Monday, June 30, 2008


Got this from Loui/Ashen. I am bored. SORRY! haha.

Hi, my name is: Tepai
but you can call me: anytime
Never in my life have I: tried jumping off a building :))
The one person who can drive me nuts is: anyone actually :))
My high school is/was: the best thing ever.
When I’m nervous: I feel butterflies in my stomach :D Lol.
The last song I listened to was: Bye Bye by Mariah
If I were to get married right now it would be to: Chris Tiu. OH YEA! =))
My hair is: messy.
When I was 4: I am studying at Ideal Montessori.
Last Christmas: I gave you my heart but the very next day.. you gave it away! WAHAHA. =))
I should be: doing papers for English :))
When I look down I see: the floor
The happiest recent event was: seeing Chris Tiu. LOL.
If I were a character on "Friends", I would be: ... i don't watch Friends. hahaha. Pwedeng OTH na lang, i would be HALEY SCOTT so that i could kiss JAMES LAFFERTY! haha =))
By this time next year: I'll be a second year student at last. :))
My current gripe is: ... long exams.
I have a hard time understanding: MATH or BOTANY
There’s this girl: that I want to be friends with.
If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: my friends. Okay, lahat sila.
I want to buy: clothes :D
Where do you plan to visit: Ireland :))
If you spent the night at my house: i'd eat everything in your ref. haha.
The world could do without:
Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: was food! :)
Most recent thing someone else bought me: was Cheetos.
My middle name is: Bihis
In the morning I: wake up
Last night I was: asleep
There’s this guy I know who: is HOT but he's GAY!
If I were an animal I’d be a: bird. i want to fly up in the sky.
A better name for me would be: Lokaret.
Tomorrow I am: Steph
Tonight I am: Steph
My birthday is: a blast.


Can I just say that I L-O-V-E-- LOVE my family so much. Okay, we are going through a very very rough time now. Problems kept coming in yet we all stand strong. NAKANAMS! haha. We had a "family meeting" a while ago. HAHA. It was fun. I feel so blessed having them. Those "problems" are really bad! SUPER BAD but still we are not giving up because we are a family. "OHANA means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten" Woot woot. Okay, ang drama.. Hindi ko yata take yun! HAHA =)) Basta, all I can say is that I am thankful for them. They may be pain in the butt sometimes but I love them. I would never wish for other brothers or sister. My brothers may be Über PROTECTIVE(Literally.haha.lalo na sa guys. :)) ) but I feel loved when they are being strict. My sister may be irresponsible and all but she is the sweetest sister ever(HAHA.:)). Mag-isa lang siya Basta. THEY ARE GREAT! I love them to bits. Do pray for us. I know we'll get through. Pray for my mom too. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A walk to remember

I was watching A walk to remember a while ago because i am bored? haha. I want a tearjerker movie so i took A Walk to Remember. It never fails to make me cry.. I am such a shallow person. When I am watching a movie and somebody dies, i CRY! :D So yea, i cried over Tarzan. HAHA =)) Anyways, while i was watching the movie.. I suddenly realized that i want my own Landon Carter. Waaa. I want somebody to bring me to two places at a time. HAHA =)) Oh i wish. haha. Actually, i do not really care about my love life right now. It is non-existent and i am not ready to make it exist again. HAHA =)) I want guy FRIENDS. I love having GUY FRIENDS. They are just like my brothers. So there. I am ranting again. USELESS! haha. =)) Ciao.

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
1 Cor 13: 4-7 :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Very Happy Day indeed

I had the best day today. Oooh, okay. Not best but today was such a great day. It started great too. I woke up at 6:15am and did all the stuffs i do before going to school then left the house at 7am. It was a school bus day today for the Cruz family. All SIX of us plus Ate Coco sandwiched ourselves in the pick-up while listening to our favorite station, 103.5 with King DJ Logan and Teta News.. the Morning Zoo Crew. OH YEA. :) Gladys was sitting on me. My legs seriously got numb when she left. LOL. Anyways, after dropping Gladys at Holy Spirit, we went to the MRT station in Trinoma to drop Kuya Justine off then to St. Mary's for Kuya Jim. Last stop, Ateneo. I arrived Ateneo at 8:30... to think i left the house at 7am. Tss. Long trip.. Very long.

