Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheers to new beginnings

Some things are unexpected and inevitable. The only way you can get pass through these is to accept the changes and accept it fast. 

Last weekend was house warming filled haha! We had to visit our brothers just because we miss them (and they have food). 

A short background: I have four brothers and 1 sister. Three of my brothers are married and I have 3 super cute nieces and 1 cuter nephew. 

Kuya TJ, my second brother moved to a house just one block away from us. That's better because I can visit Jam anytime :) At least they are still in the same village just like Kuya Mark, my eldest brother. We had great food from Albergus and a few liempo from Kuya TJ. 

It was play date with the kids because I miss them so much. Then a short inuman night where funny conversations happened. I just went home after the kids went home because I was too tired.

With Sining :)
The next day, we head over at Kuya Justine, my third brother, for lunch. They moved to Sofia Bellvue along Balara. It was the perfect place for them, just a small space for a small family with big hearts :) Although I feel sad because they are too far from us (Unlike all my other brothers who live in the same village as us). But oh well, we'll have more Katipunan/Maginhawa dates because of this. Hoping to sleep over soon :)

Sining took this shot. She just loves my front camera so much

The familyyy :)

(L-R: Diwa, Sining, Jam)
Baby Blu's super happy because he have visitors in his new home
Baby Blu and Tito Mark
Here's my super cute niece, Diwa to end this blog post

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