Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day

First day was TIRING. I woke up so early because Kuya Mark needs to be early. I was in Ateneo at 6AM. Excited much? haha. Not really. Anyways, i sat down in front of CTC building and waited for Marlo. Then we saw Mindy too. I had Math first. Whooo. Good Morning Math. haha. We discussed about exponents and stuff. LOSER ako, LONER. Lahat sila ay blockmates. Tas may classmate ako na taga-Holy but i don't know her name. haha. Anyways, we had a 30-minute break after. Chilled in the T-house/T-bench with blockmates. Haha. :)) I saw a lot of batchmates.. Aww Kim, i miss you. haha. Then we went to Botany lab.. Classmates ko si Marlo, Murphy at Ton. Yey.

Give the different kingdoms:
Classmate 1: Plant Kingdom
Classmate 2: Animal Kingdom
Marlo: Toy Kingdom
Steph: Enchanted Kingdom

Ganyan kami kasabaw! hahaha =))We were dismissed early so we ate lunch at JSEC. Chunky Chicken.. Yihee, Chris Tiu. Okay, inasar ko ang sarili ko. haha =)) Anyways, i saw Charles Tiu.. pwede bang si Chris na alng? haha =)) Ayun, after eating with other TR blockmates, we went to Sec A for Botany Lecture.. Waaaah. I do not like plants. Phuleeease. haha. Anyways, last class na yun. Then i went to Xavier Hall for my ID. My birthday is not April 23. haha. Anyways, went home after that. I was really tired but i had fun. I hope i am gonna enjoy my stay in the Ateneo.


Keiyt said...

Yikes. Enjoy? :)) Laugh trip yung EK! :))

dana said...

Bakit ako.. dapat nakita ko din. Hahaha. CHRIS TIU. XD

tepaio1 said...

KEIYT: Haha. i knooow. SABAW kami eh. hahaha.

DANA SEXXY: haha. Di ko pa nga nakikita si Chris Tiu. haha

Xyla said...

HAHAHA. Ang kulit nung Toy Kingdom and Enchanted Kingdom. Siguro naman maeenjoy mo rin stay mo dyan. =) Tell me kung may professor ka na M a r v i V a l d e z ha. Bestfriend ko yun. Hihi!

tepaio1 said...

Ate Xylita: hha. Ganyan kami kasabaw. Lol =)) O sige, anong subject?