Saturday, August 14, 2010

I should be doing my lab report.

Landon Carter, where are you?
Blame it on A walk to remember. This movie NEVER FAILS to make me cry a bucket. From the “Virgin Mary?” part till the end… haha!
Here I am again ranting about my non-existent love life. I’ve been single for the longest time. A few guys passed by here and there but still, all they did was leave me lol. But SRSLY, I do not understand. It maybe because of my brothers, or maybe it’s because of me. BOO. I’m a nice person you guys! I always dream of this one guy sweeping me of my feet, concerned about my SPIRITUAL GROWTH(Hell yeh Fr. Dacs) and just accept me as me. I dunno when this dream will come true but I’m hoping it’s soon. SOMEDAY. I always say. But what if that someday never comes? I’ll just stay here hanging?
That’s why I’m always trying to do other things that will distract me from being so EMO. I don’t want to sound desperate because I am not. I won’t just pick a guy from somewhere. I made mistakes before and I am not willing to do it again. I maybe a hopeless romantic but what the heck… Blame the emo-ness on these movies that keep on making me believe that there are guys like Nathan Scott or Landon Carter that will like me. BOO you Mark Schwann and Nicholas Sparks!
Maybe someday. I hope someday is near. And maybe, just maybe, I can be somebody’s somebody.
K. K. K. K. K poez. JOKE LANG!


aryan said...

haha. i hate Nick Sparks. He makes girls believe in the perfect love and sets them up for disappointment. LOL. XD

I'm glad you don't feel pressured to pick just any guy off the street. Being single is much better than being in the wrong relationship.

Tepainie said...

I know right? Or it's just us? haha!

Yeh! I know some girls who ends up miserable just because they are too eager to have a boyfriend so I learned. Haha!

Keiyt said...

Chick/love life related/may gwapong leading man flicks ://// Making you, me and every single ladies hope for a story like in the movies na madalas happy ending and a man like the leading man's character. </3 kainis. :)))

Oh well, we'll have someone someday din naman! It's not just our time to shine! HAHAHAHA! :))

Tepainie said...

Aynako Keiytie Keiyt, sinabi mo pa. Sana lahat ng lalaki kasing gwapo nila noh? haha! Kill the writers of these movies! :))

Yeh. SOMEDAY!! :)

Anonymous said...

Darating din yan. In God's time. :)

I enjoy the works of Nicholas Sparks. Why? Not because the relationships are perfect in his stories kasi hindi naman. Diba they have problems too. The reason why I like them is because the characters try hard to make everything work. Sabi nga sa Sex and Relationship class ko nun, it's all about perception. Kung tingin mo ang perfect as in flawless, well sorry walang mangyayari. Pero kung yung perfect is yung no matter what eh pinaglalaban niyo yung meron kayo at you always see the good, then it can be next fairytale on screen.

Tepainie said...

Yep, I know :)

Me too! I just love how he writes the conflicts and all. :D
True that. No relationship is perfect. Heck, nobody is perfect! Because a genuine relationship must require a lot of effort ;)