Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh Baguio, you're so pine!

I was having dinner at my brother's house one evening then he asked me if I wanted to come with 2 of his friends to Baguio since the others can't come. How could you say no to an offer of rest and silence for 3 day, plus free accommodations? So yes, that weekend leveled up my being kaladkarin.

So we left last Saturday. My brother told me that he'll pick me up at around 5:30am. Major fail because I woke up at the sound of the car honking like crazy bwahahah! They waited for me though to fix up then off to Baguio we went! It rained the whole day, even in Baguio, so I wasn't really ready for the super cold weather. Forgot my scarf and I should have brought more jackets but I survived :)

It has been a while since I last saw Baguio this foggy so yes, I became more excited to do my itinerary for the day: SLEEP.

We arrived there around lunch time. Had lunch then I slept the whole afternoon while my brothers and his friends drank harhar! They woke me up for dinner then we headed to Red Station, a Korean restaurant somewhere in Legarda St. It was the first time that I felt so left out in my own country. We were the only Filipinos there!! It was full of (drunk) Koreans. So we enjoyed our very hot (as in super spicy, 20/10 spicy!) seafood soup while listening to all these Koreans shout at each other (their voices are so loud. Even louder when drunk!!). We ended the night early because we are all tired from the trip (Don't judge, my afternoon nap is still not enough okay.)

The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel, went to mass then had lunch at Rosebowl (Patatim the best!) then went back to Manor to rest. While my brothers and his friends are watching a movie (and we are also waiting for their other friends), I just stayed in the room and caught up with my reading. When their other friends arrived Baguio, we met up with them at Vallejo. We arrived there around 4:30pm and left at 9:00pm with 24 bottles of beer on our bill and there are just 4 of us drinking. So yes, someone is drunk (and it's not me). And I'm not even sure why we drank there because it is not a drinking place, it's a family restaurant.

Best combination: Ice cream + cold weather
We left Vallejo then had dinner at this Korean restaurant somewhere near Good Taste. They have great food and it's affordable, it was my favorite meal of the trip! 

Since Kuya's other friends still want to drink, we looked for a place to drink and we found this rock bar full of high school / college students. Since my brother went home already, I just bonded with Kuya's friends. It was a very very very funny night since one of my brother's friends is drunk.  He kept ordering food and we don't even know how he is ordering because every time the order arrives, he's asleep. HAHA! Anyway, the others still want to go to Craft and Cris and I were too tired so we decided to go home already. But before heading home, a few memorable and funny moments still happened (drunk people are the best entertainment!)

What really made us very curious the next morning was the whole order of buttered chicken from Good Taste on our table and some beef strips and asado. We were laughing all morning because they decided to just eat the night before and they ordered so much food because they were all drunk. Hence, we had Good Taste breakfast care of the drunk people's order last night. Because it was our last day, we went pasalubong shopping at Mines View (Kiwi muffin!! ☻) and Good Shepherd.

We had our last lunch at Ketchup. So disappointed that Canto was closed. Then we went to Pink Sisters before leaving Baguio. 

It was a great break even for just 3 days. It was the first time I really had a good food trip around Baguio and I loved it even more. I didn't know Baguio is this fun. So now, I can't wait for our Christmas Baguio trip this year. Fast forward to December please! 

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