Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ending 2010 not with a fizzle but with a BANG

I was thinking about 2010 and I thought it was really uneventful then I realized it was in fact, FCKING AWESOME! A lot happened and it will forever stay in my LTM. Great time with family, friends and myself. ;) I have a very colorful planner this year and I’ll share it with you guys lol.
This year’s bests…
  • New crush. If you know me that well, you’ll know that I don’t get crushes easily LOL.
  • Ate Kate got married. Amazing beach wedding.
  • That night before hell week parties. I won’t forget how tipsy I am when I arrived Anjo’s birthday. And yes, they said I told things……
  • ILC Baguio.
  • Sweet birthday. I AM FREAKING 20 YEARS OLD L
  • Gabaldon! I would never forget this place; the view, the batis and the people.
  • I GOT DRUNK FOR THE FIRST TIME. WON’T ELABORATE :( But awesome time with friends and I love love them for taking care of me…. awwww. haha!
  • That Sofitel sleepover with my high school friends.
  • WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Iker Casillas!
  • New president: Noynoy Aquino. First time to vote.
  • Derf’s: TR’s new tambay place.
  • WOHOOO BLUE EAGLES J First and last season to support our blockmate, Jek.
  • New baby in the family, Baby Jam.
  • More Gawad Kalinga builds.
  • Gossip Girl and Glee are back. YAY.
  • First lotto experience.
  • A Christmas to remember
  • At your service, YES. (JEEP)
This year’s worsts…
  • Experimental Psychology, F YOU.
  • Worst semester ever (3rd year, 1st sem).
  • Issues.
  • Got drunk.
OH GOSH. Really, this year was okaaaaayy. This year was a time of bonding with friends I love and of course, my family. More drinking J Goodbye weird allergies. Tumblarity’s gone = Less drama. Chuck and Blair, ‘nuff said.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas already. How time goes by so fast... The year is about to end and I think I haven't done all the things I told my self I would do this 2010. OH LIFE.

So yes, Christmas is just around the corner and I would like to give out my Christmas greetings early because I don't have the time and FYI, we still don't have internet at home. BOO. Anyway, Merry Merry Christmas to all the people who read my blogs. I couldn't thank you guys enough. Especially to those people who comments regularly (Ehem Ish and Keiyt ;) )

2010 is nearly over and I would like to thank all the people who made my 2010 awesome. You guys know who you are. My family, HS barkada, Ateneo friends, my TR and C2 block, UST friends, WAB, YFC friends, DBs, TUMBLR COMMUNITY and online life. ;)

Thanks thanks so much. Hoping 2011 will be awesome. Cheers to the new year, new friends and better life. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The effect of watching the Thanksgiving episode of One Tree Hill :)

What am I thankful for?
I am thankful for the best family ever. My family is not perfect but every imperfection is something to be thankful for. A very loud but caring mother. A very pessimistic but hardworking father. A strict and nerd brother. A serious and funny brother. A hot tempered and funny brother. A pasaway and sometimes normal brother and a disrespectful(sometimes) but sweet little sister. I love you all.

I am thankful for the best-est friends I have. High school wouldn't have been the best without them and I am serious when I say that I couldn't imagine being in another group. I am thankful that I can be me with them and that they care and love me as much as I care and love them. Thank you Marianne, Patricia, Ter, Rheapaz, Patty G., Liberty, Jessie, Nina, Bullet and Betbet! :) I love you all.

I am thankful for the college friends I made. With them, I learned more about life through the different personalities I encountered. My life in UST would have been boring without having their company. My life in ADMU would have been lonely without TR, C2 and other classmates/friends. I love you all.

I am thankful for being in a life changer community. I am thankful for the friends I made in this community and I would forever be grateful that I can all count on them, that I can hang out with them anytime and that I can go to different provinces on a weekend without showering with them. :) I love you all.

The people, the environment, the things. Everything in my life, I am thankful for. Maybe something is missing but nevertheless, everything is okay and someday, it will be amazing.

With all this, a God I love so much is the best person to be truly grateful for. The reason, the beginning, the way. I love you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My hell-est sem in words

Sorry for being so busy this sem, not my fault that tumblr has been such a distraction! LOL. So this is THE BLOG ABOUT MY HELL-EST SEM TO DATE.

I'm really happy that this semester is over. It's just liberating! It was my stressing semester to date.

Maybe it was because of experimental Psychology, which was really really really full of loads. No more lab reports every week, readings for Philo, Friday quizzes for Theo class and all the stress. Wow, I don't really know what to blog about. Haha! I am just so happy that I am free from all the stress...

