Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Yeh, that is how I am feeling right now. Shitty.
There are a lot of reasons.
1. Wala pa akong matinong tulog.
2. I am hungry.
3. Family thing.
4. It's really hot.
5. Some issue I would not want to elaborate

You, I am not like you or her or him or 'insert name here'. I just feel that whenever I talk to you, you make me feel so small. I am not what you think I am and I am sure that you don't even know half of what I am. You kept on joking about things but hello, can't you see that MOST OF THE TIME, I get hurt. =| No you don't! I don't even believe in myself sometimes because of you. I can't do anything because all I think about is the things you are saying (that I can't do it and stuff) I do not hate you, I just hate the feeling I have now because I feel so worthless sometimes. The continuous jokes you kept on saying, It affects me.. just so you know.

I know I shouldn't be affected by it because.. uhh, well I shouldn't be. 

Simple. Pero hindi e! I am not strong enough but in time, I know I will be. 

I want a HUG

This is what I am doing in our office a while ago haha.


Maria Catherine said...

aww hugsss

istepanyak said...

Thanks Ate Cath! :D

Timie said...

awww :( love u tepai... kainis nga yung ganyan..i used to feel that...

istepanyak said...

Yea! Oh well, but i am okay na! Ikaw, musta na with your mom?