Monday, May 18, 2009


I need more time. 
.. to blog.
.. to watch movies.
.. to swim.
.. to go shopping.
.. to go out with friends.
.. to SLEEP.

Grabe, this work is killing me. lol. Even though I am not doing a lot of things, I am getting tired and bored. LOL. I just wanna stay at home and be a bummer. It's just now that I realized that I really do not want to work here forever but I must stay here. =| Now, I am not even sure if this is what I want. 

OH WELL, I need to update my blog and all. Tas a lot of people kept on visiting my site (See tagboard) that I don't really know. Yea, it's flattering na sinasbai nilang nice writing chorva chorva.. but hello, they all have different names but they have the same sites? The hell! Stop flooding my tagboard! I don't even know you and fyi, I DON'T WANNA VIEW YOUR PROFILE/WEBCAM.

Thanks! hahahaha. :))

I missed blogging. I wanna move but no, I kept this for a year already.. going strong! hahaha :))


Anonymous said...

:) It's "fully-fledged". FYI.

FLEDGE said...

Actually, it's "full PLEDGED". FYI.
Try looking up FLEDGE in the dictionary. Then, try flying, like a bird who has been fledged.

istepanyak said...

Oops sorry. Thanks for correcting me anyways.