.... but I am so nervous about my grades. I really think I will fail my Experimental Psychology lab class. I did a lot of mistakes this sem and most of those mistakes, I did during my Expe Psy lab class. It's just so so sad. If I fail this sem, it will be my first F of my whole life and I am SRSLY gonna be sad for a long time but I know I'll get over it. I am just worried on how I'll tell my parents about it and how will this F give me such a big hassle. OH WELL.
Basta this sem was just sorta awesome. I am happy that I survived Fr. Dacanay's class. I know I will not fail that class because when I computed my grades, I have a 1.70 something without the finals and the paper so yehey! At least I can have a D even if I fail both requirements. Haha! And I got an A for Physio. WOHOOO.

Expectations before school started:
Theology C+
Philosophy B+
Expe (lab) B
Expe (lec) B
Physiology B+
Cog Psy B+

Expectation before grades come out:

Theology C
Philosophy B
Expe (lab) F :(
Expe (lec) C
Physiology A
Cog Psy B

This is what I think. I really hope for a miracle about my Expe Lab. :(

I can't wait for the sleepover with my high school friends! Drink drink drink. Nomnomnom!!!! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I wanna see John Mayer LIVE :)

My all time favorite and most played song in my Itunes is John Mayer's LOVE SONG FOR NO ONE. It just says so much about my single life right now. LOL. It's the current track of my life. I can relate to it so much as well as some of John Mayer's other songs. :) But Love song for no one is my current love story song. The song is amazing and John Mayer's voice completes the awesomeness of the song :)

"I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here."

Manila Concert Scene is giving away John Mayer tickets for his concert on Oct 1, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia concert grounds.

All you need to do is:
1. Answer the following question: What is your favorite John Mayer song?
2. Mention this blog contest in your blog.
3. Post your answer on your site (it can be facebook, blogspot, multiply, etc.)
4. And post your blog url entries in their comment box.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I should be doing my lab report.

Landon Carter, where are you?
Blame it on A walk to remember. This movie NEVER FAILS to make me cry a bucket. From the “Virgin Mary?” part till the end… haha!
Here I am again ranting about my non-existent love life. I’ve been single for the longest time. A few guys passed by here and there but still, all they did was leave me lol. But SRSLY, I do not understand. It maybe because of my brothers, or maybe it’s because of me. BOO. I’m a nice person you guys! I always dream of this one guy sweeping me of my feet, concerned about my SPIRITUAL GROWTH(Hell yeh Fr. Dacs) and just accept me as me. I dunno when this dream will come true but I’m hoping it’s soon. SOMEDAY. I always say. But what if that someday never comes? I’ll just stay here hanging?
That’s why I’m always trying to do other things that will distract me from being so EMO. I don’t want to sound desperate because I am not. I won’t just pick a guy from somewhere. I made mistakes before and I am not willing to do it again. I maybe a hopeless romantic but what the heck… Blame the emo-ness on these movies that keep on making me believe that there are guys like Nathan Scott or Landon Carter that will like me. BOO you Mark Schwann and Nicholas Sparks!
Maybe someday. I hope someday is near. And maybe, just maybe, I can be somebody’s somebody.
K. K. K. K. K poez. JOKE LANG!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Desserts is STRESSED spelled backwards.

I miss blogging and I feel like I'm neglecting this blog because of tumblr and school works. Yes, tumblr comes first. JOKE! Anyways, I'm gonna rant about how stressed my life is these past few months and some random stuff.

Life as a third year student is not like a walk in the park. We all have super heavy work loads and it is killing us. I realized that because my TR block does not 'tambay' anymore. No more secwalk people and no more I'm-gonna-leave-my-bag-in-secwalk-because-my-blockmates-are-there days. I miss the good old days lol.

SECWALK. I miss staying here. This used to be TR's tambay place for 2 years. When I pass by there now, there's no more familiar faces that I'll see. Although are names are still there, tee hee! :)) My tambay place now is the Rizal Library or Matteo first floor. LOL. BOO. No more tambay sem(hindi lang tambay week haha!). AWW.

ESCALER. We also used to stay here for a while. 2nd year, 1st sem. It's because of the super hot weather that's why we decided to tambay here. LOL. Tirso, ftw! :)) But we got kicked out because they found out we were eating there. There was a time that a No loitering sign was placed there. haha! :)

MATTEO UP. Freshies tambay place. lol. First few weeks of 1st year, 1st sem. 'nuff said.

