Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uso ba ang patay ngayon?

Since I really want to blog something.. guess who will I blog about? LOL.

MJ & FF, may you both rest in peace.

As we all heard on the news, two legends in one day died last Thursday. One is Michael Jackson and the other is Farrah Fawcett. Being a nineteen years young girl, I was not yet alive during their prime but hey, who doesn't know them, right? Especially Michael Jackson who influenced a lot of people all over the world through his music. He is not called the King of Pop for nothing.

So I woke up and the TV was on because Kuya Justine's watching Myx. The whole morning, I was watching MJ's old videos and it really felt good. I still can't believe that he's gone even though I am not a super fan of MJ, I admire him and his music(and the dancing, of course). He really is a genius. He created great songs that I bet people all around the world loves. Losing a great artists like him is such a great loss to the music industry and to whole world too. Fans all around the world are mourning for his death which only proves that he really left something good to this world. Although he was faced with different charges before(the pedophile thingy), we can't conclude that he is a bad person. I mentioned this because while I was reading a while ago, lots of people are judging as a bad and evul person. There's this one person saying MJ will go to hell because of that.. Tsk3x. You don't even know him personally, duh. HAHA. (As if ako kilala ko siya personally. LOL)

Anyways.. MJ, you made us all sad with your sudden death. Moonwalk yourself to heaven and when I get there, beat it and give free concerts everyday. LOL. Thank you for the music and for leaving a mark to each one of us to make a difference and heal the world. :)

Yesterday, the death of both MJ and Farrah Fawcett was all over the news and while watching E! news, I did not really expect that I will cry. (arrgh, deym these tears.. napakababaw. LOL) And believe it or not, what really made me cry was Ryan O'Neal saying "Farrah's gone". Have you seen that video? Basta, super heartbreaking. Even though I don't really know who Farrah Fawcett is(I just that she was part of Charlie's Angels), it saddened me. She too was a legend and losing a person like her is a great loss. She was also someone who became an inspiration to a lot of people because of his fight with cancer and all that.

So Farrah Fawcett, you will really be missed by your fans. I pray for Ryan O'neal and your son. Be happy with MJ in heaven. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Week

One week at school feels like a month already.

Well, I am happy with my new blockmates but I really miss spending English and Lit class with TR. My blockmates are really friendly and nice and good thing was I am blockmates with Biboy, co-YFC member. Instant friends. LOL. Thanks.

First Day, I cursed the rain and the CP Garcia traffic.
Hanged out with new blockmates at Sec walk and waited for my TR blockmates and hanged out at sec walk for the whole break. :) Ooh, i saw RO twice today.

Second Day, I cursed Katipunan traffic.
My Fil prof's funny and my Theo prof's great! He's really nice. Easy A? haha.

Third Day, I rockband with new blockmates.
Rockband at 9:00 in the morning. COOL haha.

Fourth Day, Glad there's no lab.
Bought books. SHET, im wasting a lot of money for books. HAHAHAHAHA.

Fifth Day, Kristel visited us.
Hanged out with TR the whole day at Sec walk. Saw RO before going home. What a way to end the week.

No NSTP for me. YEY! :)

So that was it. First week okay. I got lots of readings for SA though. Jeez, i can't even understand what he's talking about and the bad thing about it is my SA class is 7:30 am.. MY BRAIN IS STILL DREAMING DURING THAT TIME OF THE DAY. =| So, good luck to me.

How about you guys, how was your first week?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Mcdo at 3 in the morning :D

YEHEY to classes tomorrow! Can't wait to go to school, i dunno why.. maybe because my summer is not that fun that's why I wanna go out. LOL. Anyways, I spent my last night of summer sleeping at 4:30 and ordering Mcdo with Kuya Justine while watching American Gangster. LOL. It was fun.

So HELLO to...
7:30 AM classes
TR blockmates and new blockmates


Ooh, PS: A(H1N1), wag kang maghasik ng lagim sa Ateneo a :) thanks.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ikamamatay ko ang first sem ko.

Subject Code Units Section Teacher Schedule/Room
FIL 14 3 U TO BE ARRANGED T-TH 1200-1330/K-303
PSY 101 3 H TO BE ARRANGED M-W-F 0830-0930/CTC 106
PSY 102.1 3 A TO BE ARRANGED M-W-F 1130-1230/SS-284
PSY 102.2 2 A TO BE ARRANGED TH 0730-1130/SS-284
SA 21 3 P DE GUZMAN, EMANUEL C. M-W-F 0730-0830/CTC 204
TH 121 3 BB RONCAL, RAOUL R. T-TH 1500-1630/B-103

So this is my schedule for the whole sem. Well, ok naman talaga ang hindi ko lang kaya e yung gumising ng sobrang aga.. araw-araw(except for Tuesdays). Pramis, malamang e masusulit ko ang cuts ko nito LOL. Last sem, i had one class na 7:30(Physics lab) at lagi akong late tas pag hindi na ako umabot, icucut ko na. Ayun, D ang grade ko. Nag-iisang D! Ayaw kong magkaroon ng 2 pang D! LOL. Sana talaga gumising ng maaga yung mga kapatid ko.

Sabay sabay kasi kami pag 7:30 class ko. Dapat gising na kami ng 5AM at aalis na kami ng 6AM pero hindi! haha. 5:30 na kami gumigising at 6:30 kami aalis. Eh mas nauuna ihatid si Gladys kesa sakin.. Eh hello, sobrang liblib ng Holy noh! LOL. Oh well. GOODLUCK TO ME.

Ooh, and I have 4 hours lab.. WOW! =| 2 hours na lab nga, bored na bored ako e. LOL. I am just praying that Ill get great profs.. ooh and a hot classmate (?) LOL =))

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wanna run through the halls of my HS.

I miss my batchmates. I miss the strictness. I miss Intrams. I miss fairs. I miss retreats. I miss "insert subject here" week. I miss a FEW teachers. I miss the pasaway days. I miss flag ceremonies. I miss assemblies. I miss clubs every Wednesday. I miss Sandiwa. I miss gimiks every last day of exams. Well, I MISS HS.

Last weekend, I had a sleepover at Marianne's with my dearest M&M. Marianne told us to bring out PE uniform and because we are true friends, we followed her! HAHA. :)) Parang "before school starts" get together. Although my HS friends and I always try to meet every month, I just miss seeing them everyday(just like HS) and all the laughtrips and foodtrips. Wearing that PE uniform with them really made me reminisce about a lot of things. EMO. LOL.

College may be fun but still, i can say that HS is the best part of my life.. well, as of now :)