Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you 2009

Family lurve. YYEHEY! Even thought we’ve been through a lot this years, our family stayed strong throughout the year. Aww. SOBRANG CHEESY! Haha!
Ok. Highlights of the year:
  1. Mother went back from Ireland.
  2. Sining’s 2nd birthday.
  3. Laguna Trip’s I love and missed because of those ballroom finals.
  4. KUYA TJ & ATE JOY’s wedding ♥
  5. Ondoy
  6. Sunday Fun days at Katipunan.
  7. Birthdays
  8. Kuya TJ & Ate Joy’s house blessing
  9. Baguio trip that I won’t forget. :|
  10. Christmas with the whole gang.
  11. Family dinners/lunch na kumpleto kami.
  12. Baby James! :)) :)) :))
This year was full of emotions. I felt sad that Kuya TJ got married but very happy at the same time. I just feel like the house is so empty without Kuya Mark and Kuya TJ. Sanay kasi akong maingay sa bahay pero ngayon … minsan na lang mangyari. But the feeling goes away when they visit us here and stay here for the rest of the day. You can’t really take that feeling of happiness and joy away. I love them to bits. ♥
but please, Kuya Justine.. don’t get married yet. Hahahaha! :))

M&M loves. High school was still the best years of my life because of all the fun experiences and much easier loads but what made it the best-est is because of these girls I looooove the most. I love these girls to bits even I rarely see them(except for Patricia and Tereysa haha!)
Hmm, highlights of the year:
  1. Marianne’s 19th birthday.
  2. Ter’s 19th sleepover birthday.
  3. PE Uniform Slumber Party.
  4. Rockband days at Blue Skies.
  5. Nina’s 18th boozeday.
  6. Rhea’s 19th birthday
  7. Movie dates.
  8. Marianne & TJ’s 2nd year anniversary.
  9. The ang-hirap-humanap-ng-taxi-kaya-magjeep-na-lang-tayo-tapos-umabot-na-tayo-sa-Q.Ave-para-sa-wala day! :)) :)) :))
  10. Jeysi’s SURPRISE birthday.
  11. Visit UP people day.
  12. Ondoy volunteer days.
  13. The not so surprise happy birthday Patricia day.
  14. Christmas partyyyyyy!
and mooore. I can’t remember the rest. haha! Basta, they are the best barkada eveeer and I can’t imagine myself being elsewhere. NAKSSSS! haha! I hope to see more of you next year. Please let us go out soooon!

Arnneyow people. I bonded more with old and met new friends this year. Had a new block, I still miss being classmates with my TR block but I like C2.
K. Highlights of the year:
  1. Bonding moments with Kristhul and Marlow.
  2. Swimming at Marlow’s.
  3. Birthdays and Debuts this year.
  4. Ballroom days I won’t forget. (Midterms, Finals and M-W, 1-2pm, 1st sem)
  5. NSTP :(
  6. Hello to a new crush this sem.
  7. Sec walllllkkkkk.
  8. Marlow’s debut.
Yehey. TR, thank you for the wonderful year and the bonding we had this year. The sec walk, flaming wings and other moments we shared. You make going to school easier and fun. Thank you for the morning people I’m with every morning(kaya nga morning people e haha!) Marlows, thanks for the stalking days. haha! alam naaa. :)) K, imma shut up. Baka may masabi akong bawal. hahaha!
To all the friends I met this year, thank youu. To my ballroom friends, WE SURVIVED. haha! never again. I enjoyed ballroom classes because of youu kahit na galit lagi sa atin si Adora. haha! C2 block, thankk youu for making me feel welcome. your block is cool! :) to the stressing days and to my groupmates in all the subjects, thank yow! :D

DBs. Yes, I’ve been a bad girl this year. More inuman sessions=more fun! haha! Lots of revelations and actioooon happened this year. I won’t forget the sessions at Patlo’s house. Ay grabe, that is where it all started. :)) Highlights: Basta. I won’t mention everything. Just thank you for making my 2009 a whole lot of fun from Gran Matador to Bacardi to Cuervo to GSM blue to The Bar! HAHAHA! :)) I will always treasure the dramas and the laughtrips we had this year. I am hoping for more fun next year! Woot woot! WASTED nights.

