Sunday, August 1, 2010

Desserts is STRESSED spelled backwards.

I miss blogging and I feel like I'm neglecting this blog because of tumblr and school works. Yes, tumblr comes first. JOKE! Anyways, I'm gonna rant about how stressed my life is these past few months and some random stuff.

Life as a third year student is not like a walk in the park. We all have super heavy work loads and it is killing us. I realized that because my TR block does not 'tambay' anymore. No more secwalk people and no more I'm-gonna-leave-my-bag-in-secwalk-because-my-blockmates-are-there days. I miss the good old days lol.

SECWALK. I miss staying here. This used to be TR's tambay place for 2 years. When I pass by there now, there's no more familiar faces that I'll see. Although are names are still there, tee hee! :)) My tambay place now is the Rizal Library or Matteo first floor. LOL. BOO. No more tambay sem(hindi lang tambay week haha!). AWW.

ESCALER. We also used to stay here for a while. 2nd year, 1st sem. It's because of the super hot weather that's why we decided to tambay here. LOL. Tirso, ftw! :)) But we got kicked out because they found out we were eating there. There was a time that a No loitering sign was placed there. haha! :)

MATTEO UP. Freshies tambay place. lol. First few weeks of 1st year, 1st sem. 'nuff said.

Wulah lang, I just miss tambay-ing. I want to tambay again but I can't because of all the things I need to do. BOO.

Stress of my life:
1. EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. It is killing me and the other Psych majors out there. We have quizzes every meeting, lab reports every week, long tests and all those shiznits. Every time I see Psychology majors around ADMU, all we talk about is how stressing Expe Psy and how it's taking over our lives. I can't go out anymore because of the papers we have to do. I am just happy now because there's no lab yesterday because of the Feast of St. Ignatius so I am super thankful for St. Ignatius :D

2. THEO. I need to make up for all the low quizzes I've been getting from Fr. Dacanay. I need to do well in the quizzes because I think I'm getting a low grade on the orals on Tuesday. GOSH, I'M SO NERVOUS. Good thing ADMU won last yesterday against NU. WHOOO.
3. PHILO. TOO much readings. NUFF SAID.

4. PHYSIO. OW gosh. The class is fun and Ma'am Ang is really really nice BUT the subject is just not so my type. LOL. I hate science. I also need to make up for my 1st long test. I am not satisfied with my grade. :|

THAZ IT. Thank you Cognitive Psychology for not giving us too much stress! :)

Other random stuff:
1. UAAP. I just hope they get into the Final four. Kahit hindi champions, basta Final 4 so that Fr. Dacanay will be less angry. LOL. When I was watching the first ADMU game against FEU, I can't feel the hype anymore. I dunno why, all the players I love graduated already. Aww. I'm just watching UAAP now to get updated because Fr. might give a bonus question again. LOL.

2. GAWAD KALINGA. Body hurts because of the build yesterday but I miss this kind of feeling.

1st death anniversary of Cory Aquino. Time really flies so so fast eh?



Paola ♥ said...

Psych major ka pala. Nice to know! I am, too. Pero 4th year na ako. :)) We can survive this! haha :))

Tepainie said...

Yes! haha! Really? How did you survive? :)) :))

aryan said...

was gonna say wait til you get to fourth year. tapos naalala ko, five year course nga pala ako. i guess we're at the same level right now. XD

Tepainie said...

No, i don't wanna go to 4th year. I don't want to graduate! LOL. Ay, batch 2012! WOOT haha!

Tepainie said...


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