Monday, January 25, 2010

Love is in the air and I just don't care. LOL. Wrote this on my planner the other day on the page of Valentine's Day! haha :)) I am not bitter, well maybe a little bit but not like the super emo people everywhere who hates Valentines just because they are single or heartbroken.(Like Jessica Biel's character in Valentine's Day movie. lol.) Let me tell you about my single-ness. haha! :))

Being single is fun. Well, i've been single for a long time now and I think I am forgetting that feeling of being in love with a guy and I am kinda scared that someday I might really forget it. I kinda miss that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and all that giddy feeling of kilig and stuff. I mean, I love my family and friends oh so much but with a guy, it's kinda different. Right? And it sometimes sucks to feel all alone because all your friends or family members have their own girlfriends or boyfriends.

I think I'm really sounding bitter hahaha! But really I am not. I sometimes feel this way but there are more days where I feel happy about my life and being with friends and family and just taking care of myself without minding another person. Someday, I know he will come. If he won't then I'd be happy to just be single and serve other people. I don't see anything wrong with that. There are hundreds of people who does not feel love at all and I will be willing to give them the love that they need and I have a lot in here. ;) haha! So yes, to all the single people out there.. Don't cry and make yourself miserable. Go out and have fun. Life has a lot to offer, you just have to grab the opportunity. Enjoy this phase of your life being single and someday, it will come... if you are ready and God knows that you are ready. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. ;)

So HAPPY VALENTINES people! I love youuuu all. *cyber hug*

Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't really know what I will rant about but I will definitely rant in this entry. I got inspired by Marai's message on my tumblr's cbox ;) Anywayzs, I think this will be a very looong RANDOM rants about everything that has been happening in my life. ;)

Ok. Where to start? Hmm, 2010 has been nice and passive to me. Nothing super depressing or super exciting has happened so my life really SUCKASS. NAT! :)) So hmm, I started my year right by spending it with my DB's, WASAK. It was a before-school-starts thing and I enjoyed everything but not the I-got-thrown-in-the-pool-for-a-million-times. Great! :))

Then there's school. It's okay. 3 weeks seems like forever. Ang tagal magsummer break. NAMAN! Sci10 is boring me forever. Italian is overflooding my brain with uhh, Italian words? haha! But i love Italian. I will speak Italian later. WAHAHAHAHA! History made my brain bleed during the first long test. Eco & Dev Psy still makes me zzzzz. Personality is uhh, personality. LABO.

Testing my italian skillz:
Buongiorno! Il mio nome Tepai. Ho dicianovve anni. Sono Filippina, sono di Manila. Sono studentessa in Ateneo de Manila University studio AB Psychology. Parlo Inglese, Tagalog e Italiano(un po). Mangio ciocolatte! CIAO! haha!
K. Ayaw ko na! haha. Nakalimutan ko na yung iba! haha! sana walang Italianong nagbabasa ng blog ko kundi napahiya na ako! HAHA!

Ay grabe, I just realized that most of my batchmates and barkada will graduate next year. :| I realized this during Marianne's 20th birthday. They were all talking about OJT and thesis and everything a 3rd year student should be doing and I was like.. clueless and lost and sad all at the same time. Haha!
Anyways, I love these girls so so much and yes, I had a lot of fun during Marianne's birthday celebration. I did not spent any money. YAHOO! ;) Thank you Marianne and Belated happy birthday to you!

Ow. About graduation.. Did I tell you guys about my new crush this sem? Yes, I finally have a new crush. Pero fail coz he is Chinese again and guess what, he's a senior. :| SUPER FAIL! and I only have 6 weeks left. AWW! Oh well, time to look for another crush next sem BUT please remind me to pick a junior and NOT chinese because I want to proove to everybody that I get crushes on non-Chinese people! haha! :))

K, what else? OW, I can't wait for Ate Kate's wedding on Feb 7. I had fun looking for shoes with Ate Coco and Ate Kat last Friday at Glorietta. It was an adventure. After shoe shopping, we played Rockband in Katipunan! YEHEY! I want to rockband again. Please? haha! :)

I realized I am still too lazy to really really rant because I am just giving summaries on what happened and everything. WAHAHAHAHAH! Lazyy me. :| That's why I kept on getting low grades this sem. I feel so uninspired. HAHA! NAT.

Anyways, a while ago at Mcdo, Tito Benjie, Kuya Justine and I are having this conversation about driving and having a boyfriend. I posted this in my tumblr but I will still rant about it here. (I've been using the word rant for a hundred times in this entry. WALA LANG!)

A conversation in Mcdo a while ago:

Tito Benjie: Hindi ka pa ba nagdadrive?
Me: Hindi pa po.
Kuya Justine: Wala naman din siyang idadrive e. Ang advice ko nga diyan is either mag-aral siya magdrive o maghanap na ng boyfriend.
Me: Ahhhhh. ok.
Tito Benjie: Eh pano pag yung boyfriend niya walang kotse? Tapos ikaw pa maghahatid sa kanya.
Kuya Justine: Tepai naman, kasama sa requirement yun. Yung mga kuya mo nga hinahatid yung mga girlfriend nila tas ikaw, ikaw yung maghahatid sa boyfriend mo.
Me: K, im going. bye. :))
HAHA! Nakakainis talaga si Kuya! So, does that mean pwede na ako magboyfriend? Haha! DOI. My mom is insisting that I should find a boyfriend. LOL! Oh well, not in my vocabulary so WADDUP? I am spending my Valentines alone. Hahaha! I was reminscing on last year's valentines day and OMG, all I can remember was PUKE! haha! Single's night out ulit! =)) Pero wait lang, yung mga kasama ko dun may mga boy na yata ngayon! LOL =)) FAILZ.

Aynako. wala na. haha! this is a very fail and random entry so it's okay if you don't read everything. LOL. K, yun lang. I'm hungry. zzzz.
Bye to all my blogger friends! >:D<