Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After two weeks of class, I am already STRESSED. OH yea. haha. There are a lot of English papers that are required. LOL. Since I did not do anything productive this weekend(Haha. I just watched the pep concert and the Sketchers), I am cramming everything today. Actually i will cram it later or tomorrow. haha :)) I just want to finish uploading the pictures from the pep concert and sketchers. HAHA =)) Grabeee, ang tamad ko talaga ever. LOL.

So yesterday was really a bad day, i just hope today will be great. Ciao.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello second sem

I am disappointed. Wala akong gwapong classmate! hahaha. Pinagkait sa akin. LOL. So hello second same, same crush! LOL =))

I hate my sched, I do not like some of my profs and I am going to FAIL PHYSICS so yea, what a start huh? Unfortunately, I was not warned about taking Physics with this terror prof which most of my friends/blockmate failed. Well, i have no choice too because that's the only science that has no conflict with my sched. Argh, I would have taken Biotech with this okay prof Pat was talking about. Oh well, i will just TRY to study hard but the thing is, I really HATE physics as much as I hate uhh, cockroaches. YEA! haha. The good thing is, i have summer to take it up. lol. but my dad would kill me! LOL.

I wish time would fflly fast so that my hell T-TH days will be over!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

--- arrgh

Naiinis ako dahil wala kaming internet sa bahay! Tapos ang bagal naman dito sa bahay ni kuya. Gusto ko na matapos ang pag-uupload ko pero isang picture.. 20 mins! POTEK!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dahil mabait akong bata at sobrang masunurin ako, HELLO allergies. Hahaha. Alam kong allergic ako sa alcohol pero masyadong nagkatuwaan at masaya kaya inom ako nang inom this past few weeks at jusko.. ang likod ko.. RED na yung kulay! haha.

Hindi na ako ulit iinom... ng onti! Kidding. Pero ayaw ko na nga muna kasi makati talagaaaa! haha =)) I will go for the memories and stories and pulutans but not for the drinks. HAHA =))