Wulah lang, I just miss tambay-ing. I want to tambay again but I can't because of all the things I need to do. BOO.

Stress of my life:
1. EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. It is killing me and the other Psych majors out there. We have quizzes every meeting, lab reports every week, long tests and all those shiznits. Every time I see Psychology majors around ADMU, all we talk about is how stressing Expe Psy and how it's taking over our lives. I can't go out anymore because of the papers we have to do. I am just happy now because there's no lab yesterday because of the Feast of St. Ignatius so I am super thankful for St. Ignatius :D

2. THEO. I need to make up for all the low quizzes I've been getting from Fr. Dacanay. I need to do well in the quizzes because I think I'm getting a low grade on the orals on Tuesday. GOSH, I'M SO NERVOUS. Good thing ADMU won last yesterday against NU. WHOOO.
3. PHILO. TOO much readings. NUFF SAID.

4. PHYSIO. OW gosh. The class is fun and Ma'am Ang is really really nice BUT the subject is just not so my type. LOL. I hate science. I also need to make up for my 1st long test. I am not satisfied with my grade. :|

THAZ IT. Thank you Cognitive Psychology for not giving us too much stress! :)

Other random stuff:
1. UAAP. I just hope they get into the Final four. Kahit hindi champions, basta Final 4 so that Fr. Dacanay will be less angry. LOL. When I was watching the first ADMU game against FEU, I can't feel the hype anymore. I dunno why, all the players I love graduated already. Aww. I'm just watching UAAP now to get updated because Fr. might give a bonus question again. LOL.

2. GAWAD KALINGA. Body hurts because of the build yesterday but I miss this kind of feeling.

1st death anniversary of Cory Aquino. Time really flies so so fast eh?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want to update this blog before school starts. I'm enjoying my last week of summer, UHH. I'm not really enjoying it but whatduhell, I have no choice so yeh! Haha! :)) These are just some of the things I did during the past few weeks that I'd like to share with you guys!
K, game. *looks at my planner.* lol.

1. WORK. For those who doesn't know, I had work this summer in our family business. Well, I did not really work because I did not do much but an allowance of P 115 a day was okay lol.

2. GABALDON BUILD. I joined the build last May 21-23 because the Vigan trip got cancelled. UGH. Anyways, it was all a-okay because I enjoyed the build. I met new friends and I got to know a new community where my brother and sister-in-law were famous lol. It was a very inspiring and moving experience for me :)

3. SINING's 3rd BIRTHDAY. I just love this kid so much. Even if she's turning into a brat. LOL. It was a simple get together. Yummy dinner and fun fun fun night. :)

4. MOVIE DATES. I had one with Kuya Justine and JR and another one with Patricia. The sitch with Kuya Justine is that he just broke up with his girl a few weeks ago. I felt sad because I'm close with Ate Kat and I was with her during the Gabaldon build and she's really nice but heey, I'm not the boyfriend so I can't really do anything about it especially if my brother told us that wala na talaga. So we all respect that.

5. ENLISTMENT. I had the worst enlistment ever! I was last batch. I'm always part of the last batch. The only time I got into the 1st batch is last sem. I need to enlist all my subjects because I'm on my 3rd year and GAWD, SUPER DUPER FAIL. I nearly cried because all the profs I want and the sched I want are all filled up :( So now, I still don't have Philo and Psy107. I need to go to school tomorrow to enlist again. I REALLY HOPE I CAN FIX IT :( The only Philo prof left when I enlisted was Fr. David. My brother told me that I'd rather die than take him so yeh. haha! :))

6. SOFITEL OVERNIGHT. I really really love my HS friends so so much. They are the best-est friends you'll ever have :) Since the Vigan trip did not push through, we decided to spend our money here. LOL. A night of wild and laughs was all we had and it was the best.

7. BASAGAN NIGHT. OMg, I had the worst hangover before the Sofitel overnight because of a super wild night of GSM blue and laughtrips. Oh I love you DB's even though you kept on laughing at me that night. LOL. I won't elaborate because I can't remember most of the stuff that happened that night. All I want to say is thank you Josh for the you know what, Kev for the lugaw, Athena&Jane for the pictures(this is sarcastic) and y'all. haha! (I won't post pics because it's too embarrassing)

8. BABY J's 1st BIRTHDAY. WE FINALL SAW HIM. Yehey. Babe, you have the cutest bub. :) I enjoyed the party. The after party was depressing and fun lol. An adventure with Mariz, Drews after and another basagan night with DB's. Haha!
9. RAIN. Yes. I am loving the rain these past few days. I needed it and I am bloggin about it because I love the rain. Especially if you're at home. A hot cup of milo, pandesal and rain is one of my simple joys :)

10. GLEE. Who wouldn't agree that the Season 1 finale was AWESOME. The Journey medley, Bohemian Rapsody, Rachel&Finn, Puck&Quinn, Somewhere over the rainbow and Don't stop believing was THE BOMB.

