Monday, May 26, 2014

Being alone

My friend recently broke up with his guy for 10 years. She was telling us that she rarely cry about what happened; but the other day, she was in a coffee shop and that was the time she realized that, "Shit, I am alone. (insert waterfalls falling from eyes here!)"

When I heard this, feelings from the past were remembered. I can clearly recall having a lot of quality time by myself because I am single. Then I just stopped going out alone because I hate the feeling of remembering what used to be us.

I understood what my friend is going through because I've been there. One day, you're having dates with someone then it will just stop. You don't know who to talk to or go out with randomly.  Although I hated those moments, those were the days when I realized that there are more people who loves me. I started building relationships with close friends (and new friends). I bonded with them and found a new connection with each person. I felt more blessed than my ex boyfriend made me feel.

Until now, there are still moments that I feel alone but I won't let my singleness ruin my plans to go the mall or have lunch or dinner outside. Alone or with a friend, I will continue to live my life and celebrate the present.

I may be single right now but I know that I am definitely not alone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

(mis)adventures in Dumaguete and Siquijor

One November night in Starbucks Drive thru, Marvsz and I planned 2014 to be a year of travelling. We listed different places that we want to go to and months when we're available.  I was having second thoughts if everything will go as planned because of financial constraints. Luckily, this year entered and our El Nido trip last February pushed through and we also finally saw Siquijor last weekend.

DAY 1. Our itinerary involves touring around Dumaguete city, snorkeling at Apo Island, discovering the beauty of Siquijor then back at Dumaguete. We have 4 days to squeeze everything. We left Manila at around 2 already (delayed flight c/o Cebupac!) without having any lunch yet. The flight is about an hour and 30 minutes so imagine the hunger I was feeling when we arrived/

From the airport, we rode a tricycle (P 120) to go to our hotel. We reserved a room at Harold's mansion weeks before our trip but there was a miscommunication and they weren't able to reserve a room for us. The owner of Harold's was very accommodating though to look for a new hotel for us and offer free breakfast the next day. We stayed at K-lodge, a minute walk from Harold's, for a night. It was in favor of us since they offer cheaper lodging (P 700/ night). When we finished settling in K-lodge, we decided to look for a place to eat lunch since Marvsz and I were starving!
First meal in Dumaguete
We ate at Jo's Chicken Inato just along Siliman Ave. They offer unlimited rice for only P 97, it was the cheapest meal we had for our Dumaguete trip. After eating, we headed towards Dumaguete Church and Belfry tower.

Dumaguete Church
Belfry Tower

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#21 Try something daring


My recent trip to Siquijor really challenged the adventurous side of me. I am afraid of a lot of things and heights is one of them but since this is the year of spontaneity and adventure, I went for it. I was super excited when Marvsz and I were planning this trip because we read about how enchanting Siquijor is. We got more excited when we saw that they have a cliff diving site in Salagdoong Beach and the tarzan rope at Cambugahay falls. I was pumping myself out to do this because I might chicken out (haha!)

When we got there, it took me an hour to jump off the cliff and another 20 minutes to jump again. There were a lot of people watching which made me more scared to jump (most of them are locals there). But I did it. After everything, Marvsz and I couldn't help but smile on the way back to the resort.

We were just so happy that we can finally cross another item off our bucket list!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"Let us not abandon our country. First, never stop hoping for this country. Second, never stop caring for our people. Third, demand greatness from yourself as a Filipino. And fourth, inspire greatness in other Filipinos. Then poverty will end even before 2024."  -Tony Meloto

Normally, Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Challenge is a one week event where volunteers from all over the country come together in one place to build houses for the poor. This year, the Bayani Challenge (BC) is extra special for the victims of Yolanda, Bohol earthquake and the Zamboanga siege. Gawad Kalinga brought the BC to the next level when they announced that this year, it will be held for 2 months (April 9-June 12) in 12 provinces. For this year, I joined my family and friends in Leyte to serve in the Bayani Challenge family edition :)

The kids ready to go to Tacloban

DAY 1. We arrived Tacloban on Friday and this is what welcomed us. 
Airport's arrival area
You can still see the massive destruction Yolanda left. Everything was manually done, the checking of baggage, giving out of check in baggage, checking in etc. When we toured around the city, you can see more damages that will really break your heart. I can't imagine how strong the winds were that can destroy buildings and warehouses. :( We also saw different mass graves and pictures of kids are everywhere. I can't help but cry.

We went straight to the site in Tanauan, Leyte to start building. We had a scrumptious lunch prepared by the residents there then went straight to work. 
The GK site in Tanauan, Leyte
With party music blasting on the stereo, we started sifting sand under the sun. During Bayani Challenge weeks, I never worry about my color. This is the only time that I know I can be dark and be proud of it. After 2 blisters and several calluses, we decided to start painting houses. We were joined by the Cruzes, Santoses and Wilk's children. Seeing the little ones paint houses for the victims of Yolanda is very inspiring. 

Diwa, the youngest BC volunteer!

Since the kids overtook the painting scene, my brother and I decided to dig for septic tanks. I dug my first septic tank in Gabaldon and ever since then, I have been an expert (GK Ateneo is famous for septic tank digging). It would always be an honor for me to serve alongside my brother who is an inspiration to me.

Ateneo represent!