Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas at Baguio

Disclaimer: This post will be photo heavy.

This Baguio trip was planned months before Christmas and we were all excited because it will be the first time that we will not spend Christmas at home. Few days before the trip, we were buying jackets and scarves. It was so hard for me to pack because I realized that almost all of my clothes are suited for the beach (that's why I have to buy). I am a beach person, not a cold weather person!

Dec. 23. We left Manila a few minutes past 6am and the trip was fast. We arrived there at around 12 and we immediately settled at our little home for the Christmas at Camp John Hay Cabins, just a few minutes from Manor. 

Setting up the tents for the kids
There were 16 of us so someone really has to have roles for the trip. We even had a planning a few weeks before the trip haha! As for me, I am either one of the coordinators or the money keeper every family trip and this trip, I volunteered to hold the money. During the planning, we all agreed that we will be buying from the market and just cook at the cabins because it's such a hassle for us to eat out (with all the kids!). My afternoon was spent at the market with Kuya Mark, Sining, Ate Lyn and Ate Reshel. It was so exciting to see fresh veggies around. 

The whole market experience was supposed to be great but we encountered super bad traffic in the city :/ I got traumatized (CHOS!) and swear to never go out of John Hay haha!

On our first night, we had bonfires and drinks to enjoy the cold summer night in Baguio. The cabins was such a nice place to stay and I think we got one of the bigger cabins :) Yay for us! 

Dec 24. I love waking up to the very cold breeze in Baguio. It's so hard to wake up actually but with all the kids playing as early as 6AM, there is nothing left to do but get up and play with them. Di ka rin naman makatulog sa ingay nila! :/ Anyway, after eating breakfast at home, we had tsokolate, turon and bibingka in Chocolate de Batirol.

We also had a quick photo op there just because there is nothing left to do. 

The single ladies with the parents
Cruz family picture (we left a space for Kuya Jim)
After Chocolate de Batirol, we brought the kids to ride the horses in John Hay (near Le Monet) which they enjoyed so much. Well, this trip is actually really for the kids and we were merely guardians haha!

Sining riding a horse on her own.
While waiting, Gladys and I just went around to look at the outlet stores before reporting back to yaya duties haha!

After horseback riding, we went back to the cabins. Gladys and I decided to check out the Christmas village in Manor. We saw that instead of having a Christmas village, they made a carnival type of village for the kids. We roamed around Manor then just walked around John Hay before going back home.
Amazing carvings!
Into the woods
Tito TJ teaching Blu to golf
We just rested for a while after and I hung out at my favorite spot with my favorite godson :) 

With Blu 
The kids went to the carnival in Manor while Gladys, Mama and I went to the commissary to check out the outlet stores.

When we got back from our little day trip in Manor, the kids opened their gifts already (just because they are getting sleepy na!). IT WAS A RIOT! Harhar!

After the kids fell asleep and Gladys and I got bored, we opened some of our gifts! Super low EQ moment because we can't wait for 12am. 

We tried our best to wait for 12am but there was really nothing left to do. We had a bonfire night to kill time but I can't stay outside for long because it was really really really cold.

When clock struck 12, I greeted everyone Merry Christmas then went to sleep right away haha!

Dec 25. Since we didn't go to mass the night before, we had mass at St. Joseph after breakfast. Although the church was packed, I was able to solemnly celebrate the mass and say a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings this year. Truly, it was one hell of a year :) 

After celebrating the mass, we had Christmas pictorials at home and just rested the whole afternoon. We don't have anything planned because we saw how traffic it was outside (thanks to Waze!).

Merry Christmas from the Cruzes ++
The prom king and queen

Since Gladys and I got bored after a while, we decided to try the mini golf just beside the Cabins with Sining. The rest of the group were still sleeping so we went ahead and they just followed.

This mini golf experience really proved my non-interest in golf more. LOL!

Marvsz, my friend from UST, was also in Baguio so we decided to meet up during Christmas day. He picked me up at the mini golf  place then went to Starbucks Camp John Hay. It was just supposed to be 2 minutes away but it was super traffic inside John Hay up to Baguio Country club so it took us 30 minutes or so. With this girl/guy, I can talk about anything about life plans, traveling, work, love, etc. and we just talked about everything that night! I was supposed to meet my family at Country Club's Christmas village but they were stuck in traffic so I had more time with Marvsz. It was such a nice talk and I can't wait for our future escapades :)

We ended this trip with a trip to the Christmas village at Country Club (of course, for the kids again!). I saw how they enjoyed the "snow" so much!

Everyone enjoying the "snow"
Cousins :)
Baby, it's cold outside
Dec 26. The next day, we just went to Mines view for some Kiwi muffins and Ube jam. Again, it was so traffic in Mines View :/ We left Baguio at around 11 am and arrived Manila at 7pm. I won't elaborate on the tragic road trip back home because it can ruin this very merry Christmas post. Let's just leave it like this and I think you guys heard about the terrible traffic last Dec 26 for people traveling to/from Baguio so yeah...


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