GK & YFC. I’ve been inactive in YFC and been active in GK this year. I dunno but I can’t feel that fire of service I felt way way before. YAK. Haha! Basta, it’s something different. YFC did changed a lot ever since the split and so did I. I’ve been a very bad girl this year haha! :)) but still I love my YFC family and this year’s ILC(Cebu) is the first ILC I missed since I joined YFC. aww. Anyways, GK occupied some of my YFC time and I just felt inspired by the talks and events I went to this year.
  1. Bayanihan Builds
  2. Youth camp
  3. My surprise birthday party at Abi’s (aww)
  4. GK talks
  5. Visit at GK sites.
  6. Comeback Sectorcon
  7. I-met-Iza-Calzado day.
  8. Kaya natin ‘to concert
YFC friends, thank youu for the times I spent with you. Youth camp this year was the bomb, I miss being a facilitator and yes, I miss the feeling of serving and worshiping but again, it’s not the same :( Oh well, more fun and less drama. To the new friends I made because of the camp, thank youuu kahit na tinadtad niyo ng gm’s ang cellphone naming lahat HAHAHA!
GK loves, I learned a lot this year because of you and I can say that I became more exposed to what GK has to offer. Too bad I missed this year’s Bayani challenge. I promise, I WILL GO TO PALAWAN NEXT YEARRR!
--from tumblr.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is one of my favorite season. I just love a lot of things during Christmas. I will post my top 10 reasons later that I posted in my tumblr. So last Sunday, we had a dinner at our house with my married brothers and their wives. After dinner, we talked about what we'll do on Noche Buena and what food to cook/bring. We all decided to have an all Filipino food Noche Buena because Tita Amor from Canada will be donating Lechon for us. YEY! :)) Eh before dinner, Ate Coco and I was joking about having costumes for Noche Buena.. so since we are having Pinoy food, we will be dressed in our best Filipiniana! WAHAHAHAHA =)) =)) =))

Anyways, I am just excited for Christmas and Christmas break. School's been really tiring these past few days. I can't wait for Christmas parties and FOOOD.

Papa and Kuya TJ was fixing our Christmas lights last Thursday and we helped.. well, kind of. If your my friend in Facebook, you probably saw the pictures I uploaded entitled 'Thursday Jump Day'. If not, well as the title says, we just took jump shots while they are fixing the lights. HAHA! :)) But I helped!! Haha :)

Anyways again, here's my list:

What I love about the Christmas season

10. Receiving gifts and money and giving gifs.

9. The cold weather

8. Seeing beautiful christmas lights everywhere.

7. Simbang gabi with the puto bumbong and bibingka.

6. Christmas parties and foooood! :)


4. Watching christmas movies (LOVE ACTUALLY♥ )

3. Hearing christmas songs/carols.

2. Fireworks. .

1. Christmas break :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay, I'm gonna rant about my first few days of classes. I kinda missed going to school but not so much. haha! :)) I missed my TR blockmates. I missed my C2 blockmates too. Okay, I'm just gonna tell stuff about some interesting stuff that happened during my first week of classes. Everyday, I ride with the morning people (Kuya TJ, Ate Joy, Kuya Mark, Kuya Jim and Gladys) so that I won't commute and sayang sa gas kung magpapahatid pa ako, so I'd rather be early for school. Good thing I'm with Kuya Mark. Anyways, prepare yourself for my rants.

First Day: I have Sci10 at 9:30 and Foreign Lang at 12:30. I was in school at 6:30 because our car's coding so we have to leave early. UHH. Talk about excited?? NOT! ;)
Sci10, I'm classmates with Jeki, Anais, Patlo and some C2 people. My prof's kinda boring and imagine having a class with 76 classmates.Yes, it's a really big class and good luck on my concentration.
Foreing Lang, I find this very interesting. I would really love to learn Italian and Sir Yap asked us, "Why did you choose Italian as your FLC?" I answered, "I want to go to Italy someday" haha! I will! ;)
So usually, the first meetings are all about syllabi and rules. SO hello early dismissal.

