Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angelika ARTe Castro Cruz

Belated Greetings to you,

This was taken a day before her birthday. Ate Coco, her mom, drew this in their mirror. :) And it was an instant photoshoot for her :) Super cute.

So she celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday, May 26. I love this girl to bits.. well everybody does. I dunno, maybe because she's the first baby in our family so everybody was really excited when Ate Coco gave birth to her. Coming from a big family and being 5th in the family, i did not really experience having a baby in a family coz Gladys was born 5 years after me. So I was still a kid when she was born. So now, I experienced taking care of a baby.. not just a baby but a really naughty kid. LOL.

Sining girl, you may be so small and you may still now know everything that is happening around you but always remember that we, your family will always be here for youuu. When you grow up, LAGOT KA! LOL. I bet you will experience what I am experiencing now with my brothers.. super protective and strict. I bet no boys will come near you too. Just don't follow my footsteps because it is not really the best way to go. HAHA. Create your own, I know you will be better than all of us and we believe that you will be a great person when you grow up. You're smart and funny(you never fail to make me laugh). So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SINING.


I really want to blog about something and since Sining celebrated her birthday yesterday, I just blogged about her. :) She was also here a while ago and she kept on playing with my laptop. Cute little girl..


Lis said...

Buti ka pa may update ka na. Ako wala pa rin! HAHAHA.

Aww... Ang cute niyo naman dun sa 2nd pic. :)

istepanyak said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I know, pinilit na lang yan.. ilang days ko rin gusto magupdate noh! LOL. Ikaw rin! HAHA.

I know, ang cute niya rin dun sa last pic :)

stevevhan said...

naku magkasunod pala kami ng birthday, it seems like many people are having their birthdays on may!:)

happy birthday to her!and many more birthdays to come!

care to link ex?

istepanyak said...

Wow! Belated Happy Birthday to youu :)

Sure, link ex :D

Jet said...

wow. kabog ng baby. sana pangalan ko din nasa salamin. haha.

Anonymous said...

ang cute niya! pwera usog. belated happy birthday sa kanya.

Liza said...

belated happy birthday sakanya..

she is so cute..

kids are like that, very cute. :)

happy blogging.

leicelle Ü said...

Please relink, thanks.

thanks. :D

istepanyak said...

JET: Of course, sige.. sabihin mo sa nanay mo! LOL =))

ISH: Super cute! :) Thanks daw. lol.

LIZA: Yeh, i wish baby na lang siya forever noh? :P

LEICELLE: Sure thing :)

Happy said...

Sining's a little big girl na pala.. (little big? anoraw?)
Hindi na sila pwedeng playmates ni Jacob. Baka may bf na si sining tapos si Jacob natututo pa lang maglakad! (wag mo sabihin to kay kuya mark baka patayin niya ko wahaha)