Monday, January 26, 2015

Impromptu Boracay Trip

DISCLAIMER: Photo heavy entry

My cousin from Canada arrived the country last Jan. 14 without any plans and itinerary. She just knows that she's going to Ilocos with her aunties then wants to go to Boracay for the rest of her trip. Since her mother doesn't want her to go alone, I accompanied her to Boracay. 

I just went to Boracay last November so I just suggested to her the things I did last time. 

We drank beers, 

watched the sunset,

Cotton candy clouds
joined the pubcrawl,

met new friends,

read books at the beach,

para sailed,

Friday, January 23, 2015

Inspired and renewed

Last weekend, our dearest Pope Francis humbled the Philippines with his presence. Even if I just saw him for a few seconds, I am very happy that he went to our country and bring hope to our countrymen. I think his visit just reminded the Filipino people that God is present even in our miseries. As I listened and reread his homilies and speeches, I can't help but reflect on my own life. These reflections allowed me to see things clearer and set my priorities straighter. I've been standing on a crossroad for months now and I don't really know what path to choose; but Pope Francis' messages reminded me to love and get ready to a life full of surprises.

I believe Pope Francis left a mark to the whole Philippines. It left a mark that will scar me for life. It reminded me that my mission in this country is to be with the poor, oppressed and less fortunate. Just allow yourself to love them and be loved by them. Be brave in having encounters with them because they are people too. People who had less opportunities and privilege than us. They are people who deserves so much love and respect too. I would like to quote a tag line that Gawad Kalinga has been using for a certain project which is "Hunger ends where caring begins." I believe that everything starts with caring. When we start caring for other people around us, then love and peace can overflow within us and our country. It all starts with us and I believe that we should start now.

Pope Francis united our country for 5 days. The poor, rich, disabled, talented, oppressed went hand in hand and braved the rain just to go to Luneta. I hope everyone, as much as they wanted to see him, wants to join Pope Francis in the peripheries. I hope this hype for being with the poor will never die down. I hope this hype for serving this country won't fade until our countrymen rise from poverty. Let this be our mission today and forever because everyone needs help, even if they don't say it.

Salamat Pope Francis. Going into the peripheries is now the coolest thing because of you ;) Haha!

Friday, January 2, 2015


My word for 2014 was DISCOVERY and boy, did I discover a lot. I traveled around the country from Luzon to Mindanao, I found new interests, I had other means of income, I learned things about myself etc. I loved 2014 because I got exposed to different situations and I still remained strong and I think this is really the secret of life: Standing up in every hardship. Always remember to move forward!

So as I move forward to 2015, I plan to EXPERIENCE LIFE. After a year of discovery, I think it is time to start experiencing.

I don't want to see or just discover things, I want to feel things. I want to start feeling life as it unfolds in front of me and not just the good things but also the bad things. Before, I always run and hide because I'm too afraid of failure or getting hurt. I focus on one bad feeling and don't let other feelings come in. That's why I had missed opportunities. This time, I will face everything head on. Whatever life may throw on my face, I want to feel ALL the emotions. I believe that feelings strongly affects one's life and as I start to feel and understand things, I get more actions done. I realized that I feel so uninspired most of the time because I don't know how I am feeling. I don't have any motivations because I let anger and hatred rule my life just because of one thing that happened in the family.

But I won't let feelings rule my life because you know, sometimes when you let your feelings decide your actions, you can get a little stupid (especially in love. Chos!) I will just allow emotions to flow in my system and stop blocking most of it away. 

So I welcome 2015 in a more organized manner and stronger than ever.