Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've only started working just a month ago but I feel like I've been in this company for a year. Not only the work load has made me feel this way but also the fun people I'm working with. Despite the distance and the long travel time, the sometimes rush hour MRT ride, I'm quite happy with work plus I love what I'm doing.

Come Christmas time, I will die because of all the work load for the seasonal hires we will be getting but I know that I can make it because of my awesome teammates and the occasional stress reliever of all time, FREE CHOCOLATE DRINKS/HOT CHOCO :)

Work has also been my escape from all the over thinking I'm doing during my bum days. It has also been my escape if I don't want to go home yet. I just wish I could feel better about that other thing. I don't want to get used to this, I don't want to always feel like this. A little care would really be appreciated, if you really do.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Be happy

Something to do.
Last March 2012, I went down the hill and unto the real world... Well not really. I have been bumming for a 3 months, exactly as I planned. I enjoyed my vacation with family and friends I love. This one was really a summer to remember and it's ending soon. I'm about to start working and I'm excited & scared at the same time. I'm excited to finally have more independence in my life and gain some learning experience. At the same time, I'm scared to disappoint myself and make mistakes but what's the point of learning without mistakes, right? So this Friday, I will have my first MRT rush hour ride :) Also, I will be working in a field I am really planning to work in, Human Resource. Although I am unsure on what will happen, I know that I will be happy because I have something to do that I like.

Someone to love. 
PS: May contain a lot of cheesy-ness.
As some of you may know (for those who follows me on Tumblr), I am in love and very happy. I swear, last May 9, 2012, we were infinite ♡ Cheesy but pretty much... yeah. Not what I expected but I know that what I have now is something I am very grateful for. He may not be the perfect boyfriend but he is perfect for me. Nothing really matters much if you love the person and I totally accept all the imperfections in our relationship 'coz I swear, I'm also not a perfect girlfriend. The memories and love we share, I will forever cherish. Although the future still awaits for our relationship and a lot will still happen, right now, I am happy :)

Something to hope for.
I have been a volunteer for Gawad Kalinga for quite some time. I started from my Youth for Christ days and my heart never left Gawad Kalinga (GK). GK has a dream that the Filipinos will be out of poverty in 2024. Doubtful? I'm not, together with millions of volunteers all over the world (Filipino or not) Yes, even foreigners believe in this vision and dream and GK does not discriminate anyone as long as you have a heart of a Filipino and for the Filipino people. (Some foreigners are more Filipino than Filipinos, if you know what I mean). I am excited and hopeful for a first world Philippines and together, I know that we can do this.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mr. Brightside

This is a brilliant ad, especially during this time where all we see are bad and depressing news everywhere in the media. Personally, it made me think about life and how I view it (especially during this time where I make everything a problem bwahahaha). I always feel like "pasan ko ang buong mundo" but in reality, I have a very happy and blessed life. I'm just looking at the wrong side of the world that's why I'm feeling this way. This ad reminded me to look at the brighter side of life, where stolen kisses, crazy people, good people and love exists and it is what's more important than wars, rallies and  disasters. 

It is just so amazing that one simple ad like this can make a huge impact on my life. Ads like this make me believe that the media can still be relied upon for something inspiring. So I would like to congratulate Coca Cola for this wonderful idea :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ilocos adventure

After 5 long years, my Ilocos trip with high school friends finally pushed through. The happiness before leaving for Ilocos was priceless. 

I can definitely say that IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES, especially with friends around. 
After an 8 hour trip :|, we arrived Vigan then had an awesome tour riding a kalesa with a horse name Angel (who is gay and it has a pink braid, super cutie patootie). Learned so much from all the museums we want. I really appreciated the old/ancient vibes the houses have... although it's quite scary. Dinner at Cafe Leona, a nice but old looking restaurant. Food was okay, company with friends were awesome :) THEN IT RAINED :(







Saturday, May 5, 2012

Someday is now

Seven long years ago, I thought that my world has come to an end. Stupid mistakes, crazy actions and unreasonable calls were made. Those were the dark days that I would never forget but I would also forever treasure. That's what made me who I am today. When he left, he clearly left me scarred and devastated for life. "Trusting would never ever be easy again.", I thought to myself. On that moment, I really thought that I would rather kill myself than trust another guy again with my heart.

