Monday, October 13, 2014

{Life Lately: The weekend that was}

This past weekend was so fun I wouldn't want it to end but hey, I got to get back on reality so I'll just blog about my weekend so I can read it anytime I want :)


After a quick catch up dinner with AJ, I headed to Conspiracy for Ebe's long gig. I think I said it before but I will say it again, I love Ebe Dancel and his music. While waiting for Ebe, the conversation over beer and nuts is about people's problems on their love lives (I'm just so lucky, I'm done with that phase of grilling haha!). I'm not really sure if this was a preparation for Ebe but it was a good conversation with great people. Makes me still believe in love 

While Ebe was playing, all I could think of is how amazing his songs are. It just hits you right to the core! Amid all the heartbreaking songs, he still makes me want to fall in love again and again. Salamat Ebe.

The gels


I'm not sure if I can write about this without tearing up but we had Marianne's bachelorette party last Saturday. We planned for one week and surprised our bride-to-be with the most wholesome bachelorette party! I won't go into the details but we all had fun. We had a short program, a few games (remembering it still makes me laugh haha), some sex tips, drinks and heartfelt messages for the bride-to-be. 

I just can't believe that Marianne's getting married. I've been friends with her since Grade 5 and I really saw how she grew as a wonderful person. I'm just so happy that she's happy and I can't wait for baby Mariannes/Pauls (hopefully next year or early 2016!). I know in my heart that she will be a great mom! 

The bride-to-be
'Te girl, sayang make-up!
13 years of friendship
This was a very unforgettable night (especially the end of the night!) and rare time that we are complete. I'm just really happy that we get to have nights like this. I missed them so much and I can't wait for the wedding! I LOVE YOU BEBE GIRL, FOREVER AND EVER!!


I got home at around 3am from the bachelorette party because of some unforeseen events and I was so tired from the attempt pole dancing (char!). So I woke up pretty late and I still don't want to get out of bed but I have to leave for The Fort. Marvsz invited me to Breakout from Terminus. It was an event for the promotion of Walking Dead in partnership with Breakout Manila. I'm not a fan of the TV series or any series/movie that involves zombies, vampires, dead people, ghosts etc (you get the point. I hate horror movies. I mean why do you want to scare yourself huhuhu!) so I was really nervous about this.

But the experience was more funny than scary! I'm just so glad I did it with these people (thank you Mossy and Marvsz for saving us!!) I am seriously the free loader of the group. I did not do anything but laugh or occasionally shout (HARHAR!). All that matters is we got out with around 2 minutes to spare so we landed a spot in their under 15 minutes board! 

It was definitely one memorable experience that I won't do again! Haha! 

We were welcomed by this zombie
So yes, that was my weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too! :) Cheers to life!

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