PE time. More footworks. Gawd, soccer is killing me. HAHA. My legs are hurting right now. Seriously, i got SUPER TIRED. After PE, i stayed in the caf with Isay then we toured Ateneo looking for blockmates.. Unfortunately, we found.. NOBODY! haha. So we stayed in Kostka hoping to see Chris Tiu! =)) until Aris texted Isay that they are in the caf so we went there and YEY, a blockmate! haha. We went to Matteo after and saw MORE BLOCKMATES! Yehey. Lol. So we stayed there, read the readings for Lit which i did not finish because of some hardcore porn parts. BWAHAHAHA. then Pao decided to go to the Math Dept to ask about the diagnostic test because Jacob said that all transferees will stay in Math 11 and the diagnostic test will be considered as a long exam. We accompanied him.. We meaning Marlo, Kristel, Ton, Jacob and I. We hoped and prayed that it is true and YEY! it's true. Haha. Marlo and Kristel went to the caf after and i was left with the boys. We went back to Matteo and i stayed there until the next people who reserved the table came..

Before continuing the next part.. I shall tell you the best thing that happened to me this day.. GUESS WHAT? Haha. Oh yes, I SAW CHRIS TIU! Upclose. haha. Okay, Enough! haha.

We had class after. Yada yada. English, Lit then Filipino.. :) Nothing special happened besides discussing the hardcore porn scene in Lit with our gay prof mind you! haha. Plus a scene in Brokeback Mountain. OH yea. We 'hanged out' in the caf after. Then Ton, CM, Marlo and I left. I accompanied Marlo in the GS because she will be fetched there with her brother. So after parting ways with Marlo, i went to CCS. LONG WALK! haha. I arrived there and Kuya was not there so i stayed there for a while. GK people were there.. OF COURSE! haha. I arrived there at 5:30 and guess what? Kuya Mark arrived at 6:45. Yeh boi. The other GK people left me so i was alone. HAHA. Scary? Not really. Haha. Then Kuya TJ arrived at 7:15pm and we arrived at 8pm.. I was HUNGRY! Haha.

So i ate dinner and had a rest. Then i am currently online. Then i will study later. PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE ba. HAHA =)) Anyways, last great thing that happened to me was that SHE accepted the responsibility as chapter head. She said yes. :) YEY. May kapalit na ako. Three years of being a chapter head was really a great experience for me. It was the best. I wish i could have done better things but no time for regrets. All i am hoping for is the best for the chapter. Aww, i love y'all! :)

Mom is leaving tomorrow. SAD SAD SAD! =(( I kinda got pissed at Kuya Jim a while ago. Okay, he told everybody in the car a while ago that he will be going home at 5. Guess what? I arrived before him. He went home at around 9(?). Sheesh, what is his problem? I wish he is not doing the same things again. Plus i think he's drunk or whatever because i heard him saying "Lasing na naman ako" to his friend on the phone while sitting beside me. TSS. I just want him to change. Mom is leaving tomorrow, why can't he be good and all. Tss. I am again hoping for the best for him. OOOH, i am going to miss my mom. :( I will wake up early tomorrow because she's leaving at 4AM. OOOH, early! haha.

I will miss you, Mom!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Instead of studying plant cells and tissues, i changed my skin. Haha =) I looooove it, don't you? haha. SAY YES, or you'll be banned forever here. Okay, i was kidding. I don't even know how to ban people! haha =D Sheesh. I don't even know if there are people reading my blog. haha. The hell i care. CIAO. Imma sleep and hope prayer works. Kidding.

Bad Day

*Daniel Powter's Bad Day on the background*

I am really having a bad day today. A while ago, i was crying because i got stressed. Oh yes, i cry when i get stressed. Loser much? haha =)) I really hate math. Why does math have to be so complicated. I accepted the fact that I should be in Basic Math.. Why did they put me in Math11 in the first place? DARN. I so HATE MATH! Along with this friggin math homework is the long test for BOTANY. Wow. Perfect combination for instant stress. Thank you so much. I am really glad that classes were suspended today. At least I got time to study for this Botany long exam. Oooh, i hate Botany too. I hate Math and Science. Haha :D Deym. I am procrastinating again. Doodles. haha.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Loser much?

