Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After two weeks of class, I am already STRESSED. OH yea. haha. There are a lot of English papers that are required. LOL. Since I did not do anything productive this weekend(Haha. I just watched the pep concert and the Sketchers), I am cramming everything today. Actually i will cram it later or tomorrow. haha :)) I just want to finish uploading the pictures from the pep concert and sketchers. HAHA =)) Grabeee, ang tamad ko talaga ever. LOL.

So yesterday was really a bad day, i just hope today will be great. Ciao.


jh3n said...

haha naku di ka nagiisa! tamad din ako. and I'm very fan of cramming. :P

tepaio1 said...

me too, mas prodcutive! haha