Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello second sem

I am disappointed. Wala akong gwapong classmate! hahaha. Pinagkait sa akin. LOL. So hello second same, same crush! LOL =))

I hate my sched, I do not like some of my profs and I am going to FAIL PHYSICS so yea, what a start huh? Unfortunately, I was not warned about taking Physics with this terror prof which most of my friends/blockmate failed. Well, i have no choice too because that's the only science that has no conflict with my sched. Argh, I would have taken Biotech with this okay prof Pat was talking about. Oh well, i will just TRY to study hard but the thing is, I really HATE physics as much as I hate uhh, cockroaches. YEA! haha. The good thing is, i have summer to take it up. lol. but my dad would kill me! LOL.

I wish time would fflly fast so that my hell T-TH days will be over!


Keiyt said...

Physics is hate. Hahahaha. Good luck tepai! :)

tepaio1 said...

I know right? haha.