I am really an anime fan but this summer, Kuya and I bought Yu Yu Hakusho(Ghostfighter). It is one of the few animes i watched. Haha. I remember watching it when i was in grade school with my brothers. We would usually go home early since it starts at like 4PM or 5PM. I can't remember :) Lol. Anyways, i finished the whole thing last night and i felt sad. Haha. =)) LOSER MUCH? I know. Haha. I don't know why. Haha. Wala na akong papanoorin. haha. Plus, i felt so old. haha. Weird. Oh well papel. The ending was all about them growing up.. i missed my high school friends. I missed SHS. Oh yes, i missed it. Oh well, ranting again. Haha. Imma shut up now. Lol.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Kung kelan ako umalis ng USTe, saka ako pinatikiman ng isang malupitang baha! Potek talaga. Okay, i will rant about my whole day yesterday. My class ended at 1:30. I really hate BOTANY, i am sorry to all the plants who can read this blog(HAHA). Long test on Tuesday. Darn. Anyways, Marlo and I went to Miriam after Botany class. First time ko nakapasok dun kaya tinour ako ni Marlo. Haha. Nakakatawa. Tas hinatid niya ako sa Tricycle Terminal para makapunta sa LRT. OMGEE, naglakad ako papuntang LRT from Ministop. Malapit lang daw pero nalalayuan talaga ako! =)) Anyways, FIRST TIME KO NAG-LRT MAG-ISA! =)) Wohooo, i am a certified commuter. Marunong na ako. haha. (Mina, hindi na kita kailangan sa LRT. joke lang. haha). Anyways, i texted Mina, Marvsz and Sheena where to go and what to ride in Legarda station and they all told me to ride a pedicab. Then they told me that it's raining hard in USTe.. OMGEE, GOODLUCK DAW SA SPAIN! Sheet, goodluck talaga. It was raining hard when i arrived in Legarda station. Stranded ampotek. I waited for the rain to.. COOL DOWN(HAHA) Tas sumakay ako ng Pedicab/Tricycab.. Grabe, super nakikita ko yung baha under the pedicab. KADIRI. Naiiyak na ako sa magiging future ko sa Espanya, seryoso! I arrived Espanya and I did not know what to do. Naghahanap ako ng hindi baha para makatawid dun sa sidewalk pero may nakita akong ipis kaya bumalik ako at naghanap ng place na masisilungan. I stayed there for like 30mins. then Barbie arrived. Yey, may kasama na ako. Sabi ni Barbie, tumawid na daw kami.. BAHA NGA, pano ka tatawid? Lumusong kasi siya sa baha. Eeew. haha. We were on the way to Spain but i saw something.. something not nice.. something gross.. and something i have never seen before.. POTEK talaga. There was one post where it is FULL OF COCKROACHES. Oo, puno ng ipis. LITERAL! Grabe, i went back as fast as i can.. Si Barbie, hinihila ako pabalik pero di ko talaga kaya. Naiiyak na ako. haha. So, i went back to where i was staying. I told Barbie that we should ride a taxi instead. We walked away from Spain and stopped at the corner of one street to wait for a taxi but the pedicab drivers told us what we are doing is hopeless. Haha. So, sabi nila sakay na lang daw kami sakanila. 30 pesos each.. Ipapasok pa kami sa USTe at nagpromise sila.. Hindi kami mababasa. Nag-isip kami ng mabuti. haha. Ang tagal naming nag-isip hanggang sa natawaran namin.. 25 each. :)) haha. Eto na. Super adventure. Di namin alam kung saan niya kami dinadala hanggang sa makita namin, nasa Lacson na kami. Ang galing. haha :)) Eto pa ang malupet, may nakisakay na babae samin(Diba barbie? hahaha) Nakakatawa talaga, hindi kayo matatawa kasi hindi niyo na-experience! HAHAHA =)) Anyways, we arrived USTe and went to Bowls and Sticks(OMG, tama ba? Or baligtad? Or mali? haha. Ano ulit yun? haha). I saw my blockmates. Aww, nakakamiss sila. I miss wearing the Commerce uniform(Kahit na saksakan ng panget. haha). Super laughtrip, i missed them. Kahit na medyo yung pinag-uusapan nila ay tungkol sa bagong blockmates nila. We took pictures because Marvsz have to go. Tss.