So yeh, that's it. I want to rant more but it's 12:25 in the morning and I need to enlist later. UGH. Plus I'm too lazy to blog more. I dunno, I'm being lazy again these past few days. I think it's the weather. HMM.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I am the worst sister ever.

Yes I am. I am not the sweetest sister. I am insecure. I am snobby and I am mataray at home. I really don't know what's wrong with me but srsly, you wouldn't want me to be your big sister. I don't know how to be one. HA!
I am bitchy with her maybe because I am insecure. I doubt myself a lot..............

BASTA. UGH. I don't really want to make a very very drama post here. BUT UGH.
This is very random haha!

F*CK MY LIFE! This thing and the other thing is killing me.
/wrist. I am EMO tonight HAHAHAHA!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Nathan,

Breaking up and getting back has been our thing back then. Like an on-off relationship? It's kinda hard but I got used to it so telling you 'Break na tayo' became very easy 'coz I know we'll get back together after a day or two. But I guess it was not a really good excuse to go behind my back flirting with some girl. You're hurt, I get it. You should have just told me directly.

It was our 2nd year anniversary, that day we fought and I said that we are through. I was waiting for you to patch things up but you never came. So I tried fixing up the mess I made. I tried real hard and then you said those 4 words I never expected to hear from you, "I like somebody else." It f*ckin hurts. My heart was broken into pieces I could never pick up and mend. I tried waiting until you come to your senses and then I figured waiting was becoming boring so I let go. It was very hard. A part of me will always be with you.

Then there was this guy. His name was John Lloyd. I liked him and I figured she liked me back so we started hanging out. I thought he was the one who could glue those broken pieces together but he wasn't brave enough. He was a jerk, just like you but... he's not you.

2 years after, I am still broken. I was not sure if I can trust a guy again. You kinda took away that trust. I put so much faith in you that I did not realize it was too much. I wanted to fall in love again but I just can't. It was too painful...

Then Johnny came to my life. He became the best guy friend ever! We talked a lot. We hanged out a few times. Well, I did not really like him the way I did when we were still friends. He was real nice and sweet. We did things we used to do. Then it hit me, maybe he was the one who can prove me wrong.
He said he loved me.
I said I can't.
He said he'll wait.
I said thanks and I am sorry.
We stayed real good friends. He kept on telling me he love me every single day. Well, he did tell me that... until the day that he told me he got back with his ex girlfriend.
I really thought he will save me from my miseries. I thought I was ready to love and trust again. I was about to consider him but there I was.. ALONE, feeling real stupid for making a fool out of myself again but most of all, I was hurt... again. He gave me another heartache that proved me that men are real jerks, yes like you. And now, I am hurt more than ever.

After that, I can't seem to trust again. I am too afraid. I was fooled 3 times. I needed someone. You are no where to be found. John Lloyd was gone and Johnny just used me. I leaned on my friends and they understood me. I realize that I don't really need a man because I have the greatest true friends ever in the whole world. I miss Johnny because he was a great friend. I miss you because we used to be a great couple. but sometimes, a person needs to be alone to appreciate what she have.

Now, I look back at the past and I see that you two are still together. John Lloyd has some girl and Johnny, well, she is still with her girlfriend. Then I realized I was alone for too long. I needed to open my heart again to someone who deserves it.

I moved on... from you, from Johnny and from all the heartaches. I am now ready. Maybe I just have to wait.

You were my first, maybe the last but never the less, I never regretted all the hiding. ;) You will forever be my first love and thank you for making me learn... the hard way.

PS: You are still a jerk. ;)

K. I am being dramatic because of all these OTH marathons and watching super cheesy movies LOL. Everything that is written above is a product of my imagination and emotions. THAT IS NOT MY EXPERIENCE, mkay? Well, some parts are INSPIRED by my experience and random people's experience too. This is what happens to me when boredom and cheesyness and sadness meets. :)
Oh and btw, all the names are changed. All the names are the names of my crush. Guess who na lang?haha! =))

K. Goodnight. haha! This is me being 20 and letting go. NAT. haha!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ok. This maybe one of the best birthdays ever. I really had fun.