Second Day: I have Histo, Econ, PSY103 and PSY104. Yes, my TTh days are hell! First class at 9:00 and Last class at 3:00 so I'm kinda at school the whole day.
Histo, OMg.. Manaois is the best. He's now my favorite teacher! He's so funny. ;) Get him as Histo prof and I bet you won't regret it. Promise.
Eco, kung anong kinasaya ng HI18 class ko.. Eco is the opposite. I don't really like big classes because I can't concentrate. Oh well. I can't say much because I day dreamt most of the time he was talking :))
PSY103, Bel classes are not fun at all. =/ That building is SO FAR. Hassle sa muscle mhen. Anyways, I'm with my C2 blockmates and I'm classmates with Kim G and Gloria! Aww, it's my first time having a Holy batchmate classmate. I missed that. My prof's was okay. Neutral about her but Henna told me they love Ma'am Liwag. We'll see about that.
PSY104, rules pa rin. It's my first class where she asked us to introduce ourselves. Haha! We introduced ourselves and filled out this line: I've never ____. Drinking game? haha! Interesting. I think I'll like her. Early dismissal, yehey!
I went to the PE dept after to fix my PE fee refund and they told me I don't need to load rev coz I did not enlist for any PE classes. ARGH the registrar.

Third Day: OMg, Sci10 was super boring. =/ And I'm not really a morning person so waddup? UGH. Oh well, I survived lol. I was with Marlo during my break. After eating at the caf, we went to Sec walk and saw Kring. After a few minutes of sitting, my EX CRUSH (Oo, hindi ko na talaga siya crush) passed by and went back and went back. Haha! Labo! So he passed by us 3 times and on the 3rd time, he sat on the benches on our front left(haha, LABO!!! :)) ). So I had a great view lol. Too bad I don't crush him anymore. LOL.
Ooh, Italian class was so interesting. He discussed some of the rules he did not mention before. After he's finished, he told us that he'll speak Italian for the next minutes.. and he did. NOSEBLEED mhen! haha. But amazingly, I understood some of the words and I learned some Italian words. Yey! I know how to ask What's your name, Where do you live and all the other shiznit. LOL. I dunno how to spell those words so yea! haha :)) Basta, I think this will be very interesting.

Fourth Day: I was so so so tired after this day. I dunno why lol. Maybe because I have 4 1 and a half hour classes. All the four subjects started discussing so I was so tired. Especially in Eco.. I was SO BORED. I swear. =/ Dev Psych was kinda boring too... uhh. I am now starting to hate TTh. =/
Except for Histo, yey! History=His Story. Wala raw kwenta mga babae. LOL.
Anyways, nothing really special happened today so I'll stop here. Haha. Happy Birthday Isay! :)

I think this sem will be very interesting and tiring. Good luck to all of us.
So, how was your first week? :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I woke extra early today, I don't know why. Maybe because I was thinking of Paranormal Activity the whole time and knowing I'm alone in my room, I got scared! LOL. Or maybe I was just hungry lol. Anyways, I was watching Nat Geo while eating breakfast and Naked Science was showing. It was all about the glaciers and how it molded North America. During the latter part of the episode, global warming's cause and effect was discussed. What is happening in our world today (the floods, extreme heat and stuff) is really bound to happen someday but we, humans, are making this happen faster.

The cutting of trees, the use of fossil fuels and other things that emits more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not help at all. Before, carbon dioxide is needed to warm the earth and help the animals but now, too much CO2 are there that extreme heat in different parts of the world are being experienced. Before sembreak, some of my blockmates and I are talking about global warming and stuff because of the extreme heat that day. We talked about mutation and stuff.. like what we would be like after a zillion years, would we mutate and have solar panels in our heads? It's really funny yet it can be true. A friend shared that the last time she went to Canada, she can wear her spaghetti strap top. Hello, THAT'S CANADA. That's like on top of the world, near the North pole and stuff.

The glaciers in the Greenland and Antartica are melting already. In Greenland itself, if the huge ice caps keeps on melting, it can make the sea level rise up to 23 feet or something (not so sure). And I heard in Nat Geo that some parts of Florida, North Carolina and New York can be underwater if the melting continues. It's just sad because I still want to travel the world and see beautiful places. It's not really beautiful underwater, right? LOL.

I still want my children to see the beauty of the world. I want them to experience normal hot days and cold nights. I want them to have a great future.

I bet most of us don't want the future generation to see these. So let us recycle, segregate, avoid using unfriendly stuff to the environment, plant or whatever simple things you can do. Let us all lessen the effect of another Ondoy or Pepeng. Let us just be aware and be involved.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Why do you have to do such thing? Are you not contented and hello, why now? I really love you and all but I hate what you did/doing to her. I thought you were different and better than the other guys out there. I idolized you but I guess you made me believed more in my theory about guys and cheating. Yes, you still love her so much but because of what happened, my trust in you is not like before. I really hope it's over like what you said. I don't want her to get hurt again. Thank ;)

Because of what happened, I got more scared of committing into a relationship. :|

Monday, October 26, 2009

I feel like I am neglecting my blogspot because of tumblr. LOL. I am sorry! haha. Anyways, I don't really know what I will be blogging about so ill just rant about random stuffs.