After staying for like 30 more minutes, we left the place. Joyce left. We went to Dapitan and saw the flood. Haha. but before arriving Dapitan, we passed by Tinoko's art gallery.. art of cockroaches. Yes, parang yung nakita namin before. KADIRI! Anyways, Jane and Katie left but Sheena and Mina stayed, we went to 7eleven. We stayed there for a while. I ate choco chip. haha. Then Marvin arrived. He stayed there for a while then his orgmates arrived. Tss. Pinagpalit kami sa org. Joke lang. :)) Pinagpalit kami kay.. HAHA =)) Anyways, I texted Rhea.. baka kalimutan ako eh. haha =)) Sheena and Mina went home after then Barbie and I went back to USTe to go to Rhea. I saw Rhea. YES. NURSE RHEA! =)) haha. with the white shoes and stockings. haha. Sorry. :)) Lol. Anyways, her dad arrived then we left. Aww, bye USTe again. haha. I had fun. I missed my USTe blockmates and thanks for the flood. Tss. haha.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day

First day was TIRING. I woke up so early because Kuya Mark needs to be early. I was in Ateneo at 6AM. Excited much? haha. Not really. Anyways, i sat down in front of CTC building and waited for Marlo. Then we saw Mindy too. I had Math first. Whooo. Good Morning Math. haha. We discussed about exponents and stuff. LOSER ako, LONER. Lahat sila ay blockmates. Tas may classmate ako na taga-Holy but i don't know her name. haha. Anyways, we had a 30-minute break after. Chilled in the T-house/T-bench with blockmates. Haha. :)) I saw a lot of batchmates.. Aww Kim, i miss you. haha. Then we went to Botany lab.. Classmates ko si Marlo, Murphy at Ton. Yey.

Give the different kingdoms:
Classmate 1: Plant Kingdom
Classmate 2: Animal Kingdom
Marlo: Toy Kingdom
Steph: Enchanted Kingdom

Ganyan kami kasabaw! hahaha =))We were dismissed early so we ate lunch at JSEC. Chunky Chicken.. Yihee, Chris Tiu. Okay, inasar ko ang sarili ko. haha =)) Anyways, i saw Charles Tiu.. pwede bang si Chris na alng? haha =)) Ayun, after eating with other TR blockmates, we went to Sec A for Botany Lecture.. Waaaah. I do not like plants. Phuleeease. haha. Anyways, last class na yun. Then i went to Xavier Hall for my ID. My birthday is not April 23. haha. Anyways, went home after that. I was really tired but i had fun. I hope i am gonna enjoy my stay in the Ateneo.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Waaa, i don't wanna go to school. I can't believe summer is over.. done.. KAPEESH! haha. OH well, i still think this is my best summer ever. LOL. Whaaat? haha. =)) I really enjoyed it.. Besides the fact that i am 18, i did a lot of stuffs. Met lots of new people.. and yes, i am a FRESHIE again but this time it will be different. Ateneo is so different from UST. I am missing UST already. Aww, go AMID! =)) but i think i will love my block, GO TR! TRANSFEREES! Haha. =)) Medyo discriminated lang talaga kami nung ORSEM but i enjoyed that 3 day tour.

Anyways, i just want to tell everybody that.. I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO SCHOOL! haha.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello ADMU

Enrollment day today. I'm tired. Okay, can i just say that being a transferee is hard. Haha. I do not have a block(So sad.) Plus i am an irregular student. Whaaatta. Haha. Oh well.. at least all the other transferees have the same class in some subjects. Haha. SAYANG TALAGA YUNG PE KO! haha. Di kasi ako nagpa-credit ng PE.. Lahat ng nakausap ko na transferee, na-credit yung PE nila. Aww, one power clap for me! haha. Oh well. Basta super long line and long process and pag-enrol sa ADMU.. buti pa sa UST, isang pilahan lang. Haha. Pero masaya ako. :) See. haha. Oh well, it's just hard.. and i hope i won't get kicked out of ADMU coz if i do.. Wala lang. Haha.