Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want to update this blog before school starts. I'm enjoying my last week of summer, UHH. I'm not really enjoying it but whatduhell, I have no choice so yeh! Haha! :)) These are just some of the things I did during the past few weeks that I'd like to share with you guys!
K, game. *looks at my planner.* lol.

1. WORK. For those who doesn't know, I had work this summer in our family business. Well, I did not really work because I did not do much but an allowance of P 115 a day was okay lol.

2. GABALDON BUILD. I joined the build last May 21-23 because the Vigan trip got cancelled. UGH. Anyways, it was all a-okay because I enjoyed the build. I met new friends and I got to know a new community where my brother and sister-in-law were famous lol. It was a very inspiring and moving experience for me :)

3. SINING's 3rd BIRTHDAY. I just love this kid so much. Even if she's turning into a brat. LOL. It was a simple get together. Yummy dinner and fun fun fun night. :)

4. MOVIE DATES. I had one with Kuya Justine and JR and another one with Patricia. The sitch with Kuya Justine is that he just broke up with his girl a few weeks ago. I felt sad because I'm close with Ate Kat and I was with her during the Gabaldon build and she's really nice but heey, I'm not the boyfriend so I can't really do anything about it especially if my brother told us that wala na talaga. So we all respect that.

5. ENLISTMENT. I had the worst enlistment ever! I was last batch. I'm always part of the last batch. The only time I got into the 1st batch is last sem. I need to enlist all my subjects because I'm on my 3rd year and GAWD, SUPER DUPER FAIL. I nearly cried because all the profs I want and the sched I want are all filled up :( So now, I still don't have Philo and Psy107. I need to go to school tomorrow to enlist again. I REALLY HOPE I CAN FIX IT :( The only Philo prof left when I enlisted was Fr. David. My brother told me that I'd rather die than take him so yeh. haha! :))

6. SOFITEL OVERNIGHT. I really really love my HS friends so so much. They are the best-est friends you'll ever have :) Since the Vigan trip did not push through, we decided to spend our money here. LOL. A night of wild and laughs was all we had and it was the best.

7. BASAGAN NIGHT. OMg, I had the worst hangover before the Sofitel overnight because of a super wild night of GSM blue and laughtrips. Oh I love you DB's even though you kept on laughing at me that night. LOL. I won't elaborate because I can't remember most of the stuff that happened that night. All I want to say is thank you Josh for the you know what, Kev for the lugaw, Athena&Jane for the pictures(this is sarcastic) and y'all. haha! (I won't post pics because it's too embarrassing)

8. BABY J's 1st BIRTHDAY. WE FINALL SAW HIM. Yehey. Babe, you have the cutest bub. :) I enjoyed the party. The after party was depressing and fun lol. An adventure with Mariz, Drews after and another basagan night with DB's. Haha!
9. RAIN. Yes. I am loving the rain these past few days. I needed it and I am bloggin about it because I love the rain. Especially if you're at home. A hot cup of milo, pandesal and rain is one of my simple joys :)

10. GLEE. Who wouldn't agree that the Season 1 finale was AWESOME. The Journey medley, Bohemian Rapsody, Rachel&Finn, Puck&Quinn, Somewhere over the rainbow and Don't stop believing was THE BOMB.

So yeh, that's it. I want to rant more but it's 12:25 in the morning and I need to enlist later. UGH. Plus I'm too lazy to blog more. I dunno, I'm being lazy again these past few days. I think it's the weather. HMM.