Monday, October 26, 2009

I feel like I am neglecting my blogspot because of tumblr. LOL. I am sorry! haha. Anyways, I don't really know what I will be blogging about so ill just rant about random stuffs.

SEMBREAK. It started last last week when I decided not to take the optional long test 4 in Stat. :)) But I still went to school last Monday & Tuesday to finish out Stat survey project which is 50% of our final grade in Stat Lab. TSS. Oooh and the PE finals last last Saturday was fun. I will definitely miss my PE classmates. Our class got really close.. well, kinda. Compared to my other PE classes. Maybe because we were all together during those not-so-fun-PE-classes days where Ma'am is not in a good mood LOL. The bonding we shared was priceless.. Too bad I did not go with them after the finals because I went with Patlo and friends to drink. WENG WENG LOVE <3 .="" br="">
I also got my grades already! and OMg, I was really shocked with some of my grades. Imagine I got a B+ in SA even though I have 7 cuts already and I can't really understand all the lessons he taught us. HAHA! This is the advantage of a no finals sem.. getting a 3.35 QPI ;) I was really so happy.

Hmm, what else.. Uhh, the OH-SO-TIRING partying last Saturday was FUN! I enjoyed my friends' company even though we paid for 300bucks for entrance but we should not have paid because Jane told us that we were in the guest list all along.. She just told us the wrong promoter's name. =/ VERY GOOD. But it was okay. It was a fun night ;)
We went partying to celebrate our freedom from the school stress and Athena's status from single to in a relationship but unfortunately, she wasn't there. Garve, I feel so left out already. All of them are 'in a relationship' and well, uhh. I am still single LOL. Oh well, I am not really in a hurry but I feel all alone when we are going out and they are bringing their lovers. LOL. Oh well.. SOMEDAY ;)

Is this long enough to make up for the lie low-ing? HAHA.



mizuki (thea) said...

nako sis nagtatampo na nan si blogspot mo. LOLZ anyway yay sembreak!! time to relax and party! heheh! very nice! congrats on ur grade ;)

lol i don't have any boyfriend too, and yeah don't worry someday ;) LOL i'm still lazy to have a boyfriend XD single is great! ;)

Keiyt said...

Yehey for passing all your subjects! Makakapag celebrate na ng bongga LOL.

Dapat kapag party with friends, no girlfriends/boyfriends allowed! My friends and I do that. :))) Pero mas marami naman kasi kaming single pa so hindi maka-kontra yung mga 'in a relationship'. And right, yes yes, someday, magkakaroon din tayo. LOLOLOL

istepanyak said...

Thea: I know, hindi na nga ako pinapansin e.. WHAT? Labo! haha :)) Yeh, pero one week na lang.. May pasok na naman. Hayy. THANKS! :)

Aynako, kasi naman talaga. Naleleft out lang ako sa kanila pero I like the feeling of being single ;)

Keiyt: YEHEY! Nagcelebrate na akong bonggang bongga.

Haha! Yung kasama kong friend nung Sat, hindi niya talaga sinama yung bf niya.. tas medjo nagalit yung bf niya.. Tinatanong samin.. "Nagenjoy ba kayo nung Saturday?" hahaha! nakakatawa! :)) Someday, it will come. ;)

princessngaako said...

i don't have a boyfriend too but i'm quite lucky because most of my best-est friends are single too! haha.

and we did the same thing after finals, partyyy. hahaha.

stay safe!

istepanyak said...

Haha. Ako naman.. may set of friends akong mas marami yung single pero ung set of friends ko na kasama ko nung Sat, lahat taken haha! :))

YEH! haha! :))

Anonymous said...

congrats for your good grades. di bale eenjoy mo muna ang single life. masaya din naman ang single eh.