe. (The pictures don't do it justice!!)

It was a great experience even if we only had 3 days to enjoy this beautiful island. I'm just glad that I get to spend time with my cousin who I haven't seen for 10 years. And of course, I witnessed the most beautiful sunset again. I am still amazed how the sun sets so fast and it looks like the ocean is just eating it up. What a beauty and I know I will never get tired of this island :) I would still like to work here if given a chance. Anyone hiring?

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