Sunday, July 28, 2013

A trip to our hometown, San Pablo, Laguna

(Delayed post)

Two weeks ago, we went to San Pablo, Laguna for my godson's birthday/dedication. It was a very intimate family affair. It was actually a kid's affair since it was Kaden's birthday. There were games and magic show that the kids enjoyed. Before the event, my little nieces and nephew had a few photo ops
Diwa posing with the backdrop

Zach, Kaden, Sining and Diwa

Sining and Diwa with their costume. Zach, naked :| HAHA
 Then the program started at around 4. After the dedication, Sining went berserk and was looking for her mommy and daddy. So I was the one who distracted her and played with her. We missed all the games and shows because we stayed inside the room because she doesn't want to interact with other kids haha!
The celebrant with their parents
 It was a fun event. After the party, my cousins and brothers just drank beer and I joined their conversation. It was a very "grrrr" kind of conversation. Yes, I decide that this should all stop. Now is the time that I should get mad and be ruthless (NOT). I don't want to expound on this because it's a family thing so yes. Leaving it this way.

The next day, we toured around San Pablo. I have stayed a few summer here when I was a child. I even had my first swimming lessons in this city. We decided to bring the kids to Sampaloc Lake and eat mami (my favorite) for breakfast.
Tatay Mark and Diwa

We drove around the circumference of Sampaloc Lake and we discovered a new place to dine. We found a place named Cafe Lago. The outside was very different from it's interior. It was a very cozy place for breakfast. We just tried their Suman Latik because we ate breakfast already. Although Ate Trina ate tapsilog and she said, it was normal. Nothing extraordinary but we still loved it because of the interior. The price was also reasonable so I recommend this for a date with family or even your special someone.

 They even have a rattan made hammock which we all enjoyed (except Diwa haha).

Ate Trina, Blu, Kuya Justine and me

We stayed there for a good 2 hours then we moved to Kusina Salud, a restaurant owned by the Tesoro's. The restaurant is located beside a small garden where there are different kind of birds and plants.

The kids enjoyed looking at birds (Shocks, that sounds so wrong.). Anyway, since we were full from the mami breakfast and dessert from Cafe Lago, we just had ensaladang pako, their best seller turon and pandan juice. 

I wouldn't say that the food was cheap because it wasn't. Just a little tip for those who will eat here in the future, the prices in their menu is tax exclusive so yes, that's not really the final price. We really got surprised to see our bill haha! Good thing we enjoyed each other's company. Next time we'll go back here, we'll order wisely.

Hi baby girl, I love you :)

We went back to my Tita's resort with a full stomach and empty pockets haha! But we enjoyed our little tour around our hometown, San Pablo City.

Next up, 7 lakes tour :) Someday. We have been visiting this city and we never visited all the 7 lakes. Boo.


Jessica said...

Hi there! found your blog through Teentalk :)

Anyway... I just love the names of your nieces and nephews. especially diwa <3 sooo unique. The cafe and restaurants seems interesting too, I love those outdoorsy looking interiors too bad the food wasnt that good. nonetheless it seemed like you enjoyed this day a lot i really wanted to go visit my hometown - Manila too :(

Steph Cruz said...

Hi Jessica!

Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I love them too. They have a cousin named Bughaw :) We are patriotic like that haha! But I recommend Cafe Lago. I think the other dishes on the menu are a must try ;)

Go visit! Where are you staying now?