SEMBREAK. It started last last week when I decided not to take the optional long test 4 in Stat. :)) But I still went to school last Monday & Tuesday to finish out Stat survey project which is 50% of our final grade in Stat Lab. TSS. Oooh and the PE finals last last Saturday was fun. I will definitely miss my PE classmates. Our class got really close.. well, kinda. Compared to my other PE classes. Maybe because we were all together during those not-so-fun-PE-classes days where Ma'am is not in a good mood LOL. The bonding we shared was priceless.. Too bad I did not go with them after the finals because I went with Patlo and friends to drink. WENG WENG LOVE <3 .="" br="">
I also got my grades already! and OMg, I was really shocked with some of my grades. Imagine I got a B+ in SA even though I have 7 cuts already and I can't really understand all the lessons he taught us. HAHA! This is the advantage of a no finals sem.. getting a 3.35 QPI ;) I was really so happy.

Hmm, what else.. Uhh, the OH-SO-TIRING partying last Saturday was FUN! I enjoyed my friends' company even though we paid for 300bucks for entrance but we should not have paid because Jane told us that we were in the guest list all along.. She just told us the wrong promoter's name. =/ VERY GOOD. But it was okay. It was a fun night ;)
We went partying to celebrate our freedom from the school stress and Athena's status from single to in a relationship but unfortunately, she wasn't there. Garve, I feel so left out already. All of them are 'in a relationship' and well, uhh. I am still single LOL. Oh well, I am not really in a hurry but I feel all alone when we are going out and they are bringing their lovers. LOL. Oh well.. SOMEDAY ;)

Is this long enough to make up for the lie low-ing? HAHA.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello blogger friends. I think I have been abandoning my blog for 2 months already. So I'm gonna update this now. Haha. A lot has been happening to me these past few weeks and the internet was just fixed yesterday. Again, i'll just enumerate stuffs that has been happening to my life since I am bored and I am on a semi-sembreak mode already :) Game. I'll fix the events by
dates. :))

1. AUGUST 28- Marianne&TJ's 2 years anniversary

Super late. SORRY Marianne. Flood all over ADMU, walang trike and I can't walk coz of the flood. Anyways, it was fun. Best part: FREE FOOD. YEHEY. Sana magtagal pa kayong dalawa. I love you both and M&M :) Played in Shakey's Fun Zone after. Basketball fail.

2. AUGUST 29- PE Midterms

Super failure. I was home alone the whole day. :( Taxi to ADMU, dressed up with Shek at the Univ Dorm, walked to Starbucks, waited for Nicki. Yehey. HASSLE tong PE na toh =/ Umabot kami hanggang 2nd round lang ng Samba and Chacha :) I love my PE classmates. WOHOOO. Nicki and her partner won! CONGRATS.
Btw, i FAILED PE =)) =)) together with more than half of the class! :)) :)) Mam Adora showed us our class standings last Wednesday, I got 37 out of 100 =)) So we are all going to the Finals party on Saturday worth P350!!!! =/ Oh well, i hope it will be fun :)

3. SEPTEMBER 11- Kuya Tj's House Blessing

Yehey to Kuya TJ's new house! I love it. It's so nice and simple. House blessing's at 4. Dinner with family then Movie night for us girls and inuman night for them boys :) It was also a photoshoot moment for us girls with Sining! :))

4. SEPTEMBER 12- North B Comeback
It feels good going back to YFC events. Although I don't know a lot of people anymore :( No more familiar faces from the different clusters. I miss those times :( Oh well, it's still nice that I am with my F2 family. I love being with them.

5. SEPTEMBER 13- Cheerdance Compet

OMeffinG. CONGRATS ADMU. I so love youuu Babble. Ang galing galing niyo. You left me speechless and in awe after they announce the winners. 2nd place is great.. 1st losers haha. Anyways, I went with Gladys & Kristhul. Scalper moment. Funny haha. :)) Oh well, congrats too UP & FEU.

