Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I woke extra early today, I don't know why. Maybe because I was thinking of Paranormal Activity the whole time and knowing I'm alone in my room, I got scared! LOL. Or maybe I was just hungry lol. Anyways, I was watching Nat Geo while eating breakfast and Naked Science was showing. It was all about the glaciers and how it molded North America. During the latter part of the episode, global warming's cause and effect was discussed. What is happening in our world today (the floods, extreme heat and stuff) is really bound to happen someday but we, humans, are making this happen faster.

The cutting of trees, the use of fossil fuels and other things that emits more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not help at all. Before, carbon dioxide is needed to warm the earth and help the animals but now, too much CO2 are there that extreme heat in different parts of the world are being experienced. Before sembreak, some of my blockmates and I are talking about global warming and stuff because of the extreme heat that day. We talked about mutation and stuff.. like what we would be like after a zillion years, would we mutate and have solar panels in our heads? It's really funny yet it can be true. A friend shared that the last time she went to Canada, she can wear her spaghetti strap top. Hello, THAT'S CANADA. That's like on top of the world, near the North pole and stuff.

The glaciers in the Greenland and Antartica are melting already. In Greenland itself, if the huge ice caps keeps on melting, it can make the sea level rise up to 23 feet or something (not so sure). And I heard in Nat Geo that some parts of Florida, North Carolina and New York can be underwater if the melting continues. It's just sad because I still want to travel the world and see beautiful places. It's not really beautiful underwater, right? LOL.

I still want my children to see the beauty of the world. I want them to experience normal hot days and cold nights. I want them to have a great future.

I bet most of us don't want the future generation to see these. So let us recycle, segregate, avoid using unfriendly stuff to the environment, plant or whatever simple things you can do. Let us all lessen the effect of another Ondoy or Pepeng. Let us just be aware and be involved.


Zai said...

wow :o nagulat ako sa picture :|

istepanyak said...

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...


anyway, I know some people living in Canada, depending on the season and the location, one can really wear spaghetti strap top there. Also, if it's like her 1st time or once every # of year/s visit, most likely she will not notice how cold it is really there unlike the way the residents of the province is feeling.

istepanyak said...

^ Yeh, but my friend told me that before she can't wear that pero now, she can manage. Oh well, it's just depressing that this is happening. :|