20 things I did today:
  1. woke up very early in the morning.
  2. went to mass with father.
  3. replied to text messages.
  4. replied to facebook messages.
  5. replied to twitter messages.
  6. ate a lot.
  7. went to the grocery with Mommy Coco, Kuya Mark, Sining and Jairus.
  8. played with the kids.
  9. went to Kuya Mark's house.
  10. ate more.
  11. went to UP with the boys, Gladys, Ate Coco and the kids.
  12. bought cake.
  13. blew her cake.
  14. took pictures.
  15. laughed with family.
  16. replied to the super sabaw facebook note of my barkada haha! Vigan trip planning for the win.
  17. made Sining girl a facebook account.
  18. made this blog.
  19. prayed and thanked God for another year.
  20. slept.
Yehey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Thanks a lot to the people who remembered and saw in Facebook and gave a second to write a birthday message in my wall :) I love youuu everyone and I really appreciated everything.
So this is how 20 feels like, parang 13 lang pala. LOL. :))

Oh and btw.. While we were eating lunch, my mom kept on insisting that I should get a boyfriend. Uhh, medyo nakakainis but oh well. Haha!
Kk poez, thank youuuu again. :) Parang ang walang kwenta ng post na toh haha!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random rants.
OHMYGOSH, It is freakin HOT. I SRSLY want to take off my clothes and sleep but I can't because I am here at work lol. Yes, I am working.. again, at our family business. I am not really sure if I want to be here but I am trying my best. Seriously, I can't see myself working here but I still have 2 years to decide so hello summer jobs.

I want to go out, shop, swim and go to the beach but I can't because I do not have moolah and I have work. Ow and btw, please pray for my brother who is in the hospital right now. He went under an operation because he had appendicitis. His appendix was removed, eew. lol. So we were supposed to go to Laguna this weekend for a double celebration of my birthday and Zac's but because of the emergency operation, it was cancelled :( At first, I thought it was okay but then I realize I want to swimmm and that was my only break from work. But anyways, I hope I can enjoy my birthday this year unlike last year. Oh and I am turning 20 which makes me.. uhh, OLD so I don't really want Sunday to come. YAAAAK lol.

And hey, did you notice my blog layout change? It's pretty right? Simple and clean. Yehey :) After a year, I finally change my layout again.
K, enough ranting. Byeeeee. ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am a Youth for Christ member for 7 years now. I feel so old and uhh, old. I used to be just a member and part of the babies in the chapter but now, I am one of the old people and I am surrounded by very young kids. LOL. and in a few years, I can be part of SFC already and that thought really makes me feel so so so old :( Anyways, I have been to 6 International Leader's Conference already and every ILC, I learn different things that makes me grow as a daughter, sister, YFC member, student and a child of God.

So I am back from ILC Baguio. I am inspired, motivated and moved.
I did not really plan on going to ILC because of some reasons I do not want to elaborate because it's too personal lol. but I did because of hmm, I really do not know. Maybe because of Abi or I just want to go to Baguio and have a vacation. I am not really sure but what I am sure of is I am going not because of the ILC itself but since God loves me so so much, He made me realize a lot of things and He does moves in mysterious ways.

My ILC experience was really brought TO THE MAX. To the max ang lamig sa Baguio tuwing gabi at To the max ang init nung Sunday morning :)) Ok, I really thought about the things that hinders me from living fully and boy did I thought of a lot of things. I am like this now because of all my insecurities, desperation, grudges and fear. I am not getting what I want because of these things and I believe God is really preparing me for something better and wonderful. I may be sad right now and in pain but I will be okay and very happy when the right time comes. I am alive so I should live. I should really dwell on the present and stop looking at the past. Yes, so someday I will learn how to live fully and really live to the max because God's love for me is to the max.


Count your blessings. Yes, I kind of forgot that but ILC made me remember it. When I was a kid, I used to thank God for everything.. the trees, flowers, sky, stars and other small stuff. lol. And during the ILC, I remembered those little things that make me happy and I suddenly feel so so blessed again. I will forever be thankful for all my blessings including these people that makes me happy in YFC.
I haven't been really active for the past years so I forgot what it feels like to worship and just praise God. This ILC really made me remember a lot of things I already forgot. I will try my best to be really active again and as ex-Chapter head of F2, I will really try my best to help the chapter be inspired and motivated as I am right now because that is all I can contribute. I will forever be proud to be part of North B, especially North B6c. I will start to serve God again.. TO THE MAX.