6. SEPTEMBER 25- RIB concert

Ang HAWT niyong lahat. I went with Kristhul. Marlow gave us her reserved seats. I was beside Smile and Cheska too. :) Parang I want to dance again for fun. haha. SORRY for the fail video. It's on my multiply. The Skecher's piece was SUPER WOW! :)

------ ONDOY -------

7. SEPTEMBER 29- Surprise for Jeysi

We surprised Jessie at Trinoma. It was so funny, para kaming paparazzi. Being with M&M is so so so fun. I love them to bits, I swear. I was so so tired this day because I came from GK Sitio Ruby for volunteer work. It was super biglaan that's why I am not prepared. I don't have any money so I have to ask Ter for money haha. POOR. After Jeysi and Owgie left, Patice and Rhea had their haircut. Yey.

8. SEPTEMBER 30- Volunteer, In My Life

We were suppose to volunteer for SHS but unfortunately, overmanned everywhere. So we just dropped the old clothes then went to surprise Rhea since she can't go out that day. We ate lunch there then went to Trinoma. Yehey! We were supposed to watch 2 movies but the time slot's did not fit our schedule. NAKS :)) So we just watched In my life :)) Na sobrang tawang tawa ako. Si Ter kasi :)) :)) The day could have been better if I have no dysmenorrhea. :(

OMgosh. After 20 years, ADMU won back to back again. :) I cried after the game, I was just so happy that time and sad that I can't watch live. This was my sick week =| Oh well, at least our flat screen's back. haha. Basta, I am so happy about this win but nothing beats 2002 pa rin. :)) That was Rabbeh, Nonoy and JAI's last game :( I will miss them..:( It was a good game, congrats to UE too. You did great.. especially Espiritu, i still hate you for the alley-oop you did on the 2nd game =/ HAHA.

After GK Expo, I went to ADMU. I looked for Marianne and boy, there were a lot of drunk and old people :)) It was fun, at least there's no MUD compared to last year's bonfire. Thanks Marianne for the wonderful experience and to TJ for being the best 3rd wheel ever! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :))

Okay. AYUN. Ow and 2 of my BEST-EST week happened on the past few months too. :) I don't want to elaborate but it was HAPPY HAPPY :) Ooh, I should really find a new crush already. I SWEAR.

What my planner looks like during my HAPPY weeks.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bagyong Ondong left a great mark in all of us, Manilenos. we were attacked unguarded and was left with wounds, physically and emotionally. We all did not expect that this would happen and boy, was I surprised too.

I had NSTP in the morning so I have to go to school. =/ The rain was pouring but I thought it was just the ordinary storm rain but after class, the afternoon classes were suspended and it was SO UnFAIR. LOL. I went outside Schmitt and the rain was still pouring HARD. There were
small puddles of water in front of us and I was wearing Chucks. THE FEELING WAS YUCKY. :( Maja and Iwas trying to get to Xavier but we were welcomed by the super river in Edsa walk. OMg, there really was a river. I don't want to pass there so I went around and Maja and I parted ways. I was all alone and I just sat on a bench in RMT because I can't cross to GK office because the streets were flooded and heavy traffic filled Ateneo. I stayed in RMt for like an hour and a half and Kuya Mark & Kuya Ed can't move because of the traffic so I finally gave up and went on an adventure to GK office Haha.

So we were stranded. I walked around the GK office barefooted because of my super wet shoes :( Good thing the ISO caf is still open so we have something to eat for lunch. The traffic was so heavy and news was Katipunan was flooded because of the rain. We decided to stay there for a while then when we decided to leave, we were stuck in traffic for 20 mins already and we were still in front of ASoG. So Kuya Mark decided to walk to Ahead to pick up my cousin, JR and Ate Coco also walked from Mcdo to ASog. We were reunited and they told me that the flood in Katip was SUPER. The Miriam creek overflowed. So again, we were stuck in the GK office for a few more hours. We are all ready to stay there for the night but when Kuya Mark called at home, he learned that the flood in Katip and Commonwealth subsided so we can now go home.

We went home at NAKIPAGSIKSIKAN KAMI SA MGA BUS GALING EDSA SA BALARA. It was so weird seeing buses in there. Oh well, we got home safe but there's no electricity. :( Candlit dinner kami. We saw Kuya TJ's new house, it was flooded :( Since nasa dead end kami ng street, all the water and the leaves went to our drainage and since it was small and the leaves clog the drainage, the water rose up. Kuya Justine saw it so they made big holes on the wall.

