Sunday, July 28, 2013

A trip to our hometown, San Pablo, Laguna

(Delayed post)

Two weeks ago, we went to San Pablo, Laguna for my godson's birthday/dedication. It was a very intimate family affair. It was actually a kid's affair since it was Kaden's birthday. There were games and magic show that the kids enjoyed. Before the event, my little nieces and nephew had a few photo ops
Diwa posing with the backdrop

Zach, Kaden, Sining and Diwa

Sining and Diwa with their costume. Zach, naked :| HAHA
 Then the program started at around 4. After the dedication, Sining went berserk and was looking for her mommy and daddy. So I was the one who distracted her and played with her. We missed all the games and shows because we stayed inside the room because she doesn't want to interact with other kids haha!
The celebrant with their parents
 It was a fun event. After the party, my cousins and brothers just drank beer and I joined their conversation. It was a very "grrrr" kind of conversation. Yes, I decide that this should all stop. Now is the time that I should get mad and be ruthless (NOT). I don't want to expound on this because it's a family thing so yes. Leaving it this way.

The next day, we toured around San Pablo. I have stayed a few summer here when I was a child. I even had my first swimming lessons in this city. We decided to bring the kids to Sampaloc Lake and eat mami (my favorite) for breakfast.
Tatay Mark and Diwa

We drove around the circumference of Sampaloc Lake and we discovered a new place to dine. We found a place named Cafe Lago. The outside was very different from it's interior. It was a very cozy place for breakfast. We just tried their Suman Latik because we ate breakfast already. Although Ate Trina ate tapsilog and she said, it was normal. Nothing extraordinary but we still loved it because of the interior. The price was also reasonable so I recommend this for a date with family or even your special someone.

 They even have a rattan made hammock which we all enjoyed (except Diwa haha).

Ate Trina, Blu, Kuya Justine and me

We stayed there for a good 2 hours then we moved to Kusina Salud, a restaurant owned by the Tesoro's. The restaurant is located beside a small garden where there are different kind of birds and plants.

The kids enjoyed looking at birds (Shocks, that sounds so wrong.). Anyway, since we were full from the mami breakfast and dessert from Cafe Lago, we just had ensaladang pako, their best seller turon and pandan juice. 

I wouldn't say that the food was cheap because it wasn't. Just a little tip for those who will eat here in the future, the prices in their menu is tax exclusive so yes, that's not really the final price. We really got surprised to see our bill haha! Good thing we enjoyed each other's company. Next time we'll go back here, we'll order wisely.

Hi baby girl, I love you :)

We went back to my Tita's resort with a full stomach and empty pockets haha! But we enjoyed our little tour around our hometown, San Pablo City.

Next up, 7 lakes tour :) Someday. We have been visiting this city and we never visited all the 7 lakes. Boo.

I'm okay (And I mean it)

It's very liberating to tell people that you're okay and actually mean it :) Yesterday, a common friend of ours asked me how I am. I told her, I'm okay. Then she asked me if I'm feeling better. And I said, "Yes, better." Then I just sang and laughed with them all night while Rivermaya is playing at the background.
It feels so good to say those words and know in you're heart that it's true. I'm okay. There would be days where I would remember but I'm okay in general (If you know what I mean.) I just accepted the fact that shit happens and what happened to me was one huge pile of shit but I won't stay in that shit forever. 

I want to live my life as much as I can. I am happy (sometimes I feel alone) but I'm happy and enjoying my life.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

#18 Visit a firing range and fire a gun

I had the time to visit a firing range last July 18. I researched first for a good shooting range here in Manila and this was what I found. Agi and I went to Armscor Shooting Range at Makati Cinema Square. I read at their website that they offer free shooting lessons for first-timers but when we went there, they were clueless about it. They charge P 1000 for 50 bullets. I was willing to pay that much but Agi was hesitant. Since I don't want to go alone, I asked if we could share the 50 bullets and they agreed :)

The people there are really friendly and they will really teach you how to safely fire and hold a gun. Although I was quite nervous at first, I enjoyed my experience there.

Nervous but yeah, let's do this!
Then I remembered the episodes from How I met your mother :) Feeling Robin Scherbatsky while firing a gun. (Yes, I'm referring to the breakup episode of Robin). I seriously don't know what I'm feeling towards him anymore (And no, I don't want to shoot a person) but this really helped released all those bad feelings I have because of him. 
Releasing the inner Robin Scherbatsky in me
I enjoyed trying something new that day. This part of my life is where I do new things and discover something I don't know about myself. I never thought I could fire a gun but I did :) So yes, I'm really into new beginnings this time. And hopefully, I'll get through the problems still coming my way. 