I'll forever worship you, My God with all of my heart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What my life would be

Last exam for Developmental Psychology is tomorrow, which I think I will be failing again LOL, and I was reviewing for this exam since yesterday. I started reading from Adolescence to Late Adulthood and then death. While reading, I started to think about my life: what has been, what is happening and what will be in the future.

I may have the biggest family in the world lol. but I still love them and I am so thankful for having them. Last Monday, we had a family dinner. It was an advance birthday celebration of my mom since Kuya Justine will be in Palawan for two weeks. My mom wanted to celebrate her birthday with all of her children present so we celebrated it before Kuya Justine left. It was times like this that I miss so much. SRSLY, when your brothers get married, life will be so so so different. I seldom see them even if they just live nearby. Their priorities are different now so do not bug them when they are busy lol. I just miss everything and everyone.

I am also thankful with all the friends I met and have with me right now. I know I have the best-est friends in the world. My HS friends where I can be my craziest. My college friends who stays with me every day when I am sabaw and sabog. My YFC peeps who I can run to if I want to tambay or just want someone to talk to. I may not be the best-est friend a person may ever have but I know that I can be a good friend who won't stab you in the back. Every moment with my friends will forever be cherished and remembered.
A month and a day from now, I will be turning 20. Yes, I have been living for 2 decades already and boy, do I feel old. :| I am in college, I have friends, I love my family and I think I am sure of who I am. I go with the flow, try out new things, tries to set my priorities straight and go out with my friends a lot. I am happy... Well not really super happy but I am sort of contented with what I have and who I have. Although some parts are missing and I have regrets from the past, I still love my life and I will continue to love it till I die.
So this is my life now. This is what I have and who I have. Am I happy? YES. VERY. This is now, but DevPsy made me think what about tomorrow or 5 years from now? When I reach adulthood, will I be this happy? A part of me is scared of what will happen. What if I became alone and single for the rest of my life? Then I won't get through Erikson's Intimacy vs Isolation stage lol. Or what if I get married but is unhappy, will I go for a separated life with my husband? Or or or, how about my children? How many will I have or will I even have some? GRABE. :| All this thinking makes me crazy lol!
When I reach late adulthood (or if I reach late adulthood), will I be widower or will I get my dream of growing old with the one I love? (ok, that sounded really cheesy haha)

But anyways, life has so much to offer to me and I realized that I should grab every opportunity I am faced with so that I can maximize my time here on earth. So I think I should now stop thinking about all this shiznit and should start focusing on studying again haha!

K, 1 day before all this stress ends. I am just excited so yes, I will stop thinking about the future and just live and enjoy with my present. YEHEY.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The night-before-hell-week-starts-again :)

Last night, March 13 was a very fun night! It was all about booze, gossip, friendship, food and love ♥! :) I met up with Marlo at around 6:30 in Gateway to look for an Italian restaurant where we could eat. ;) We ended up in Cibo because I don't really have enough money for Italianis haha! Anyways, we stayed there in Cibo for like 2 hours! =))) We were talking about a lot of things and we were laughing a lot.. A lot meaning A LOT! Lol. (Edwardnotyetavampire Cullen for the win! =)) )

We left Cibo at around 9 then nag-ayos ng sarili sa CR. LOL. LRT then cab to LGV. More laughtrip session and OMg, I hate you taxi driver for driving too fast and too weird. I was so dizzy. :| And you are asking too much! DUUH, kaya nga may metro yung taxi diba? KAINEZ much? Anyways, we arrived David's house and we saw Buh&Marie outside. YIHEEE ♥! :))

TR Represent: Marlo and I! We were the only blockmates who could make it. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with drunk Buh and Marie :)) Had some shots then left. lol.

So Kuya Justine picked me up at LGV then he brought me to Anjo's place at Northview 1. Everybody was outside when I arrived and they welcomed me warmly. Aww, I missed you all. It's been a long time since I saw these ladies that is why I missed them so so much. ♥

I arrived there kind of tipsy so sorryyyy! Anyways, more booze. Yes, i drank more and more because I was enjoying every single minute because of the stress and sleepless nights I will be having this coming 2 weeks. :( So after drinking, I went out with Patlo and Abi because I want to make chismis with them about a lot of stuffs. I just want to let everything out so I did and yes, I am not alone. LOVE YOUUU PATLO AND ABI!
Because my brother is drunk again, he again does not know what he is doing anymore so we Pat, Abi, Arkie, Lady and I are sitting on the gutter far away from Anjo's house and Kuya Jim suddenly arrived holding a bottle of San Mig Light. I don't know how it started because I was too dizzy or I just don't really care so I left with Abi because she was also having problems with ze boyfriends :)) Next thing I know, Lady called me and told me that Patlo and Kuya Jim are fighting so I ran to them and stopped them before Patlo can punch Kuya Jim. LOL. =)) =)) =)) So we went father away from Anjo's house and just stayed on Jade corner Chrystolite(?) street. Yehey! haha. We stayed there for a long time and just talked until Patlo calms down.

