Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is one of my favorite season. I just love a lot of things during Christmas. I will post my top 10 reasons later that I posted in my tumblr. So last Sunday, we had a dinner at our house with my married brothers and their wives. After dinner, we talked about what we'll do on Noche Buena and what food to cook/bring. We all decided to have an all Filipino food Noche Buena because Tita Amor from Canada will be donating Lechon for us. YEY! :)) Eh before dinner, Ate Coco and I was joking about having costumes for Noche Buena.. so since we are having Pinoy food, we will be dressed in our best Filipiniana! WAHAHAHAHA =)) =)) =))

Anyways, I am just excited for Christmas and Christmas break. School's been really tiring these past few days. I can't wait for Christmas parties and FOOOD.

Papa and Kuya TJ was fixing our Christmas lights last Thursday and we helped.. well, kind of. If your my friend in Facebook, you probably saw the pictures I uploaded entitled 'Thursday Jump Day'. If not, well as the title says, we just took jump shots while they are fixing the lights. HAHA! :)) But I helped!! Haha :)

Anyways again, here's my list:

What I love about the Christmas season

10. Receiving gifts and money and giving gifs.

9. The cold weather

8. Seeing beautiful christmas lights everywhere.

7. Simbang gabi with the puto bumbong and bibingka.

6. Christmas parties and foooood! :)


4. Watching christmas movies (LOVE ACTUALLY♥ )

3. Hearing christmas songs/carols.

2. Fireworks. .

1. Christmas break :)



Ursie said...

Yay for Christmas! I just love the Decors during this holiday.

istepanyak said...

Yay! Me too. I just love Christmas forevah! haha.


Anonymous said...

Aww, feeling ko magiging super epic yung Christmas nyo this year. Yay! And super benta sakin yung last pic. LOL, nakakarelate e. Haha sawi much? Benta rin wishlist mo! Ako hindi lang earphones ang kelangan, nasira ipod ko dahil sa toilet sanitizer e! Haha. And teargas, ples.

istepanyak said...

I wish. haha. We are thinking of games na nga e! This is the advantage of having a big family :))
OMg, parehas tayo. APIR! LOL.

Toilet sanitizer? Parang interesting na ikwento mo kung anong nangyari. HAHA! Yes, teargas for protection! :))

Liza said...

it really is freaking cold here. :)

I hope you'll find that true love before the year ends :)

happy blogging. :)

istepanyak said...

Yes it is.

Nako, i doubt. Next year na siguro.. sana! :)) hahaha.

Merry Christmas. :)

Zai said...

PF :D belated merry christmas and happy new year :)

Take care =)))

istepanyak said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year JS! :)

take care too!