Friday, January 2, 2015


My word for 2014 was DISCOVERY and boy, did I discover a lot. I traveled around the country from Luzon to Mindanao, I found new interests, I had other means of income, I learned things about myself etc. I loved 2014 because I got exposed to different situations and I still remained strong and I think this is really the secret of life: Standing up in every hardship. Always remember to move forward!

So as I move forward to 2015, I plan to EXPERIENCE LIFE. After a year of discovery, I think it is time to start experiencing.

I don't want to see or just discover things, I want to feel things. I want to start feeling life as it unfolds in front of me and not just the good things but also the bad things. Before, I always run and hide because I'm too afraid of failure or getting hurt. I focus on one bad feeling and don't let other feelings come in. That's why I had missed opportunities. This time, I will face everything head on. Whatever life may throw on my face, I want to feel ALL the emotions. I believe that feelings strongly affects one's life and as I start to feel and understand things, I get more actions done. I realized that I feel so uninspired most of the time because I don't know how I am feeling. I don't have any motivations because I let anger and hatred rule my life just because of one thing that happened in the family.

But I won't let feelings rule my life because you know, sometimes when you let your feelings decide your actions, you can get a little stupid (especially in love. Chos!) I will just allow emotions to flow in my system and stop blocking most of it away. 

So I welcome 2015 in a more organized manner and stronger than ever.


Kate Timbol said...

Happy 2015!!! Cheers to a wonderful year.

Steph Cruz said...

Happy new year, Keiyt!! I hope all is well with you :)

Piathought said...

Hi Stef! Before anything else, I want to say, I SO LOVE your theme! I super love it!! :)

Happy New Year Stef! Same as you, I also want to experience life this 2015. And that means know more about Jesus!! Hehe. May I know the name of your journal? That is so cute too!!

Steph Cruz said...

Hi Pia! Thanks so much!!

Happy new year too!!
Great! Blog about it ;) I bought my planner from Typo.