Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanna go to THE SCRIPT'S concert :(

I was about to create a blog using The Script lyrics about my oh so complicated life but then I realized that I should stop this. It’s not worth it. You are not worth it. Thus, this will be a blog about the future. This is the start of something new.
I will enjoy my life.
I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight.
It will be better. All I need are friends, family, tumblr and a few tequila. J
You’re just a phase and I am getting over it. We are friends, not that good anymore, but we are and that is what we will ever be. Sorry for assuming, it’s my friends fault. That is why I will also not blame you for the hurt. It was me, I just wished you cared.
This week will be a week of moving on then Cebu will be a week of fun and nation building. I will be doing this for myself and not for you. Be present in my life or not, it does not matter. I am me. You are you. Two different beings. Love is the only thing that can make two people as one and love hasn’t worked for us.
I am happy. I will be happy. With or without you.

Oh from this moment on.
I'm changing the way I feel yeah.
From this moment on.
It's time to get a real.

-Long gone and moved on (The Script)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Cheating

I can’t even. What even. Even even. Even Steven. FUCK.
I don’t understand cheating. It’s such a lame act. Cheaters are assholes. Cheaters are jerks. Cheaters are people who make other people lose interest in love. They take away the ability of other people to trust. They make people afraid. It’s such a selfish act.
Why can’t some people stay with one person? Or better yet, why can’t they just say it’s over? SRSLY, you wouldn’t cheat on her if you really love her. Don’t give her lame excuses. If it’s all about sex, then you’re a perverted maniac who can’t settle for one. But if it’s love, then you’re a complete asshole for cheating.
Boyfriend cheating on girlfriend is less painful than husbands cheating on their wives. DUDE, SRSLY. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? You said a vow to love ONE PERSON, for better or for worse… Till death do you part. And the kids…………
It hurts to be left alone, feeling betrayed and confused. It’s hard to move one, love again and be happy.
Just say it’s over when it’s over. It’s less painful.