Monday, January 25, 2010

Love is in the air and I just don't care. LOL. Wrote this on my planner the other day on the page of Valentine's Day! haha :)) I am not bitter, well maybe a little bit but not like the super emo people everywhere who hates Valentines just because they are single or heartbroken.(Like Jessica Biel's character in Valentine's Day movie. lol.) Let me tell you about my single-ness. haha! :))

Being single is fun. Well, i've been single for a long time now and I think I am forgetting that feeling of being in love with a guy and I am kinda scared that someday I might really forget it. I kinda miss that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and all that giddy feeling of kilig and stuff. I mean, I love my family and friends oh so much but with a guy, it's kinda different. Right? And it sometimes sucks to feel all alone because all your friends or family members have their own girlfriends or boyfriends.

I think I'm really sounding bitter hahaha! But really I am not. I sometimes feel this way but there are more days where I feel happy about my life and being with friends and family and just taking care of myself without minding another person. Someday, I know he will come. If he won't then I'd be happy to just be single and serve other people. I don't see anything wrong with that. There are hundreds of people who does not feel love at all and I will be willing to give them the love that they need and I have a lot in here. ;) haha! So yes, to all the single people out there.. Don't cry and make yourself miserable. Go out and have fun. Life has a lot to offer, you just have to grab the opportunity. Enjoy this phase of your life being single and someday, it will come... if you are ready and God knows that you are ready. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. ;)

So HAPPY VALENTINES people! I love youuuu all. *cyber hug*


Anonymous said...

I feel you, Steph. :) Happy V-day!

istepanyak said...

Haha! I know right? Happy Valentines Ean. Btw, i miss youu. Let us talk and hangout soon :)

Liza said...

hello steph. happy valentines..

i like nicole hyala.. :) heard that song and it is so *cute*. lol.

happy blogging. :)

istepanyak said...

Happy Balentayms Liza! :)

Ako i just find that song SUPPPPER CHEEZY that I had to share it! hahaha! :))

Thanks. you too! ;)