So yes, that night was full of drama. I hate it. lol. But still I had fun and I still love the people who made that night AWESOME! We had a roadtrip to Congressional because of Agi then Dex brought us home. Yehey, thanks thanks.

So yes, that was my night before hell starts again. I should be writing my paper but here I am updating my blog because I want to.. LOL. or not, I am just procrastinating! =)) Oh well.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes I am. So it was Ate Kate and Kuya Darwin's wedding last Sunday at Batangas. We left Manila last Saturday then stayed at San Pablo for the night. We arranged the flowers for the wedding, it was fun. We have a future in flower arranging.. Well, Ate Coco has, I'm not sure if I have. hahaha! :)) Then woke up really early the next day for the Batangas trip. The trip was fun. ;)

It was my first time to attend a beach wedding so I was really really really excited and I was not disappointed when I got there. Although it was VERY HOT(MOLTO CALDO) so I can't really swim. The wedding started at around 5pm and boy was I sad and happy at the same time. I can't believe Ate Kate's already married. Oh how time really flies so fast. Haay. And if you want to know if I cried, I DID. :( I told you I am a sucker for weddings. Haha!

While Ate Kate was marching to the aisle, I was about to cry then Ate Shine(her maid of honor) talked to me so I did not really burst out into tears but when Papa Pred(Ate Kate's dad) spoke and told Kuya Darwin, "Please take care of my daughter" while crying, tears kept falling down my cheeks and everytime I remember that moment I can't help but cry. (like now! hahaha) It was the first time I saw/heard Papa Pred cry so it was really touching. Awwwww. Unica hija pa naman si Ate Kate.

Sining holding their family polaroid fail picture haha! :)

Anyways, it was not the normal wedding ceremony. There was no mass. Hmm, it was alright at inabutan na kami ng gabi haha! So I was really hungry after the wedding. The program was held first before dinner so yes, I was really really hungry haha! And we drank the toast before really toasting because we were all thirsty too! :)) Ow and I didn't know that Kuya Darwin was pure Chinese so the wedding was full of Chinese people who are speaking Chinese. NOSEBLEED! haha.

So party people after. SINING WENT WILD. haha! Parang lasing. And the rest was history. Haha. I'm too lazy to rant about it but I super had fun with my brothers, cousins and in laws. ;) It was a very fun night that I will surely remember forever in my mind and in my heart.
Let these pictures do the story. ;)

May the two of you be happy for the rest of your lives together. I still can't believe that you two are married. LOL. Name your child Chun for a girl or Bruce/Jet for a boy! hahaha! :)) Cool yun! CHUN LEE, BRUCE LEE and JET LEE! =)) K, enjoy yer stay in Palawan (Yihee) LOVE YOU BOTH.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Love is in the air and I just don't care. LOL. Wrote this on my planner the other day on the page of Valentine's Day! haha :)) I am not bitter, well maybe a little bit but not like the super emo people everywhere who hates Valentines just because they are single or heartbroken.(Like Jessica Biel's character in Valentine's Day movie. lol.) Let me tell you about my single-ness. haha! :))

Being single is fun. Well, i've been single for a long time now and I think I am forgetting that feeling of being in love with a guy and I am kinda scared that someday I might really forget it. I kinda miss that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and all that giddy feeling of kilig and stuff. I mean, I love my family and friends oh so much but with a guy, it's kinda different. Right? And it sometimes sucks to feel all alone because all your friends or family members have their own girlfriends or boyfriends.