Photo ops

Very thankful for Agi for coming with me :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

30 before 30 list :)

I had this list with me for a while and since I have more free time, I plan on finishing this 30 before 30 list :) Sharing with you, loves, my:

30 before 30 list

1. Learn to bake
2. Learn to cook and actually cook for someone (family, friends or someone special)
3. Learn to ride a bike - When I was a child, our parents bought us a bike. My brother first learned how to ride a bike. When it was my turn, our bike broke :( After that, I never had the chance to learn how to bike.
4. Travel alone - I always dreamed of getting away from the busy streets of Manila and just travel alone. A short soul searching may be of help in my life. It's always good to just get away and have time for yourself :)
5. Travel abroad with friends

6. Read books (I have a list with me. Will share it next time)
7. Food trips at Maginhawa, Katipunan, Kapitolyo and somewhere South :)
8. Have my palm read or see a tarot card reader
9. Volunteer to teach or tutor kids and inspire them - I love kids. I enjoy being around innocent, little children even if they can be a brat sometimes. I firmly believe that a person's childhood has a great impact on his future. There are a lot of children here in the Philippines who are not given the opportunity to study and do what they want and I would love to be of help to those children. Education is the key but I want to be there to inspire, not just teach. Plus, kids say the cutest things :)
10. Exercise more and get that body that you want
11. Be a member in a gym and actually go to the gym

12. Try pole dancing at least once
13. Learn different hairstyles
14. Join an environment related org
15. Climb a mountain (Hopefully Mt. Pulag)
16. Finish a marathon (Yes, 5K will do!)
17. Try diving

18. Visit a firing range and fire a gun

19. Free turtles in the ocean
20. Go to Palawan

21. Try something daring (Cliff diving, Bungee jumping etc)

22. Go and see Mt. Pinatubo
23. Swim with the dolphins
24. Learn how to love and trust again - My heart has been through a lot, especially this year. So I'm scared again to put myself out there but I want to be brave and strong to finally love someone again and trust him with my heart. Yes, this may sound really cheesy but it's the truth. I think I'm a hopeless romantic in nature and I believe in love, I'm just scared to get really hurt again.
25. Go on a road trip with someone special - This is something I always dreamed of. I would love to just spend a weekend somewhere unknown with the person I love :) Someday.
26. Be in a serious relationship and get married
27. Get pregnant and have a cute baby boy (hopefully) but a girl is fine
28. Buy my own car
29. Continue updating and writing for this blog
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday at a place I love (a province or a country)

Wish me luck that I can finish everything before my 30th birthday :) Here's to adventure and self-discovering!
Cheers to 7 years of adventure :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheers to new beginnings

Some things are unexpected and inevitable. The only way you can get pass through these is to accept the changes and accept it fast. 

Last weekend was house warming filled haha! We had to visit our brothers just because we miss them (and they have food). 

A short background: I have four brothers and 1 sister. Three of my brothers are married and I have 3 super cute nieces and 1 cuter nephew. 

Kuya TJ, my second brother moved to a house just one block away from us. That's better because I can visit Jam anytime :) At least they are still in the same village just like Kuya Mark, my eldest brother. We had great food from Albergus and a few liempo from Kuya TJ. 

It was play date with the kids because I miss them so much. Then a short inuman night where funny conversations happened. I just went home after the kids went home because I was too tired.

With Sining :)
The next day, we head over at Kuya Justine, my third brother, for lunch. They moved to Sofia Bellvue along Balara. It was the perfect place for them, just a small space for a small family with big hearts :) Although I feel sad because they are too far from us (Unlike all my other brothers who live in the same village as us). But oh well, we'll have more Katipunan/Maginhawa dates because of this. Hoping to sleep over soon :)

Sining took this shot. She just loves my front camera so much

The familyyy :)

(L-R: Diwa, Sining, Jam)
Baby Blu's super happy because he have visitors in his new home
Baby Blu and Tito Mark
Here's my super cute niece, Diwa to end this blog post

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm so proud of myself :)

There would be days that I miss him and remember all our happy memories then I'll get sad and cry over what happened. But lately, I still miss him but I don't hey sad anymore. I don't cry anymore :) I'm getting better (hopefully) I just hope this continues!

I guess I accepted the fact that we'll never get back together. Just waiting for the day that I'll see him with another girl. Well that's another story and moving on process. I hope it won't happen soon.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

When it rains, it pours

My life is such a blur since the breakup. Fcuk Murphy's law. Everything is just going wrong. After the breakup, I've been really uninspired to work. No motivation at all to finish what I planned on doing. Then this family issue suddenly came out of nowhere (The worst family issue we had in years). Plus, the being alone at the house is not helping at all. It just really sucks when all these are happening and you're lonely.

Maybe I just miss him, being there when I want to forget and just be happy. I just miss his company which I won't have anymore. It's times like this that I want someone to be there to hold my hand. But yeah, I have to deal this alone but I have God on my side so I better get through this fast :) I'm just not really good with changes (very abrupt, mind you) so I'm still adjusting with the breakup then family thing. 

Storms don't last forever. I just hope my storm will subside faster because sometimes, I just can't deal with it anymore.