Thursday, July 25, 2013

#18 Visit a firing range and fire a gun

I had the time to visit a firing range last July 18. I researched first for a good shooting range here in Manila and this was what I found. Agi and I went to Armscor Shooting Range at Makati Cinema Square. I read at their website that they offer free shooting lessons for first-timers but when we went there, they were clueless about it. They charge P 1000 for 50 bullets. I was willing to pay that much but Agi was hesitant. Since I don't want to go alone, I asked if we could share the 50 bullets and they agreed :)

The people there are really friendly and they will really teach you how to safely fire and hold a gun. Although I was quite nervous at first, I enjoyed my experience there.

Nervous but yeah, let's do this!
Then I remembered the episodes from How I met your mother :) Feeling Robin Scherbatsky while firing a gun. (Yes, I'm referring to the breakup episode of Robin). I seriously don't know what I'm feeling towards him anymore (And no, I don't want to shoot a person) but this really helped released all those bad feelings I have because of him. 
Releasing the inner Robin Scherbatsky in me
I enjoyed trying something new that day. This part of my life is where I do new things and discover something I don't know about myself. I never thought I could fire a gun but I did :) So yes, I'm really into new beginnings this time. And hopefully, I'll get through the problems still coming my way. 

Photo ops

Very thankful for Agi for coming with me :)

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