Now, I am seven years stronger and I can finally say that it was worth the wait :) Different guys came but never stayed but this one guy who is making me happy right now is definitely special and amazing. 

It was definitely worth the wait and with this guy, I am sure that he'll be staying for a long time :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Down from the hill, down to the world go I

Last 2002, I watched my first UAAP game on TV because of my brothers... That Gec Chia buzzer beater shot against UE made me fall in love with him and ever since then, I wanted to go to Ateneo for college (YES, BECAUSE OF GWAPO CHINESE BOYS)

After 10 long years, I finally graduated from the school I always want to be in (with two gwapo Chinese crushes haha). It was not an easy journey but as I always say, it definitely was worth it. I got through the super stressful enlistments in Aisis (Especially since I'm always last batch), the terror profs that made me learn so so much (Fr. Dacanay for the win) and all the sleepless nights (Ehem, thesis). I surely got through all these because of the friends who shared all these with me. Also, the family that supported me all the way :) I would have not graduated if I was alone and I could not imagine college without them.

So thank you to all the people who make up my Ateneo life. Thank you Batch 2012 and congratulations.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's about time to use my heart.

A few days ago, I was sitting on a tree stump, overlooking Baguio City with numerous thoughts on my mind. I kept on thinking about the years that were and the years that will be. It kept on running on my mind that I felt really tired... not physically but mentally.

The senior's 5-day silent retreat held in Baguio City was a very fulfilling experience that I would never forget. As those thoughts run through my head, I felt exhausted until my retreat director reminded me to stop using my mind. I have been using it for the past 4 years in Ateneo and it was time to use my heart. And she was right. The moment I used my heart, I heard the things I have been ignoring for the past few years that I have been busy with school and other stuff.

The retreat helped me to make time for myself... to know myself again and to rebuild my relationship with the Being who I've been ignoring. I learned so much about myself and even if answers were not given to me, I'm satisfied with what I accomplished during the retreat. It's more than answers about my future that I needed, it was knowing myself again then after that, I can be more confident about my future.

It's really a great way of being a better person, seriously. It's not just thanking God about the years in Ateneo but continuing to be grateful for all the blessings that will come. It's not just knowing what career to pursue but following Jesus' values and being an example to people around you. And it's not just about thinking and knowing answers but feeling and sharing love.

So I came to the retreat for discernment about my career and this other thing but I found out something more... It will something that I will treasure forever.

The future will be confusing and hard but that won’t stop me from doing the things I love and being brave to take a leap of faith :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just because it's the month of love

I don't know if this is the right time but today, I will write about...

You were once a dream, a dream I never expected to come true. You seem so far away and I thought that you will forever be lost. But then you came and now, I am as happy as ever.

You make my heart skip a beat again. You make me smile randomly while thinking of you. You make me excited when my phone beeps or rings. You just made me alive again...

You made me so alive that I am beginning to become scared. Scared that you might leave me, the way others have left me. I always have this issue on trust and as days go by, I feel like my guards are going down. I don't want this to happen... well, someday but not yet.

I won't say anything about love because it's not yet that. In denial or not, what I definitely know and will forever be sure is that I AM HAPPY and I will forever remember the days you made me happy so in the end(whether the ending will be happy or not), I can say that that I did not regret a single day being with you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

I think I need to update this more because of... uhm, security reasons haha!

I'm just confused with school, the future, love... basically, LIFE. I will be graduating in a month and I don't know if I am ready to face the real world out there. I feel like I have really been sheltered so much by the schools I went to, friends and family. I know I can make it through but I'm just scared, who isn't? I want to take a rest, travel and explore but everyone around me is saying otherwise.

I am happy with some aspects of my life. Very happy. But with this happiness comes confusion too. Maybe, I'm scared too. (OH GOSH, I'VE BEEN SCARED WITH A LOT OF STUFF LATELY... WHYYY?) I just don't want this to end and with my past with this kind of thing, I always end up alone and sad.

I know I can do this. I can make it through.

I'll face the future with my head up high and you by my side :)