Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C+, I must sustain you

So I got my results in my Physics exam yesterday. It was too fast haha. Well, what do I expect, Sir only has one class(our class) with 16 students. HAHA. I got 43 out of a hundred! THANKS! HAHA. I kinda expected something like NEGATIVE 1? haha. Coz may pagka right minus wrong siya. Waaaa, I am actually happy with my score haha. Kasi alma ko naman na bagsak.. Pero wow, mataas na bagsak!HAHA. Okay, the other good thing was I got a C+ for my advisory mark. Now all I need to do is sustain it. YAY.

Physics, I will not fail youuuuu!
Sir, don't fail me toooooo! hahahahaha.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars. Physics and Long Tests

So I woke up early today to study for my long tests tomorrow but I ended up watching the Oscars, deym! HAHA. It's a good thing that I watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday, nakarelate ako! So Slumdog Millionaire bagged a lot of awards including Best Picture! Wow! Well, the movie was awesome. It was unique and cool! ASTIG! .. and to all those who watched it already, agree with me.. the girl looks like Iza Calzado! HAHA. Ang funny pa kagabi, I can't remember her name so I searched it in the net haha. (not a kapuso fan haha) Anyways, I won't spoil anything.. you should all watch it.

Penelope Cruz won for supporting actress and Heath Ledger(may he rest in peace) won for supporting actor, i cried :c. Kate Winslet won for best actress and Sean Penn for best actor. Now I am getting curious about that movie Milk. I wanna see him being gay and all hahahaha. After his role as Sam. LOL. Anyways, this year's Oscars was great! The production and all plus Hugh Jackman did a great job. Thumbs up, galing mo kumanta haha.

So now, I should be studying for Physics but deym, I just don't get it. I HATE PHYSICS. I will fail, i know. SHET! Nafefeel ko na napipiga na yung utak ko, i swear! Di ko mageeeeeets! :c Waaa. Failuuuuure. Oh well, I will just study for Fil.

Hello FAILURE. =|

Sunday, February 15, 2009

all the single ladies

So it's that time of the year again where flowers, balloons and stuff toys are overflowing... restaurants are full, traffic is bad and uhh, singles weep! lol, but NOT ME :))

I had my best Valentines ever yesternight. Singles rocked Coastnet HAHA. Ja invited me to have a single's night out so YAY to all the singleees :D I arrived there late haha. I met new friends from UP (hello Mikki and Benette sp?) and Ateneo (hello Fred and Nel). When I arrived, there was a battle of the schools. GO ATENEO! HAHA :)) Medyo napagitnaan ako ng mga nag-aaway e. haha, basta ako I love both Ateneo and UP. We played I have never..

MY I have never..

I have never smoked EVER.HAHA, inom silang lahaaat lol. I am a good girl, thanks! HAHA.

May mga amats na yung iba peroooo NAWALA LAHAT because of Fred. He was DRUNK. As in. Eh he was sitting beside me so he was talking.. I'm just listening. THEN, he went to the CR several times but it was not enough HAHA. He puked on the ice bucket! That's the time I moved away from him haha. Betsy took over lol. Medyo papatayin kasi ako ni Kuya kung amoy suka ako diba? LOL. So he was vomiting everywhere, sa baso, sa table at sa malaking bucket na binigay namin sa kanya. After a few hours, kami na lang yung na
tira sa Coastnet. Betsy and Nel called for a trike to bring Fred home.. sa dorm. Eh parang may kaso pag intoxicated inside the campus. Good thing hindi sila nahuli.

When they went back, we left Coastnet. Ja and I went to Starbucks to wait for my Kuya.

I really had fun.. being single and not having a date that's an ASS, right JA? HAHA :))

So as Beyonce says it,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Sad

Yesterday was first, a very happy day indeed but in the end, i should not be that happy in the first place.

It was our exposure trip. They told us to be there by 7am sharp but it was a traaaap, LOL. We left at 9am. Before we left, guess who I saw. Duh, who else? HAHA. So my crush passed by. I really did not notice him at first but Marlo and Talia told me. Waaa, kumpleto na kagad araw ko. hahaha. The kids at Payatas was fun but sometimes, they are uncontrollable. LOL :)) My kid was really really shy and the other one.. uhh, was really active. lol. It was a great experience.

We went to Jbee after to wait for Marlo's mom then we headed straight to Marlo's. Took a really loooong bath then slept. HAHA :) When I woke up, Marlo and Kristel was ready and I was super uhh, SABOG! haha.

Went to Galle after to wait for Marlo's friend. Ate Jamaican Patties(yuuuum!).
DLSU was really far. It's my second time to go there WOW! haha. Achievement. Danceleb was great. After watching, I really wanna dance. hahahaha. Kristel went with her friends coz my dad did not let me sleep over at Marlo's. We rode the taxi to Marlo's condo with another Marlo friend(forgot his name haha). Si Marlo, umamin na buuuut bitin! Marlo, continue your story on Tuesday huh! :)

Kuya Justine picked me up and then came the time for the bad news. :c I asked them where they went and they told me they came from somebody's wake. So, our family doctor died. :c He is not just our family doctor but he was really a close friend of our family. He's realllllly nice and helpful. Last year, I was riding with them to school because my PE was 7 in the morning and Ate Maan's class is 7 too. When they told me the news, flashbacks really filled up my mind. He was the one who gave birth to Kuya Jim, Gladys and me. He circumcised all my brothers and I always go to there house to ask for a medical certificate when I get sick because his house is just a minute away from ours. He has done a lot of things to our family. It's really a weird feeling right now. So, where will we go when we get sick? aww.

I was really sad the whole night, I nearly cried coz I really hate deaths. Uhh, actually I don't hate it, im afraid of it.
Why do God have to get the good ones first.. but I know He has a reason. It better be good, haha kidding. Oh well, Dr. Carasig, you will definitely be missed and be remembered forever. Thank you for everything.