The holes in our wall. :)

It was sad seeing Kuya TJ's new house destroyed by the storm but I thought about all those people still stranded in their roofs and is dying from the hunger and the very cold weather. I can't sleep last Saturday because of all the thoughts that is running in my head. I wanted to help them but all I can do that time is pray. :( I texted all my friends who lives in Northview 2, Sierra Monte, San Mateo and Marikina but some of them are not replying so I was more worried.

So I helped out in Ateneo yesterday. It was inspiring to see people help people out. I wanted to go to the GK villages to bring relief goods but Kuya Mark did not allow me :( So I stayed in ADMU Cervini Dorm and just help packed goods and eat :))

Bagyong Ondoy already left the country but the traumatic experiences for our fellow Filipinos will forever stay in our heads. Yes, it will stay in our long term memories haha. I am just happy to see everyone trying to lend out their helping hand. It was very inspiring and I just hope that more people can see this Filipino's way of loving their neighbors :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding of the year :)

CONGRATULATIONS Kuya TJ & Ate Harlene :)

So here's my entry about Kuya's wedding and stuff. Haha. So it was really really successful and everybody's happy. Even though I was so haggard with the sound system because everything failed... at the beginning. HAHA. We just used my laptop and the mike.. Old school Hahaha. It was so tiring but it was all worth it. I had my NSTP at the morning then went home, had my make up then headed for the venue.

Having our make-up :) | Picture before leaving

I was the glad that the weather was so great. Thank you Papa Jesus! Kuya TJ was really nervous before the wedding. I swear. It was funny!
Kuya TJ: Ganito pala feeling. Hahaha.

Before the wedding. Manila Cathedral at the left, a very nervous guy on the right ;)

When we arrived the church, there is still a wedding going on so we just waited and again, Kuya TJ was nervous. :)) Before the entourage started, I was nervous too because first, it was a very long walk (HAHA). Second, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A LIGHTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE. Wahahahahaha. :))

The wedding before Kuya's wedding | The cute little flower girls

The wedding started, lots of tears and sweats were wasted and love was in the air. ;) It was really sweet. After 7 and a half years, they finally got married. Even though the priest was really strict (HAHAHA), I felt the love and the sweetness. It was perfect and beautiful so really really CONGRATS to the newly weds.

pictorial after the wedding

After the wedding, we just walked to the reception. It was just behind Manila Cathedral so it was really convenient. I was the technician/sounds person for the night. Super hassle coz they can't play the CD in their player so we have to use my laptop. Good thing, Kuya TJ told me to bring it. After everything was fixed, another problem occurred, the wires got grounded so now, we have to use a mic to let the people hear the music. SUPER HASSLE but of course, for my brother and sister-in-law, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. I had fun being stressed and I am kinda used to it. LOL. I bonded with the technicians there. HAHAHAHA :))

Ms. Technician for the night | Having a break with Sining

I didn's get the chance to really watch the program coz I was on the other side. =( Haha, but I can hear it so I was just laughing and Ate Coco, Gladys and Sining kept on visiting me hahaha. :)

The newly weds at the reception sharing the love. :)

The wedding was really succesful. It ended at around 11 or earlier. I dunno, haha. I was just super tired. Then we dropped Kuya TJ and Ate Joy at Sofitel for their honeymoon.. Yiheee ;)

Original Cruz Family Picture | Family Picture with the wives and Sining.

So again, congrats to them. I really can't believe Kuya TJ got married already. You people are getting old! LOL. :) I love weddings so I was really happy yesterday but I just still can't believe that Kuya Mark and Kuya TJ are married already! WOW! =) Our family is getting bigger. Hahaha. :) And i love it. :) YEY! Ill upload the pictures on multiply sometime this week. ;)

Singit Entry:
You know why I am cheering. GRABE, that game was soooo soooo sooo nerve wrecking. I nearly had a heart attack. -- WEEEEH. OA na! =)) So I was hitting Kuya Justine with a pillow everytime DLSU scores and he hits me everytime ADMU scores. hahaha :) Sparring partners daw kami. :)
It was a sweet win. Thank you DLSU for creating the overtime, you made our win SWEETER! =) Kidding. 2nd round na! Need to watch a game live na! :)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RIP, Tita Cory. (Part 2)

