Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding of the year :)

CONGRATULATIONS Kuya TJ & Ate Harlene :)

So here's my entry about Kuya's wedding and stuff. Haha. So it was really really successful and everybody's happy. Even though I was so haggard with the sound system because everything failed... at the beginning. HAHA. We just used my laptop and the mike.. Old school Hahaha. It was so tiring but it was all worth it. I had my NSTP at the morning then went home, had my make up then headed for the venue.

Having our make-up :) | Picture before leaving

I was the glad that the weather was so great. Thank you Papa Jesus! Kuya TJ was really nervous before the wedding. I swear. It was funny!
Kuya TJ: Ganito pala feeling. Hahaha.

Before the wedding. Manila Cathedral at the left, a very nervous guy on the right ;)

When we arrived the church, there is still a wedding going on so we just waited and again, Kuya TJ was nervous. :)) Before the entourage started, I was nervous too because first, it was a very long walk (HAHA). Second, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A LIGHTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE. Wahahahahaha. :))

The wedding before Kuya's wedding | The cute little flower girls

The wedding started, lots of tears and sweats were wasted and love was in the air. ;) It was really sweet. After 7 and a half years, they finally got married. Even though the priest was really strict (HAHAHA), I felt the love and the sweetness. It was perfect and beautiful so really really CONGRATS to the newly weds.

pictorial after the wedding

After the wedding, we just walked to the reception. It was just behind Manila Cathedral so it was really convenient. I was the technician/sounds person for the night. Super hassle coz they can't play the CD in their player so we have to use my laptop. Good thing, Kuya TJ told me to bring it. After everything was fixed, another problem occurred, the wires got grounded so now, we have to use a mic to let the people hear the music. SUPER HASSLE but of course, for my brother and sister-in-law, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. I had fun being stressed and I am kinda used to it. LOL. I bonded with the technicians there. HAHAHAHA :))

Ms. Technician for the night | Having a break with Sining

I didn's get the chance to really watch the program coz I was on the other side. =( Haha, but I can hear it so I was just laughing and Ate Coco, Gladys and Sining kept on visiting me hahaha. :)

The newly weds at the reception sharing the love. :)

The wedding was really succesful. It ended at around 11 or earlier. I dunno, haha. I was just super tired. Then we dropped Kuya TJ and Ate Joy at Sofitel for their honeymoon.. Yiheee ;)

Original Cruz Family Picture | Family Picture with the wives and Sining.

So again, congrats to them. I really can't believe Kuya TJ got married already. You people are getting old! LOL. :) I love weddings so I was really happy yesterday but I just still can't believe that Kuya Mark and Kuya TJ are married already! WOW! =) Our family is getting bigger. Hahaha. :) And i love it. :) YEY! Ill upload the pictures on multiply sometime this week. ;)

Singit Entry:
You know why I am cheering. GRABE, that game was soooo soooo sooo nerve wrecking. I nearly had a heart attack. -- WEEEEH. OA na! =)) So I was hitting Kuya Justine with a pillow everytime DLSU scores and he hits me everytime ADMU scores. hahaha :) Sparring partners daw kami. :)
It was a sweet win. Thank you DLSU for creating the overtime, you made our win SWEETER! =) Kidding. 2nd round na! Need to watch a game live na! :)



Anonymous said...

Lol at the last part, Steph. :))

tepai said...

Hahhaha! Peace! You watching on Sunday?

Maria Catherine said...

Aww congratulations to the newlyweds. I just love weddings, it's a happy ending of a love story. lol

istepanyak said...

I know! I love weddings too. Yes, i agree. After 7 years of being together pa. Super happy ending, diba? :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the game. Well sort of. Loved the blocks and Webb. Bringas too. Not the outcome though. Nope. I wont be watching. :D You?

istepanyak said...

Me too! The game last Sunday was awesome. I was really nervous coz I can't tell who's gonna win coz magkalevel lang yung 2 teams.

Not sure. Im waiting for my brother's text. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the newly wed! Kainggit. Hahaha. My Kuya told me that they have no any plans yet of getting married. Hello. 32 na kaya siya tapos girlfriend niya 25. Pwede na di ba? Excited na kasi ako! hahaha

istepanyak said...

Talaga? Sabihin mo sa kuya mo magpakasal na siya. Si kuya nga 26 pa lang hahaha :)

shella.latte said...

congrats to the newly wed!

you dont looked haggard anyway. still pretty! =)

istepanyak said...

^ Thanks. Until now, i can't believe they are married hahaha.

Aww, THANKS! haha.

Anonymous said...

best wishes to them (super late.)

istepanyak said...

Thanks! :)

princessngaako said...

i love weddings,
i'm so happy for you and your family that everything went well. (:

congrats sa kuya mo. (:

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