Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't really know what I will rant about but I will definitely rant in this entry. I got inspired by Marai's message on my tumblr's cbox ;) Anywayzs, I think this will be a very looong RANDOM rants about everything that has been happening in my life. ;)

Ok. Where to start? Hmm, 2010 has been nice and passive to me. Nothing super depressing or super exciting has happened so my life really SUCKASS. NAT! :)) So hmm, I started my year right by spending it with my DB's, WASAK. It was a before-school-starts thing and I enjoyed everything but not the I-got-thrown-in-the-pool-for-a-million-times. Great! :))

Then there's school. It's okay. 3 weeks seems like forever. Ang tagal magsummer break. NAMAN! Sci10 is boring me forever. Italian is overflooding my brain with uhh, Italian words? haha! But i love Italian. I will speak Italian later. WAHAHAHAHA! History made my brain bleed during the first long test. Eco & Dev Psy still makes me zzzzz. Personality is uhh, personality. LABO.

Testing my italian skillz:
Buongiorno! Il mio nome Tepai. Ho dicianovve anni. Sono Filippina, sono di Manila. Sono studentessa in Ateneo de Manila University studio AB Psychology. Parlo Inglese, Tagalog e Italiano(un po). Mangio ciocolatte! CIAO! haha!
K. Ayaw ko na! haha. Nakalimutan ko na yung iba! haha! sana walang Italianong nagbabasa ng blog ko kundi napahiya na ako! HAHA!

Ay grabe, I just realized that most of my batchmates and barkada will graduate next year. :| I realized this during Marianne's 20th birthday. They were all talking about OJT and thesis and everything a 3rd year student should be doing and I was like.. clueless and lost and sad all at the same time. Haha!
Anyways, I love these girls so so much and yes, I had a lot of fun during Marianne's birthday celebration. I did not spent any money. YAHOO! ;) Thank you Marianne and Belated happy birthday to you!

Ow. About graduation.. Did I tell you guys about my new crush this sem? Yes, I finally have a new crush. Pero fail coz he is Chinese again and guess what, he's a senior. :| SUPER FAIL! and I only have 6 weeks left. AWW! Oh well, time to look for another crush next sem BUT please remind me to pick a junior and NOT chinese because I want to proove to everybody that I get crushes on non-Chinese people! haha! :))

K, what else? OW, I can't wait for Ate Kate's wedding on Feb 7. I had fun looking for shoes with Ate Coco and Ate Kat last Friday at Glorietta. It was an adventure. After shoe shopping, we played Rockband in Katipunan! YEHEY! I want to rockband again. Please? haha! :)

I realized I am still too lazy to really really rant because I am just giving summaries on what happened and everything. WAHAHAHAHAH! Lazyy me. :| That's why I kept on getting low grades this sem. I feel so uninspired. HAHA! NAT.

Anyways, a while ago at Mcdo, Tito Benjie, Kuya Justine and I are having this conversation about driving and having a boyfriend. I posted this in my tumblr but I will still rant about it here. (I've been using the word rant for a hundred times in this entry. WALA LANG!)

A conversation in Mcdo a while ago:

Tito Benjie: Hindi ka pa ba nagdadrive?
Me: Hindi pa po.
Kuya Justine: Wala naman din siyang idadrive e. Ang advice ko nga diyan is either mag-aral siya magdrive o maghanap na ng boyfriend.
Me: Ahhhhh. ok.
Tito Benjie: Eh pano pag yung boyfriend niya walang kotse? Tapos ikaw pa maghahatid sa kanya.
Kuya Justine: Tepai naman, kasama sa requirement yun. Yung mga kuya mo nga hinahatid yung mga girlfriend nila tas ikaw, ikaw yung maghahatid sa boyfriend mo.
Me: K, im going. bye. :))
HAHA! Nakakainis talaga si Kuya! So, does that mean pwede na ako magboyfriend? Haha! DOI. My mom is insisting that I should find a boyfriend. LOL! Oh well, not in my vocabulary so WADDUP? I am spending my Valentines alone. Hahaha! I was reminscing on last year's valentines day and OMG, all I can remember was PUKE! haha! Single's night out ulit! =)) Pero wait lang, yung mga kasama ko dun may mga boy na yata ngayon! LOL =)) FAILZ.

Aynako. wala na. haha! this is a very fail and random entry so it's okay if you don't read everything. LOL. K, yun lang. I'm hungry. zzzz.
Bye to all my blogger friends! >:D<


keiyt said...

Kailan ka ggraduate? At least ga-graduate pa rin! OH HOHOHO :)

WHAATTTAAA LOVELIFE. :-& UYYYY, hanap na ng chorvalet!! Mag bente na you! HAHAHA :>

Zai said...

sa parking lot ka maghanap ng jowa =)) malawak naman ata parking sa ADMU. LOLjk =))))

gagraduate ka na dn nextyear?

istepanyak said...

Keiyt: 2012 pa ako. Gagraduate pa ako bago magunaw ang mundo. Yes! hahaha! =)) Ikaw ba?

Aynako. I know right? Napagiiwanan na ako ng panahon. what's wrong with me? HAHAHA! :))

Zai: Hello! Oo nga noh. Para may kotse. haha! Salamat sa suggestion. Gagawin ko yan one of these days! WAHAHAHAHAH! =))

Hindiiii :| 2012 pa.

Marai said...

Ang silent reader mo, first time cocomment. HAHAHAA. Yay! Italian, ako ilocano lang alam ko eh. :))

The conversation you had at Mcdo made me laugh. Inimagine ko kasi na tayo maghahatid sa lalake. O_____O FAIL. HAHA.

istepanyak said...

HAHAHA! Aww, im touched! LOL =)) Wow, gusto ko matuto nun kasi gusto kong pumunta sa Ilocos. :| Haha!

I know right? Sobrang awkward at weird. Very ungentleman! haha! :))