Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angelika ARTe Castro Cruz

Belated Greetings to you,

This was taken a day before her birthday. Ate Coco, her mom, drew this in their mirror. :) And it was an instant photoshoot for her :) Super cute.

So she celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday, May 26. I love this girl to bits.. well everybody does. I dunno, maybe because she's the first baby in our family so everybody was really excited when Ate Coco gave birth to her. Coming from a big family and being 5th in the family, i did not really experience having a baby in a family coz Gladys was born 5 years after me. So I was still a kid when she was born. So now, I experienced taking care of a baby.. not just a baby but a really naughty kid. LOL.

Sining girl, you may be so small and you may still now know everything that is happening around you but always remember that we, your family will always be here for youuu. When you grow up, LAGOT KA! LOL. I bet you will experience what I am experiencing now with my brothers.. super protective and strict. I bet no boys will come near you too. Just don't follow my footsteps because it is not really the best way to go. HAHA. Create your own, I know you will be better than all of us and we believe that you will be a great person when you grow up. You're smart and funny(you never fail to make me laugh). So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SINING.


I really want to blog about something and since Sining celebrated her birthday yesterday, I just blogged about her. :) She was also here a while ago and she kept on playing with my laptop. Cute little girl..

Monday, May 25, 2009


Got this from Ate Xylita's tumblr who reblogged it from him. REALLY FUNNY.

new layout

YEHEY! I changed my layout after uhh, 3 months or more? haha.

You like it? I like it! HAHA.
What you guys think? :)

Ooh, and this means I am staying here at blogger :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Yeh, that is how I am feeling right now. Shitty.
There are a lot of reasons.
1. Wala pa akong matinong tulog.
2. I am hungry.
3. Family thing.
4. It's really hot.
5. Some issue I would not want to elaborate

You, I am not like you or her or him or 'insert name here'. I just feel that whenever I talk to you, you make me feel so small. I am not what you think I am and I am sure that you don't even know half of what I am. You kept on joking about things but hello, can't you see that MOST OF THE TIME, I get hurt. =| No you don't! I don't even believe in myself sometimes because of you. I can't do anything because all I think about is the things you are saying (that I can't do it and stuff) I do not hate you, I just hate the feeling I have now because I feel so worthless sometimes. The continuous jokes you kept on saying, It affects me.. just so you know.

I know I shouldn't be affected by it because.. uhh, well I shouldn't be. 

Simple. Pero hindi e! I am not strong enough but in time, I know I will be. 

I want a HUG

This is what I am doing in our office a while ago haha.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I need more time. 
.. to blog.
.. to watch movies.
.. to swim.
.. to go shopping.
.. to go out with friends.
.. to SLEEP.

Grabe, this work is killing me. lol. Even though I am not doing a lot of things, I am getting tired and bored. LOL. I just wanna stay at home and be a bummer. It's just now that I realized that I really do not want to work here forever but I must stay here. =| Now, I am not even sure if this is what I want. 

OH WELL, I need to update my blog and all. Tas a lot of people kept on visiting my site (See tagboard) that I don't really know. Yea, it's flattering na sinasbai nilang nice writing chorva chorva.. but hello, they all have different names but they have the same sites? The hell! Stop flooding my tagboard! I don't even know you and fyi, I DON'T WANNA VIEW YOUR PROFILE/WEBCAM.

Thanks! hahahaha. :))

I missed blogging. I wanna move but no, I kept this for a year already.. going strong! hahaha :))

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I SRSLY need to delete some messages in my inbox. =| Pero tinatamad ako. I deleted some before my birthday
so it went down to 1200++ but now it's back to 1465. My phone is lagging up big time! haha. Too much GMs. LOL.
Grabe naman kasi, hello. gms:
Good Morning! Kakagising ko lang.
Good Afternoon! Kain na kayo ng lunch.
Hello! maliligo na ako.
Good Evening! Kakain na ako ng dinner.
Hello! Bored ako.
Good Night! Matulog na ako.

Kayz, alam ko na nangyayari sa buong araw niyo! LOL. :)) :)) :))

Pero i can also get a lot of chikas from GMs so okay lang! hahaha.
It's just that my phone is giving up already. Naghihingalo na ata tuwing magbubukas ng messages. HAHAHAHA.
Tas may iba pa na kung magtext e 3 pages lagi! NAMAN! hahaha.

Nagsimula talaga toh after camp! haha :)) Pinagkalat niyo pang lahat yung number ko! HAHA.

OH WELL! I am just procrastinating now because I don't want to work anymore.
I wanna go ouuuut! :) LOL.
.. but i do not have moolah! LOL.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


So we got back from Laguna yesterday. It was very tiring, the trip was about 3 hours because of the traffic, i HATED it but anyways.. i did not write this entry because of my Laguna trip but I wrote this because a while ago, i was taking a bath and the TV is on(yes, naliligo ako ng nakabukas yung TV. LOL.). I was listening to Myx and the show that time was Backtracks. It's kinda weird that the song "Wherever you will go" by The Calling is already played there. I was like 11 years old when this song is released and I can still remember singing it with my brothers. HAHA. Ganun na ba ako katanda? NOOOO! LOL. Oh well, time really flies SO fast.

Again, about my Laguna Trip yesterday, the Toledo family visited us and HELL YEA, I missed them loads! I really miss the old YFC days where i was just a member. I love my chapter now but I still can't let go of the old times. That is where I really grew up and I thank those people from that YFC time because they were the ones who helped me grow and lead. It's just that I missed them. I saw Jonjon and Julian and OMG, they are so big already! Aww. I just wish everything will go back to how they were. :c But hey, look on the bright side.. the YFC now in our chapter is better than ever.. I just hope things won't get messy because of.. uhh, basta.

Enough of the past. It's over! :D