Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Week

One week at school feels like a month already.

Well, I am happy with my new blockmates but I really miss spending English and Lit class with TR. My blockmates are really friendly and nice and good thing was I am blockmates with Biboy, co-YFC member. Instant friends. LOL. Thanks.

First Day, I cursed the rain and the CP Garcia traffic.
Hanged out with new blockmates at Sec walk and waited for my TR blockmates and hanged out at sec walk for the whole break. :) Ooh, i saw RO twice today.

Second Day, I cursed Katipunan traffic.
My Fil prof's funny and my Theo prof's great! He's really nice. Easy A? haha.

Third Day, I rockband with new blockmates.
Rockband at 9:00 in the morning. COOL haha.

Fourth Day, Glad there's no lab.
Bought books. SHET, im wasting a lot of money for books. HAHAHAHAHA.

Fifth Day, Kristel visited us.
Hanged out with TR the whole day at Sec walk. Saw RO before going home. What a way to end the week.

No NSTP for me. YEY! :)

So that was it. First week okay. I got lots of readings for SA though. Jeez, i can't even understand what he's talking about and the bad thing about it is my SA class is 7:30 am.. MY BRAIN IS STILL DREAMING DURING THAT TIME OF THE DAY. =| So, good luck to me.

How about you guys, how was your first week?


Ashen said...

What's NSTP? Woah, you had to face traffic for the first two days but you saw RO (? ayiee) twice too so I guess that makes up for it.

First week was hell for me. Tons of schoolwork and I still lack some books. ):

istepanyak said...

NSTP.. uhh, teka di ko alam ibig sabihin ng NSTP. LOL. :)) Basta community service :) HAHA.

I know.. and i saw Chris Tiu a while ago.. so that really makes up for it! LOL =))

Me too! =|

Anonymous said...

have tried recording the lectures, so once you're in that "bring it on" mood eh makapaga-aral ka?

Anonymous said...

Pwede bang makisali kahit teacher? hahaha. First week was boring! You're familiar with the Homeroom period wayback in hs right? I had that for one week. Boring to the nth level. =)