Friday, December 27, 2013

#11 Be a member in a gym and ACTUALLY go to the gym

A few months ago, Ter invited me for a free trial in her gym at 360 Timog. It was my first time to actually go to a gym. We did suspension training, body jam and body balance. I remember very clearly how my legs hurt after that day but I still enjoyed it :) So yes, I became a member and until now, I am attending body jam and body balance classes :) 

I'm not really into getting thinner but I just want to get fit (and healthy). A lot of studies also show that exercise can reduce depression and all that shiz. So I really think this is helping me with my life recently :) I have met new friends too at the gym so this is actually good :)

YEHEY to one more item off my 30before30 list :)