I think I'm really sounding bitter hahaha! But really I am not. I sometimes feel this way but there are more days where I feel happy about my life and being with friends and family and just taking care of myself without minding another person. Someday, I know he will come. If he won't then I'd be happy to just be single and serve other people. I don't see anything wrong with that. There are hundreds of people who does not feel love at all and I will be willing to give them the love that they need and I have a lot in here. ;) haha! So yes, to all the single people out there.. Don't cry and make yourself miserable. Go out and have fun. Life has a lot to offer, you just have to grab the opportunity. Enjoy this phase of your life being single and someday, it will come... if you are ready and God knows that you are ready. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. ;)

So HAPPY VALENTINES people! I love youuuu all. *cyber hug*

Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't really know what I will rant about but I will definitely rant in this entry. I got inspired by Marai's message on my tumblr's cbox ;) Anywayzs, I think this will be a very looong RANDOM rants about everything that has been happening in my life. ;)

Ok. Where to start? Hmm, 2010 has been nice and passive to me. Nothing super depressing or super exciting has happened so my life really SUCKASS. NAT! :)) So hmm, I started my year right by spending it with my DB's, WASAK. It was a before-school-starts thing and I enjoyed everything but not the I-got-thrown-in-the-pool-for-a-million-times. Great! :))

Then there's school. It's okay. 3 weeks seems like forever. Ang tagal magsummer break. NAMAN! Sci10 is boring me forever. Italian is overflooding my brain with uhh, Italian words? haha! But i love Italian. I will speak Italian later. WAHAHAHAHA! History made my brain bleed during the first long test. Eco & Dev Psy still makes me zzzzz. Personality is uhh, personality. LABO.

Testing my italian skillz:
Buongiorno! Il mio nome Tepai. Ho dicianovve anni. Sono Filippina, sono di Manila. Sono studentessa in Ateneo de Manila University studio AB Psychology. Parlo Inglese, Tagalog e Italiano(un po). Mangio ciocolatte! CIAO! haha!
K. Ayaw ko na! haha. Nakalimutan ko na yung iba! haha! sana walang Italianong nagbabasa ng blog ko kundi napahiya na ako! HAHA!

Ay grabe, I just realized that most of my batchmates and barkada will graduate next year. :| I realized this during Marianne's 20th birthday. They were all talking about OJT and thesis and everything a 3rd year student should be doing and I was like.. clueless and lost and sad all at the same time. Haha!
Anyways, I love these girls so so much and yes, I had a lot of fun during Marianne's birthday celebration. I did not spent any money. YAHOO! ;) Thank you Marianne and Belated happy birthday to you!

Ow. About graduation.. Did I tell you guys about my new crush this sem? Yes, I finally have a new crush. Pero fail coz he is Chinese again and guess what, he's a senior. :| SUPER FAIL! and I only have 6 weeks left. AWW! Oh well, time to look for another crush next sem BUT please remind me to pick a junior and NOT chinese because I want to proove to everybody that I get crushes on non-Chinese people! haha! :))

K, what else? OW, I can't wait for Ate Kate's wedding on Feb 7. I had fun looking for shoes with Ate Coco and Ate Kat last Friday at Glorietta. It was an adventure. After shoe shopping, we played Rockband in Katipunan! YEHEY! I want to rockband again. Please? haha! :)

I realized I am still too lazy to really really rant because I am just giving summaries on what happened and everything. WAHAHAHAHAH! Lazyy me. :| That's why I kept on getting low grades this sem. I feel so uninspired. HAHA! NAT.

Anyways, a while ago at Mcdo, Tito Benjie, Kuya Justine and I are having this conversation about driving and having a boyfriend. I posted this in my tumblr but I will still rant about it here. (I've been using the word rant for a hundred times in this entry. WALA LANG!)

A conversation in Mcdo a while ago:

Tito Benjie: Hindi ka pa ba nagdadrive?
Me: Hindi pa po.
Kuya Justine: Wala naman din siyang idadrive e. Ang advice ko nga diyan is either mag-aral siya magdrive o maghanap na ng boyfriend.
Me: Ahhhhh. ok.
Tito Benjie: Eh pano pag yung boyfriend niya walang kotse? Tapos ikaw pa maghahatid sa kanya.
Kuya Justine: Tepai naman, kasama sa requirement yun. Yung mga kuya mo nga hinahatid yung mga girlfriend nila tas ikaw, ikaw yung maghahatid sa boyfriend mo.
Me: K, im going. bye. :))
HAHA! Nakakainis talaga si Kuya! So, does that mean pwede na ako magboyfriend? Haha! DOI. My mom is insisting that I should find a boyfriend. LOL! Oh well, not in my vocabulary so WADDUP? I am spending my Valentines alone. Hahaha! I was reminscing on last year's valentines day and OMG, all I can remember was PUKE! haha! Single's night out ulit! =)) Pero wait lang, yung mga kasama ko dun may mga boy na yata ngayon! LOL =)) FAILZ.

Aynako. wala na. haha! this is a very fail and random entry so it's okay if you don't read everything. LOL. K, yun lang. I'm hungry. zzzz.
Bye to all my blogger friends! >:D<