I am blogging about Cory Aquino again because I am watching ABS-CBN for the live streaming of the funeral cortege of President Cory Aquino right now. She just really inspires me and I believe most of the Filipinos are inspired by her too. You can see it on the volume of the people who are following her. So this entry will be composed of pictures and pictures and pictures(haha) that I have been seeing in plurk, facebook, tumblr and twitter. :)

'History is repeating itself. “Ninoy believed the Filipino was worth dying for. Cory believed that the Filipino was worth LIVING for. Her life was about service.” -Jim Paredes

While watching too, I heard this interview on her and she says this: Even if people hate her or whatever, there will still be 5 people who will continue to support her, care for her and most especially, LOVE her. These people namely: Ballsy, Viel, Noynoy, Pinky and Kris. It's not the exact words but that's the idea. She's a very loving mother.

Even MTV is paying their respect to our former president. People all around the world are also paying their respect. That just shows us how Cory's legacy is seen all around the world. The leaders from other country also admires her for her unique leadership and her acccomplishments. She is someone to be proud of and I am really proud to be a Filipino. I am happy I am a Filipino and I will do everything I can for this country.

Their love story was one of the best. It's one of the greatest love story I know and that inspired people too. Now, I want to have someone like Ninoy who will love me and care for me and I want to be like Cory who will love my guy till the end and even after his death. So I will be ending this entry with Ninoy Aquino's poem to Cory. Jose Mari Chan made this into a song so just search for it. It's really nice.

I have fallen in love
With the same woman three times
In a day spanning nineteen years
Of tearful joys and joyful tears.

I loved her first when she was young
Enchanting and vibrant, eternally new
She was brilliant, fragrant and cool as the morning dew
I fell in love with her the second time

When first she bore her child and mine
She's always by my side, the source of my strength
Helping to turn the tide…
I fell in love again with the same woman the third time

Looming from the battle her courage will never fade.
Amidst the hardships she has remained
Undaunted and unafraid
She is calm and composed. She is God's lovely maid.

Monday, August 3, 2009

RIP, Tita Cory.

Last Saturday(080109), we, Filipinos, lost a leader, an icon and a mother. Our beloved President Corazon Aquino died at around 3am on a very rainy Saturday morning. I felt sad when I heard the news even though I was not yet alive during her administration (I'm alive na pala, I was 1 year old haha). We studied all the presidents in the Philippines when I was in elementary and high school and which I forgot already hahaha :)) Anyways, I never really know her but I guess I know some facts about her and all that she did but I think I know more things about his husband, Ninoy Aquino.

It's so nice to think that Cory and Ninoy are now together again in Heaven. (heart)
"it makes me smile thinking cory and ninoy have been laughing, embracing, talking non-stop since Saturday! " --from Toni's plurk

During my 1 year in USTe, we had a project in History and we were asked to create a video presentation about anything or anyone related to the Philippines and we chose Ninoy Aquino. After that project, I, together with my partner (Hi Barbie) started to love the Aquinos(and yes, all.. even Kris haha) I think Ninoy inspired me a lot and I still think he can be the greatest president we never had.

She even gave me a Ninoy shirt as a gift on my debut ;)

Maybe that is why I cried a little and felt sad when she died, I can see Ninoy in her. Also, the heavens cried with us as we mourn for the Mother of Democracy in the Philippines. She freed us from what Marcos left us, a very unstable and undemocratic country. She was the face of democracy and also during her administration, the 1986 constitution was made, which we are still using up to now.

She was a very strong woman because she was the 1st woman to be president of the Philippines. She also do not have any background on politics but still she run just to save us, Filipinos. That's why I would really like to thank you, Cory A. You brought change to this country and it is for the better.

With all her achievement of creating a very peaceful People Power Revolution, she was awarded Woman of the Year by Time magazine.

I think Marcos really did a great job in our country except the Martial Law. He did a lot of things for the country and he has a vision. But I think what made Cory Aquino unique from all the other presidents we had was her faithfulness to God. She had a different approach because she was a very moral leader. Maybe because she never planned to run for president but was only forced because of Ninoy and the people. She based her leadership on what is right together with a lot of prayers. That is why the people love her and that is why she is someone I look up to.

You're legacy will always live in our hearts. Thank you for everything.
You will always be remembered as one of the greatest president and person this country ever had. May you rest in peace, Cory Aquino. ;)